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Found 17 results

  1. 01. Damn_Smooth - Ragnar, Mafia Goon 02. Bill Brasky - Wolf Blitzer, Town Doctor 03. arnold layne - Greta Thunberg, Town Tracker 04. magisme - downzy, Town Cop 05. Facekicker - Hunter Biden, Town 06. Dr. Strangelove - Kanye West, Town 07. Deadstar - Vladimir Putin, Town 08. uruguns - Chasyn Rance, Mafia Goon 09. Iwasjustkidding1 hotdogman - Leslie Jones, Town 10. matir98 - Trigglypuff, Town 11. popcorn's snare - Rick Dunsford, Mafia Roleblocker 12. McDaddy Salsh Borski - Chuck Woolery, Town 13. RedHook - Jeffrey Epstein, Town 14. GnRLiars - Alex Jones, Town
  2. players 8.hotdogman 9.dr strange love 10.i was just kidding 1 11.gnr liars 12. MIA - night killed night 1 Mafia 13.punkie 14.iron finn - Lynched day 1 mafia 16. Mcdaddy 17.Arnold 1.jb 2.mags 3.damn Smooth 4.uruguns 5.salsh broski 6.kfc Bucket 7.deadstar military industrial complex President Dwight D. Eisenhower coined this term in his farewell address to refer to "a conjunction of an immense military establishment and large arms industry". Here's how it works: our
  3. Welcome, Welcome, Welcome Can you Dig it! The roles have been sent and the game is ready to go. Remember the rules folks. Like I said, This isnt the gentrified, snowflake NYC of today, this is gritty, dirty and hard NYC of the 1970ies. The streets are riddled with drugs and crime. I am your host Cyrus.... but how can this be? An attempt was made on my life back at the meetup. I survived.... THE GANGS OF NY 1 MAGS THE WARRIORS - BROOKLYN BOROUGH ALLIGNED ROLEBLOCKER 2 JOH
  4. Thanos and the Dark Order have come to Earth in search of the Infinity Stones, but something has gone horribly wrong. It all started after Thanos acquired the Mind Stone and set his sights on Earth. Upon crash landing in Malibu, California, the Mad Titan was approached by a man in hysterics, claiming the ship had flattened his family. Having lost his beloved daughter Gamora in the battle for the Mind Stone, Thanos felt an ounce of sympathy for the little red-haired man's plight. He held the Infinity Gauntlet out, preparing to break the man's mind and help him forget his loss, but h
  5. Hello GUNSNFNROSES, You have mocked and teased Axl Rose and Guns N’ Roses for far too long. Used them as a punchline to your slanderous…. Jokes. If you cannot appreciate their heartfelt performances, can you really appreciate life? “Those who don’t appreciate life do not deserve life” So let’s play a game. 1. Bill Brasky 2. GNRLiars 3. Magisme 4. GNS 5. KFCBucket 6. Ragnar 7. Wasted 8. JB 9. Arnold Layne 10. Hotdogman 11. Popcorn’s Snare Who h
  6. Players 1.GnrLiars - Lynched day 3 . Town - Lenny - Power of Jive Talker with Hotdogman 2.KFC Bucket - Night Kill Night 5 - Town - Herman Hermanns 3.Arnold Layne - Lynched Day 5 - Mafia Boss - Fat Tony - Double Vote Power 4.Damn Smooth - Mod Killed day 2 - Town - Barney Gumble 5. Wasted- Scratchy - Mafia lone wolf 6. Gunner - Lynched Day 1 - Town - Bumble Man - Power of The Gunner 7. Bonharmbe - Lynched Day 3 - Hans Moleman - Doctor 8. Magisme - Itchy - Mafia Sucide Bomber 9. Facekicker -
  7. The portuguese lands were taken by the evil people of troika ... but, those days are gone ... The troikist governement was kicked out by the brave portuguese people ... like they did to the muslims, the spanish, the french, back in a day ... Now it's time for love and to find a way to keep receiving the german's money ... The portuguese people deserves to keep enjoying the sun by the beach without having to worry about anything else ... Time to choose a new government ... but, no party can get a majority ... Anything goes to take the
  8. The Band Members Employees 1. Arnold Layne - Izzy stradlin (Roleblocker) Town Aligned 2. Bacardimayne Fat Axl Rose - Town Aligned 3. Bill Brasky Dizzy Reed (vigilante) Town Aligned 4.Magisme Team Beta (MafiaBoss, Double Vote) - Mafia Aligned 5.Apollo CornRowed Axl - Mafia Aligned 6.HotDogMan Richard Fortus (Doctor) - Town Aligned 7. Damn Smooth Ghost of Ole Beich (Suicide Bomber) - Town Aligned 8.Conor - AFD Axl Rose (Lynchproof) - Town Aligned 9.Altered Beast - STEVEN ADLER (FOLLOWER - VOYEUR) TOWN ALIGNED 10 .Budd Dwyer - Duff McKagan - Mafi
  9. popcorn's snare — Jeff Bezos, AISB Mafia Watcher arnold layne — Donald Trump, Town GnRLiars magisme I_Are_ess — Mark Zuckerberg, Town KFCBucket — Jay Powell, Town Facekicker — Tim Cook, AISB Mafia Goon Major Mayhem — Bill Gates, Discordian Mafia Watcher meatpuppet wasted — Doug McMillon, Town GUNNER — Jame Dimon, Discordian Mafia Goon Night One / Day Two Night Two / Day Three Night Three / Day Four Night Four / Day Five Post-game Wrap-up
  10. THE STORY SO FAR In the small rural village PortuBrazilgal, America there is an abandoned facility. Not just any facility, the most wonderful facility of all- a SLAUGHTERHOUSE. Years ago, a man named Gourd ran the place. Back then it was known as GOURD'S GUTTERY. Gourd and his team took great pride in mashing animals and making meats. Not just any meats, the finest meats in all the land. The meats were shipped all over the world, but Gourd always put his village first. The village was prosperous and its inhabitants were blessed with the finest animal flesh products the country has
  11. Rules 1. No discussion of the game outside of the official thread. This includes private messages, status updates, references to the game in other threads, or communicating outside the forum. 2. Of course, MAFIA may communicate PRIVATELY outside the game. 3. When you are dead, you are out of the game. Don't post your thoughts in the thread (or elsewhere) until the game is finished. 4. Please bold your votes to make them easier to count: Official Vote: Player's Name 5. Editing or deleting your posts is strictly prohibited. 6. Players with Night roles are encour
  12. (Really just another excuse to post as many Vince McMahon images as possible, providing a contextual foundation for wrestling shitgifs) magisme - Chris Jericho GnRLiars - Stone Cold Steve Austin John Bonham - Brock Lesnar (IMPOSTOR) Mr America - Braun Strowman altered beast - Bret Hart arnold layne - Finn Balor bacardimayne - Big Show Major Mayhem - AJ Styles KFCBucket - Undertaker hotdogman - Kane Ragnar - Shinsuke Nakamura Jerry Callo - John Cena Bernadette - Ultimate Warrior arnold layne - Triple H Welcome to the sixt
  13. PURGATORY IV: NOT PURGATORY (Really just an excuse to post as many Vince McMahon images as possible) Damn_Smooth (CM Punk) Bill Brasky (Hulk Hogan) - Prior to Heel Turn magisme (Diamond Dallas Page) Zoso Rose (Stone Cold Steve Austin) Major Mayhem (Undertaker) bacardimayne (Big Show) altered beast GUNNER (Eric Bischoff) arnold layne (Kevin Nash) John Bonham GnRLiars (Triple H) - Prior to forming DX wasted (Scott Hall) jackie moon (Brock Lesnar) Facekicker bacardimayne (Big Show) Damn_Smooth (Kane) Mr America (Big Show) bill brasky (Shawn Michaels) - Prior to forming DX
  14. THE CONTESTANTS GUNNER: Jigglypuff magisme: Pit (DOUBLE LIVES) bacardimayne: Kirby (COPY CAT) altered beast: Captain Falcon (ROLE BLOCKER) Bill Brasky: Donkey Kong (SUICIDE BOMBER) hotdogman: Falco GnRLiars: Doc Louis (QUACK DOCTOR) Apollo: Ice Climbers jackie moon: Link (INDEPENDENT) John Bonham: Mr. Game & Watch (VIGILANTE) Damn_Smooth: Rosalina (VANILLA MILKSHAKE) arnold layne: Master Hand & Crazy Hand (Host) Welcome to Super Smash Bros. Team Battle Mafia. Unlike other games in the past, role revea
  15. 2:00 PM On a Friday DAY ARCHIVES IASIP: DAY ONE IASIP: DAY TWO IASIP: DAY THREE "No no no no! Pretending to have HIV will definitely NOT MAKE the waitress want to sleep with you," Dennis said while cleaning shot glasses behind the bar. "Aw c'mon dude...," Charlie retorted. "Absolutely, a terrible idea Charlie," Mac added as he was nailing a crucifix into the wall. "Goddammit Mac! This is not a Catholic bar!" Dennis yelled. "Heyoooo!" Frank yelled as he barged into the bar. "Good news. I am going to Las Vegas!" "Frank, how the hell is this good news? You are probably going
  16. YOUR ROLES ARE TO REMAIN PRIVATE UNLESS YOU ARE THE MAFIA. ANYONE CAUGHT DISCUSSING THEIR ROLES OPENLY MAY BE MOD KILLED. PLEASE REMEMBER TO READ THE RULES BEFORE YOU POST. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS LET ME KNOW. GOOD LUCK. PLAYERS 1. kevin shades (town - cop) 2. inthisriver Hans_Moleman (town) 3. SunnyDRE PA Guns (town) 4. White_Raven 5. Tottenham Angelica (town) 6. John Bonham 7. Hans Moleman 8. Lucrecia sugaraylen (town) 9. saphire gunsgay (mafia - News Reporter) 10. Tom Dead Flower (town) 11. Sleeping Like An Angel orsys (mafia - moderator) 12. Broskirose sofine11
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