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Found 10 results

  1. Still got it: Axl Rose surrounded by women after concert By Mara Siegler October 17, 2017 | 8:50pm Axl Rose and Bill Murray partied in the same place after their Manhattan concerts on Monday. Rose, 55, was at the new Fifteen Stories rooftop lounge at Mondrian Park Avenue after Guns N’ Roses’ Madison Square Garden show, “surrounded by women,” a spy said. Rose was overheard telling pals that “he and Slash are ‘getting along great’ and having so much fun rocking all of their old stuff and putting together some new stuff,” the spy said. “And that once he
  2. This is comedy gold Podcast with Clownzy and Russ Clownzy is a TB apologist, ofc. "The greater good" he says Also "i don't like the others forums, how they operate, how people populating them so i buyed the forum, because the previous owners told me that they will shut it down. I still like talking about GNR (lol) and mygnr is the only place where i want to do it. I want to give back to the community. Whatever profit the forum creates, i give back to the fans (with the contests etc.)." Offered GNR to advertise on mygina This guy have some nerve, lol Appetite for Distortion - Ep.
  3. http://www.revolvermag.com/music/stone-temple-pilots-reveal-new-vocalist-jeff-gutt-formerly-dry-cell-x-factor New album Meadow already recorded too. LOL STP
  4. Can't stop laughing Steven Adler has led a colorful life, but one that due to his well documented issues with excess has left his mind a little bit cloudy. However, that's not stopping the onetime Guns N' Roses drummer from working on a new book about his past that he's given the clever title, Steven Adler: The S--t My Friends Remember I Did. Adler revealed the book project to us on the red carpet at the Bowl for Ronnie fundraiser in Los Angeles Friday night (Oct. 6). “I’m putting a book together called Steven Adler: The S—t My Friends Remember I Did. Because now that I’m sober
  5. Was being in Guns N’ Roses the hardest gig you’ve had? Was the Replacements more difficult? You know, all of them had their own bits. I wouldn’t say any were any harder than the other. In terms of the Guns N’ Roses record, only because it took so long to get done, at the end of the day it seemed like still Axl wasn’t happy with it and so it kinda got yanked from his hands a little bit prematurely. That’s kind of a disappointment to me more than anything. All things considered, I think we all did our best job, put our best foot forward, and there’s that record, you know?
  6. ...Slash’s glossy, color-burst Les Paul evokes the slick oil-on-wood aesthetic of the lanes. ...[T]hey both conjure up memories of that certain late-1980s, early-1990s era when bowling alleys were, like the mall or a bar, a town commons — a place to park your Camaro, kick up your heels and blast Guns N’ Roses between frames. Since those landline days, the fate of the band and the bowling alley has followed a similar trajectory. Once popular, Guns N’ Roses trended towards the gutter in the late ’90s... But as you can see at Crown Lanes on the right night, nostalgia
  7. The "forefather" of metal thinks Led Zep is metal. GNR is metal What Are Ozzy Osbourne's Favorite Metal Albums of All Time? Anne Erickson 06.28.2017 The folks at Rolling Stone checked in with one of metal's founding fathers, Ozzy Osbourne, to give his personal 10 favorite metal albums of all time. Who better to ask than Ozzy, right? Osbourne's choices include Guns N' Roses' Appetite for Destruction, Led Zeppelin's Led Zeppelin IV, and Highway to Hell, to name a few. Osbourne says Appetite for Destruction is "one of the greatest debut albums of all time." H
  8. so yeah, what we can we reasonably expect within the next 5-10 years from GNR (Axl, Slash and Duff)? A tour that never ends with the same setlist? a new cover thrown in the mix? tour ends, then 6 yrs silence, tour begins again with same setlist? I have no more hopes for this tour, it will never end and the setlist will never change. we've seen this before with Axl. We know whats up. I hope for archival releases. Live albums from the 80s and 90s. Remastered Appetite and Illusions with bonus tracks in box sets and on vinyl. is that realistic ? Probably not. Jus
  9. Here is Steven and his mom's AMA from reddit Link Not really interesting, imho. They are mostly talking about that drugs and alcohol are bad. Only GNR related thing was when someone asked Steven when was the "holy shit we are big moment" happened: He answered Somebody asked a question about the current tour About which songs he want to play other than AFD/Lies songs He is also so out of touch with current music, lol There are some more answers, but i think he made up a LOT of stories (like when he talked about mis
  10. New 4tus interview, i can't do a full transcript right now, but here's some snippets http://www.kshe95.com/blogs/real-rock-blog/richard-fortus-guns-n-roses-interview-12516 he talks about why that original St Louis didn't happen. He gave a little more info on how the reunion happened too. It's nice to know Slash had been trying for a while to get I contact and how much they want to play St. Louis. He also talks about the band has started to think about a new album and even record some things during soundcheck. He also confirmed no press which we already figured. He basically confirme
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