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Found 27 results

  1. Thanos and the Dark Order have come to Earth in search of the Infinity Stones, but something has gone horribly wrong. It all started after Thanos acquired the Mind Stone and set his sights on Earth. Upon crash landing in Malibu, California, the Mad Titan was approached by a man in hysterics, claiming the ship had flattened his family. Having lost his beloved daughter Gamora in the battle for the Mind Stone, Thanos felt an ounce of sympathy for the little red-haired man's plight. He held the Infinity Gauntlet out, preparing to break the man's mind and help him forget his loss, but he had made a fatal mistake. The stone was improperly lodged into the gauntlet. As soon as it began to glow, Thanos knew the error he had made, but it was too late. The Mad Titan collapsed to the ground, and the human followed suit. The Dark Order could only stand and watch the grotesque display as the bodies and minds of Thanos and W. Axl Rose merged together, ultimately taking on the physical attributes of both beings, and thus, the being known as Fat Thanos Axl was born. INFINITY TOUR After what seemed like an eternity, Fat Thanos Axl rose to his feet. Ebony Maw and the Dark Order approached warily. Maw knew exactly what was going on. The Mind Stone had caused the consciousness of the pathetic mortal Axl Rose to merge with that of the majestic Mad Titan, creating a being with vastly conflicting, yet equally weighted goals. It only remained to be seen what Maw and the Dark Order's new mission would be once the two minds converged and decided upon a collective goal. After retrieving two sandwiches from his house, Fat Thanos Axl detailed his new plan to his loyal troops. "Long have I grown restless playing three hour shows and dozens of tour dates." He pulled out a copy of Guns N' Roses' Appetite for Destruction. "Guns N' Roses was beautiful once. It was like most 80s rock bands. When we faced extinction, I offered a solution. A contract. They called me a madman, but I'm a survivor. One by one, they left. I lost nearly everything. But now, the tables have turned. 80s rock nostalgia has reached unimaginable heights, and I remain in complete control of the band name. With all five original members I can simply snap my fingers, and the whole setlist and tour will cease to exist. Instead, I will simply cut them in half. I call that mercy." "Then what?", asked a baffled Maw. "I finally rest, and watch the Sunset over a grateful Strip. The hardest choices require the strongest wills." ------------------------ Players: @John Bonham - Iron Man - Town - Day 3 Lynch @Bill Brasky - Hawkeye - Town Cop - Night 1 Kill @GnRLiars - Fat Axl Thanos - Mafia Boss - WIN @KFCBucket - Steven Adler - Town - Day 1 Lynch @hotdogman - Rick Dunsford - Town @magisme - Slash - Mafia - Night 2 Conversion - WIN @Val - Hulk - Town @popcorn's snare - Thor - Town - Day 2 Lynch @Ragnar - Ebony Maw - Mafia - WIN @Deadstar - Izzy Stradlin - Town @Damn_Smooth - Captain America - Town Cop (Protected Himself, Himself, Deadstar) - Night 3 Kill @uruguns - Duff McKagan - Town - Modkilled Day 2 ----------------------- Roles will be going out soon. Consider this an open pre-game thread until I say otherwise.
  2. Hello GUNSNFNROSES, You have mocked and teased Axl Rose and Guns N’ Roses for far too long. Used them as a punchline to your slanderous…. Jokes. If you cannot appreciate their heartfelt performances, can you really appreciate life? “Those who don’t appreciate life do not deserve life” So let’s play a game. 1. Bill Brasky 2. GNRLiars 3. Magisme 4. GNS 5. KFCBucket 6. Ragnar 7. Wasted 8. JB 9. Arnold Layne 10. Hotdogman 11. Popcorn’s Snare Who here is unworthy of life? Ride the carousel and find out…. Some basic rules 1. NO ROLE REVEALING 2. No discussing PMs or anything said outside the game within the game 3. Rules can change as the game goes on 4. Inactive players will be given warnings before they are killed 5. DO NOT EDIT POSTS 6. Basic rules like bolding and saying UNVOTE, OFFICIAL VOTE, etc apply NOTE: I haven’t played Mafia in years and this is the first time I am Moderating. So I am trying my best lol. Don’t get too upset by this game DAY 1 BEGINS (6 VOTES TO LYNCH)
  3. Players 1.GnrLiars - Lynched day 3 . Town - Lenny - Power of Jive Talker with Hotdogman 2.KFC Bucket - Night Kill Night 5 - Town - Herman Hermanns 3.Arnold Layne - Lynched Day 5 - Mafia Boss - Fat Tony - Double Vote Power 4.Damn Smooth - Mod Killed day 2 - Town - Barney Gumble 5. Wasted- Scratchy - Mafia lone wolf 6. Gunner - Lynched Day 1 - Town - Bumble Man - Power of The Gunner 7. Bonharmbe - Lynched Day 3 - Hans Moleman - Doctor 8. Magisme - Itchy - Mafia Sucide Bomber 9. Facekicker - Night Killed Night 4 - Mcbain - Double Vote Power 10. Hotdogman - Carl - Town Jive Talker with GNR Liars 11. Major Mayhem - Ralph Wiggum - Town 12. Popcorn’s Snare- Lionel Hutz - Town Lawyer 13. GNS - Duff Man - Town
  4. The portuguese lands were taken by the evil people of troika ... but, those days are gone ... The troikist governement was kicked out by the brave portuguese people ... like they did to the muslims, the spanish, the french, back in a day ... Now it's time for love and to find a way to keep receiving the german's money ... The portuguese people deserves to keep enjoying the sun by the beach without having to worry about anything else ... Time to choose a new government ... but, no party can get a majority ... Anything goes to take the power... so, everybody, every party, will do anything they can to achive it. Communists and liberals together, left wing and right wing, side by side, blacks and whites, gays and heteros, fascists and whatever .... no one trusts on anyone, but they know they need each other to eat the cake. "Partnership?" - Someone said. "Ok, let's do it" ... "it's the only way to keep the power on our hands" ... but, at the same time, everybody would be waiting for the best chance to hit their partner on their back .... "Respect the partnershit, morons" Marcelo will do everything he can to keep wolves and lambs living together in peace. THE PARTNERSHIT RULES: - You can only PM if it is part of your role; - You can't post printscreens of any PM; - You can't edit posts; - You have to respect the partnership (you can't vote for anyone from your partnership) - Anything not mentioned on this rules, means you should respect mafia game's basic rules. PLAYERS: - John Bonham - MAFIA ALIGNED - Bill Brasky - MAFIA ALIGNED - Major Mayhem - MAFIA ALIGNED - Bacardimayne - INDEPENDENT - KFCBucket - MAFIA ALIGNED - magisme - auad - MAFIA ALIGNED - Skeeter - TOWN ALIGNED - GnRLiars - MAFIA ALIGNED - Damn_Smooth - TOWN ALIGNED (LEADER) - Arnold Layne - MAFIA ALIGNED PARTNERSHIPS (DAY 1): - TEAM 1: Bacardimayne; Auad; John Bonham - TEAM 2: Magisme; Major Mayhem; Skeeter - TEAM 3: Damn Smooth; GNRLiars; Bill Brasky - KFCBucket and Arnold Layne, have no team PARTNERSHIPS (DAY 2): - TEAM 1: Bacardimayne; Bill Brasky; Arnold Layne - TEAM 2: Auad; Major Mayhem; Skeeter - TEAM 3: Damn Smooth; KFCBucket; Magisme PARTNERSHIPS (DAY 3): - TEAM 1: Bacardimayne; Damn Smooth - TEAM 2: KFCBucket; Skeeter - TEAM 3: Bill Brasky; Magisme - Major Mayhem has no team Roles and teams were found randomly
  5. The Band Members Employees 1. Arnold Layne - Izzy stradlin (Roleblocker) Town Aligned 2. Bacardimayne Fat Axl Rose - Town Aligned 3. Bill Brasky Dizzy Reed (vigilante) Town Aligned 4.Magisme Team Beta (MafiaBoss, Double Vote) - Mafia Aligned 5.Apollo CornRowed Axl - Mafia Aligned 6.HotDogMan Richard Fortus (Doctor) - Town Aligned 7. Damn Smooth Ghost of Ole Beich (Suicide Bomber) - Town Aligned 8.Conor - AFD Axl Rose (Lynchproof) - Town Aligned 9.Altered Beast - STEVEN ADLER (FOLLOWER - VOYEUR) TOWN ALIGNED 10 .Budd Dwyer - Duff McKagan - Mafia Aligned 11. Jackie Moon DJ Ashba - Town Aligned 12. Miser INDY ALLIGNED 13. GUNNER Matt Sorum (cop) Town Aligned 14. Thornton Melon Slash - Mafia Aligned 15. John Bonham IRVING AZOFF (CULT LEADER) INDY ALIGNED Welcome to the Official Game Thread. Standard Mafia rules will apply. Please don't edit or delete your posts. Any question send me a meassage. Or inquire here Have fun
  6. popcorn's snare — Jeff Bezos, AISB Mafia Watcher arnold layne — Donald Trump, Town GnRLiars magisme I_Are_ess — Mark Zuckerberg, Town KFCBucket — Jay Powell, Town Facekicker — Tim Cook, AISB Mafia Goon Major Mayhem — Bill Gates, Discordian Mafia Watcher meatpuppet wasted — Doug McMillon, Town GUNNER — Jame Dimon, Discordian Mafia Goon Night One / Day Two Night Two / Day Three Night Three / Day Four Night Four / Day Five Post-game Wrap-up
  7. THE STORY SO FAR In the small rural village PortuBrazilgal, America there is an abandoned facility. Not just any facility, the most wonderful facility of all- a SLAUGHTERHOUSE. Years ago, a man named Gourd ran the place. Back then it was known as GOURD'S GUTTERY. Gourd and his team took great pride in mashing animals and making meats. Not just any meats, the finest meats in all the land. The meats were shipped all over the world, but Gourd always put his village first. The village was prosperous and its inhabitants were blessed with the finest animal flesh products the country has ever seen. Well, decades ago, the Guttery mysteriously closed its doors. The sound of the animals subsided, the smell of meat processing gradually faded, and mother nature began to take back the land. Broken glass eventually littered the floor as vines twisted and constricted their way up the industrialized walls. Gourd was never heard from again. No one knew why old Gourd disappeared, or why the place shut its doors. It was a great source of joy, how could Gourd let the town down? Eventually, the townsfolk moved on and only stories remained. Legend had it that ol' Gourd went mad. His passion for mashing animals took him to... unnatural places. They said he kept mashing things that shouldn't have been mashed together... but what did he make? Was the place haunted? Was something sinister afoot? Who knows! School children would dare one another to spend a night beyond its long closed doors. For decades, no one dared... until now! A group of children and young adults formed a pact. A pact to stay a night in Gourd's old Guttery. YOU are that group. THE RULES This is not a conventional mafia game. ANYTHING can happen, but that doesn't mean there won't be rhyme or reason. Your group will still consist of 2 or more "teams", and the town will continue to take on a traditional town role. Votes will still occur daily, but new challenges can present themselves at any time throughout the game. As a town member, your goal is to make it out of the haunted slaughterhouse alive. There will be a select few opportunities for certain members to achieve victory individually (or they may not appear, it will depend on player choices), but this is still very much a team-oriented game, as you will have to rely on each other's abilities. Some basic rules, 1. NO ROLE REVEALING 2. NO PMing. You may PM ONLY me throughout the game 3. Rules can change as the game goes on 4. Winning for a Town Member = ESCAPE. There may be multiple ways to achieve this outside of simply voting and killing opposing players 5. No discussing PMs or anything said outside the game within the game 6. Inactive players will be given warnings before they are killed 7. NO EDITING ANY POSTS 8. Basic rules like bolding and saying UNVOTE, OFFICIAL VOTE, etc apply 9. The first survivor has the option of receiving my true identity 10. One grand prize winner (if one arises) will be a potential candidate for a special HOT DOG PRIZE PACKAGE The game will start within 24 hours. I am waiting for everyone to confirm they know what their role is, since some can be kind of confusing. If your name is not on the list below and you want to play, you can still sign up. Just PM me! You may converse below, but the game has not officially started PLAYER LIST 1. Damn Smooth DEAD- TOWN 2. Bacardimayne- MAFIA 3. GnRLiars- MAFIA 4. Gunner DEAD- MONSTER 5. John Bonham- DEAD TOWN 6. Maynard DEAD- TOWN 7. ManetsBR -DEAD TOWN 8. Altered Beast- DEAD MAFIA 9. Bobbo DEAD- TOWN 10. Magisme- DEAD- TOWN THEN MONSTER 11. Ragnar- TOWN 12. Sauerkraut DEAD- TOWN 13. Major Mayhem- MAFIA 14. Skeeter- MONSTER 15. Troy Mclure- DEAD MAFIA 16. Arnold Lane- TOWN 17. Budd Dwyer- DEAD TOWN 18. Mickey Knox - MAFIA DISGUISED AS TOWN 19. Hot Dog Woman DEAD- UNKNOWN ALLEGIANCE 20. Haters Gonna Hate- TOWN 21. Donald Trump - DEAD TOWN 22. Ballpark Frank -DEAD TOWN 23. KFCBucket - DEAD TOWN
  8. Rules 1. No discussion of the game outside of the official thread. This includes private messages, status updates, references to the game in other threads, or communicating outside the forum. 2. Of course, MAFIA may communicate PRIVATELY outside the game. 3. When you are dead, you are out of the game. Don't post your thoughts in the thread (or elsewhere) until the game is finished. 4. Please bold your votes to make them easier to count: Official Vote: Player's Name 5. Editing or deleting your posts is strictly prohibited. 6. Players with Night roles are encouraged to send them in ASAP. If I do not receive your PM in a timely manner, expect your power for that Night forfeited. 7. If you have questions regarding your role send me a PM. 8. Players are expressly forbidden from posting screen shots of game-related PMs. Do not post screen shots of game-related PMs THE RETURN OF BILL BRASKY GnRLiars - NGOG, Town-aligned comedy enthusiast GUNNER - Fernando Lebeis, Mafia-aligned arnold layne - ManetsBR, Town-aligned, Cop Ragnar - uruguns (eduardo_GNR), Town-aligned magisme - GNR (Gunns), Town-aligned, Tracker Damn_Smooth Conor - Bill Brasky, Town-aligned, Doctor Skeeter - Mister Saint Laurent (MSL), Town-aligned KFCBucket bacardimayne Day 2: Fernando Poo: The Return of the Shit Day 3: Everything was Roses... Day Four: The Return of the Fat Game End and Summary, etc. DAY ONE 11 players, 6 votes to lynch
  9. (Really just another excuse to post as many Vince McMahon images as possible, providing a contextual foundation for wrestling shitgifs) magisme - Chris Jericho GnRLiars - Stone Cold Steve Austin John Bonham - Brock Lesnar (IMPOSTOR) Mr America - Braun Strowman altered beast - Bret Hart arnold layne - Finn Balor bacardimayne - Big Show Major Mayhem - AJ Styles KFCBucket - Undertaker hotdogman - Kane Ragnar - Shinsuke Nakamura Jerry Callo - John Cena Bernadette - Ultimate Warrior arnold layne - Triple H Welcome to the sixth instalment of the Purgatory franchise, Wrestlemafia II: Purgatory Boogaloo. See the first Purgatory game, and the second, the third, and the fourth, for an idea of the game you have signed yourself up for. Now that you have your mostly randomly assigned roles, it's time to begin playing. As always, here are a simple set of rules for the game, but I've also attached a quick Mafia Guide for players new to the game. It's going to be another slobberknocker. And very fittingly, my 8000th post.
  10. PURGATORY IV: NOT PURGATORY (Really just an excuse to post as many Vince McMahon images as possible) Damn_Smooth (CM Punk) Bill Brasky (Hulk Hogan) - Prior to Heel Turn magisme (Diamond Dallas Page) Zoso Rose (Stone Cold Steve Austin) Major Mayhem (Undertaker) bacardimayne (Big Show) altered beast GUNNER (Eric Bischoff) arnold layne (Kevin Nash) John Bonham GnRLiars (Triple H) - Prior to forming DX wasted (Scott Hall) jackie moon (Brock Lesnar) Facekicker bacardimayne (Big Show) Damn_Smooth (Kane) Mr America (Big Show) bill brasky (Shawn Michaels) - Prior to forming DX Welcome to the fourth instalment of the Purgatory franchise, Purgatory IV: Not Purgatory. See the first Purgatory game, and the second, and the third for an idea of the game you have signed yourself up for. Now that you have your mostly randomly assigned roles, it's time to begin playing. As always, here are a simple set of rules for the game, but I've also attached a quick Mafia Guide for players new to the game. It's going to be a slobberknocker.
  11. THE CONTESTANTS GUNNER: Jigglypuff magisme: Pit (DOUBLE LIVES) bacardimayne: Kirby (COPY CAT) altered beast: Captain Falcon (ROLE BLOCKER) Bill Brasky: Donkey Kong (SUICIDE BOMBER) hotdogman: Falco GnRLiars: Doc Louis (QUACK DOCTOR) Apollo: Ice Climbers jackie moon: Link (INDEPENDENT) John Bonham: Mr. Game & Watch (VIGILANTE) Damn_Smooth: Rosalina (VANILLA MILKSHAKE) arnold layne: Master Hand & Crazy Hand (Host) Welcome to Super Smash Bros. Team Battle Mafia. Unlike other games in the past, role revealing is permitted due to the fact that it is essentially useless to reveal your character. A few players' identities have been omitted only because they never requested a specific character. I am not going to interfere with this game. With this being said, I do have a few rules I wish everyone to abide by. They are listed below. 1. Please bold your votes. 2. Do not share the original PM I gave you in regards to your role. 3. If you are limited by a certain role ability during the course of this game, please follow it. These are the three golden rules. Everything else is on the table to get a competitive advantage. You may manufacture fake PMs, you may lie about other players PMing you outside of game play, and you can pretty much do whatever you'd like. Be advised however that I will not confirm, deny lies, or vouch for any player during this game. Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions. The year was 1999 and Damn_Smooth was ready for the greatest birthday party ever. He invited the whole gang, ten in all, to play this new highly anticipated fighting game. Damn_Smooth was the coolest kid on the block. He got all the new games, his mother bought him Lunchables to bring to school, and rumor has it that Suzy has a crush on him. Yeah, that's what jackie moon said at least, and boy Miser is jealous. With three bags of Doritos and a case of Mtn Dew on the floor, the boys are ready to game. Bonham was immediately drawn in. What is this magic? Could this possibly be one of the greatest nostalgic fighting games ever? It's a Team Battle boys. With ten players remaining, it will take six to lynch. Three...two...one...GO!
  12. THE TOWN The town had four other names before it became Haven. It began municipal existence in 1816 as Montville Plantation, but most folks just called it "Route 9." In 1831, Montville Plantation became Coodersville. Coodersville it remained until 1864, when the name was changed to Montgomery, in honor of Ellis Montgomery, a local boy who had fallen at Gettysburg. The change seemed a fine idea. After all, the town's one remaining Cooder, crazy old Albion, had gone bankrupt and committed suicide two years before. In 1878, the residents of the town voted to change the town's name yet again, this time from Montgomery to Ilium. This provoked a tearful tirade at town meeting from the mother of Ellis Montgomery. Montgomery became Ilium, just the same.
  13. PURGATORY V: THE FIGHT FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE (SICK OF MAFIA EDITION) Miser magisme Bill Brasky Damn_Smooth John Bonham altered beast bacardimayne GnRLiars Haters Gonna Hate arnold layne GUNNER Apollo It's time for a change. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ It's time to put that white privileged head to good use, so down your gluten-filled beer, finish your cruelty-processed hotdog, tug your bishop to some ethically questionable pornography and change the course of the world around you, by changing nothing. We like stability. We like gender exclusivity, and we like air conditioning as it is. Over the next number of days, you will coordinate seven attacks on the Social Justice Warriors HQ, Whole Foods, and it is up to you to ensure their success. But you're not all in this together. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Please elect a Leader for Mission 1. You may discuss amongst yourselves who is best suited to this role, and vote for your Leader in a similar fashion to voting to lynch in Mafia (bolded Official Vote). You may change your vote as many times as you wish until a majority of 7 is reached. The Leader will make the final decision as to which players will be sent on the first mission.
  14. SUPER CEREAL MAFIA 1. Bill Brasky - The Joker, Mafia Boss 2. magisme - Fat Albert, NightKill-proof, Town-aligned 3. Conor - Batman, Alignment Cop, Town-aligned 4. GnRLiars - Apache Chief, Tracker, Town-aligned 5. Hans Moleman - Tasmanian Devil, One-shot killer, Independent-aligned 6. inthisriver - Herman Munster, Dunce, Mafia-traitor 7. altered beast - Ice King, Role-blocker, Mafia-aligned 8. bacardimayne - Dr. Bruce Banner/The Incredible Hulk, Jailkeeper (Doctor/Roleblocker), Town-aligned 9. arnold layne - Scooby-Doo, Powers Cop, Town-aligned 10. Facekicker - Robin, Character Cop, Town-aligned 11. GUNNER - Doctor Strange, Doctor, Town-aligned 12. wasted - Knight Rider (Michael Knight and KITT), Double-Voter, Town-aligned 13. Donald Trump - Bugs Bunny, Lynch-proof, Town-aligned 14. Damn_Smooth - Garfield the Cat, Commuter, Town-aligned 15. GNS - Sideshow Bob, Role-blocker, Mafia-aligned 16. Jackie Moon - Starlight Glimmer, Framer, Mafia-aligned 17. Major Mayhem - Marvin the Martian, One-shot killer, Independent-aligned
  15. January 20, 2017 The time has come. After 2 months, 17 recounts and 960,000 emails to electors petitioning them to elect Clinton instead, Donald Trump has officially been elected President of the United States and is set to be sworn in today. The voice of the silent majority has been heard. Cucks across the land cower in fear of what a Trump administration may bring to their cozy, safe-space filled lives. At Trump's side is Vice President-Elect Mike Pence, who is equally determined to Make America Great Again. As a fundamental Christian with extremely conservative views, some fear what Pence may do in the event that President Trump is incapacitated or deemed unfit to assume the role of President. Some might call him assassination insurance. Should the inauguration go smoothly, President Trump is set to deliver his speech at night, following the celebration. THE PLAYERS 1. magisme - Vladimir Putin 2. Damn Smooth - El Chapo 3. GUNNER - Barack Obama 4. Bill Brasky - ISIS 5. GnRLiars - Rosie O'Donnell 6. Nascar - Lena Dunham 7. Major Mayhem - Vincente Fox 8. Facekicker - The Clintons (Cop) 9. Hans Moleman - Mike Pence 10. Jackie Moon - John Podesta (doctor) 11. John Bonham - James "Mad Dog" Mattis 12. Arnold Layne - Fat Axl Rose 13. Altered Beast - Donald Trump 14. Conor - Bernie Sanders THE RULES 1. NO PMS UNLESS YOU HAVE PERMISSION 2. NO DISCUSSION OF THE GAME OUTSIDE THE THREAD, THIS INCLUDES STATUSES AND LIKING POSTS AFTER YOU DIE 3. YOU MUST BE AT LEAST SOMEWHAT ACTIVE. INACTIVES WILL BE WARNED VIA PM AND PURGED IF ACTIVITY DOES NOT INCREASE. 4. BOLD YOUR VOTES. I DON'T CARE ABOUT THE TEXT FORMAT AS LONG AS IT'S DISCERNIBLE THAT IT'S A VOTE FOR A SPECIFIC PERSON, BUT IT MUST BE BOLDED. 5. WHEN A VOTE MAJORITY HAS BEEN REACHED, TREAT IT AS THE UNOFFICIAL START TO THE NIGHT AND STOP POSTING. 6. YOU MAY VOTE TO NOT LYNCH. EXAMPLE: Official Vote: No Lynch. IF THE MAJORITY VOTES THIS, NO LYNCH WILL OCCUR ON THE NIGHT. 7. NO CHARACTER REVEALING. DAY 1 - 7 VOTES TO LYNCH
  16. The Music Kicks In *Stuart Scott* On February 15th, 2007 at 5:54 p.m. it had just begun. Then unfamiliar mygnrforum member December Pain made one single post- The rest was history. For those too young to remember, in December Pain’s “Futurama” game it was 3rd Wheel who stepped up and played one of the more memorable performances in mafia history, not only getting the Mafia win for Maximo, Critical Solution and Paranoid Android, but by also flying SOLO on day 8, and tricking ronaldo9 into thinking Bach was most certainly mafia. Since the major success of that first game, many great mafia players have come and gone over the years. The Sandman, conqueso, Iceman - these mafia players have had many successes. But it would be hard to argue that any other player has ever had the career quite like to the moon. After a long roller coaster of a 7 game career, and coming off his indy MVP Championship with John Bonham in Arnold Layne’s “mygnrforum mafia”, today, to the moon finally hangs up the keyboard and calls it quits. He is hosting his retirement press conference from his mansion in Miami, ESPN’s own Jackie McMullen is standing by - Jackie, what’s the atmosphere like over there? *laughing* well as you can see Stu EVERYONE has come out the wood works for this one *Maximo yells* I’d like to seek the shop! *walks out of frame* *more laughing* All the usual suspects like Kevin, 3rd wheel, Spark the determination (Android*), and also many of the “forgotten” members like Paranoid Android, mask man and rocket queen are all in attendance today. Even the “new class” of mafia came to show their respet. The biggest surprise came at about 9 am this morning when the first person I saw upon arriving was a rather familiar morbidity obese emo guy, you guys at home might know him as jack the ripper. When I saw that Stu, I knew that EVERYONE from mafia had shown up for this momentous occasion. *listens to ear piece* *speaks softly* Alright Stu well the press conference is about to begin, I’m told that mafia hall of famer darkstar legend is at the podium showing support and praise as to the moon calls it a mafia career, after 4 years. Darkstar Legend finishing his speech - “some know him as Mr. Chode Burglar, others as Gnr Bar. Today for one last time, lets give it up for to the moon. *applause* Silence fills the room To the moon starts to choke up, he is obviously nervous. He takes a BIG gulp of water. After much silence he speaks - Thank you, thank you all for coming. I only have one regret when it comes to mafia… And before to the moon could finish his statement the lights cut out and THREE LOUD GUNSHOTS went off. Amongst the darkness it was mayhem. Kissable Kate’s nervous screaming could be heard throughout the room. Mutant Rose sat still in her seat in the darkness, praying for everyone’s safety. Somebody in the back kept repeating “if you eat your chicken tenders I will suck your penis!”. Sweetness finally finds the light switch and turns it on. To the moon lay in his seat, gasping for air and living on a prayer “Oh my god!” - gnrfan001 “Somebody call an ambulane!” magicman screamed. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3rd Wheel closes the back door to the ambulance and it drives away. He takes a cloth out of his pocket and cleans his glasses off. “Will he be ok?” - Tbizzle said like he actually cared 3rd Wheel, grimly “it doesn’t look good.” “good fuck that dude. He is clearly just an asshole anyway” - broskierose “WHAT KIND OF SICK SON OF A BITCH WOULD DO THIS SHIT!!” exclaimed Kevin with his sailor moon t shirt on “I’m not sure”, Conqueso thought to himself, “but I sure as hell will find out” “What are we going to do?” said gina9 “well chaps, it‘s not what we are going to do, but what we HAVE TO DO” the Sandman chimed in. “we have to roll our sleeves, and go BALLS DEEP. We have to figure out who did this? WHO WANTS OUR MATE TO THE MOON DEAD?” rdubbs looking amongst the possibly guilty faces “We all know that it could of been any one of us! He did happen to piss a lot of people off over the years. It’s going to take forever to figure that out.” “Oh well” Max said *shrugs shoulders*“we got nothing else better to do”       It is now day 1. GO!
  17. The Players 01) Lance (Facekicker) (LYNCHED BY TOWN) 02) Moleman (InThisRiver) (Roleblocker) (DAY KILL BORKI) 03) Magisme (Joao Bonham) (Investigative Immunity) (Day Kill Independent) 04) GNRLiars (Bacardi) (Town WIN) 05) Conor ( (Valentina) (NIGHT KILL MAFIA) 06) DAMN_SMOOTH (DAMN_SMOOTH) (NIGHT KILL MAFIA) (INDEPENDENT WIN) 07) AlteredBeast (Lance) (LYNCHED BY TOWN) 08) Bonham (Madison/P4A) (Double Vote) (MADISON NIGHT KILL MAFIA) (P4A DAY KILL BORKI) 09) Arnold (Magisme) (Backup Cop) 10) ZosoRose (Conor) (LYNCHED BY TOWN) 11) InThisRiver (Zosorose) (Drunk Cop) (NIGHT KILL MAFIA) 12) Bacardi (DJ BORKI) (NIGHT KILL MAFIA) 13) Gunner (Han Moleman) (INDEPENDENT WIN) The Rules 1. NO PMS UNLESS YOU HAVE PERMISSION 2. NO DISCUSSION OF THE GAME OUTSIDE THE THREAD, THIS INCLUDES STATUSES AND LIKING POSTS AFTER YOU DIE 3. YOU MUST BE AT LEAST SOMEWHAT ACTIVE. INACTIVES WILL BE WARNED VIA PM AND PURGED IF ACTIVITY DOES NOT INCREASE. 4. BOLD YOUR VOTES. I DON'T CARE ABOUT THE TEXT FORMAT AS LONG AS IT'S DISCERNIBLE THAT IT'S A VOTE FOR A SPECIFIC PERSON, BUT IT MUST BE BOLDED. 5. WHEN A VOTE MAJORITY HAS BEEN REACHED, TREAT IT AS THE UNOFFICIAL START TO THE NIGHT AND STOP POSTING. 6. YOU MAY VOTE TO NOT LYNCH. EXAMPLE: Official Vote: No Lynch. IF THE MAJORITY VOTES THIS, NO LYNCH WILL OCCUR ON THE NIGHT. 7. NO ROLE REVEALING. 2016 has been a year marked by conflict. From the U.S. Presidential Election between Hitlary Cunton and The Donald, to Social Justice Warriors and Black Lives Matters activists shittening up everything else in between - nobody has been safe. Not even the biggest fat shit himself, Axl Rose Harambe (RIP) GNR forums have been no different...a conflict is brewing and lines have been marked in the sand...do we get to speak our minds on the fat shit regroupening and libtards running amok, or do we reach out and jerk off Team Brazil and censor the forums. Worse, do we become a safe space altogether where mangina chumps and frustrated soccermoms scold everyone else like bold children. .....the fans fortunately get to decide, it is kill or be killed... ***********GAME THREAD LOCKED ************* ******OPENING AT 11PM GMT****** UNTIL THEN, ENJOY SOME MUSIC FROM WORLD FAMOUS DJ TDR
  18. Guest


  19. we are gathered here to bring to justice those responsible for the brutal murders of the Simpson family last night and Krusty the Clown 2 days ago. I know there is a lot of fear among the town folk's and that is why so few of you dare venture out of your homes to be here tonight. But i know for a fact that the murders of the Simpson Family and Krusty are here with us tonight and they arrrrrr.......Cough cough cough **urp** ....***gluck****awk, gasp, gak Troy McClure has been poisoned and pronounced dead. "A townie say's The Murders have struck again and they are among us" Just at that very moment the light's went out and when the power came back on the towns people saw one of their own . Dr.Hibbert laying face down in a pool of blood and knife in his back with what appeared to be a note attached to it. One of townies removed the note from Dr.Hibbert bloody corpse. Only four words were on the note. No One Leaves Alive ! The shocked and horrified townies after much deliberation decided that they would lynch some one from group everyday until the Murders end and the killers are brought to justice.
  20. PURGATORY III: PURGATORY arnold layne - Luke Duke & Bo Duke GUNNER - Abby Yates João Bonham - Inspector Gadget Hans Moleman magisme - Conan The Barbarian inthisriver lance - Willy Wonka Damn_Smooth Facekicker - James Bond GnRLiars - Dre Parker Haters Gonna Hate bacardimayne - Godzilla Valentina - Douglas Quaid ZoSo Rose arnold layne - Superman Conor - Reboot's Director Welcome to the reboot of the Purgatory franchise, Purgatory III: Purgatory. See the first Purgatory game, and the second, for an idea of the game you have signed yourself up for. Now that you have your randomly assigned roles, it's time to begin playing. As always, here are a simple set of rules for the game, but I've also attached a quick Mafia Guide for players new to the game. Game on.
  21. 1. Sleeping Like An Angel: Count Von Count (Vampire) 2. bacardimayne: Taylor Lautner (A Werewolf Fag) 3. Twinkerbelle (noob): Barack Obama (Vanilla) 4. Tottenham: Edward Smith (This man who has had sex with 1,000 cars) 5. The Sandman: Inspector Gadget (Town Cop) 6. John Bonham: Optimus Prime (Vanilla) 7. 3rd Wheel: Super Mario (Vanilla) 8. Catch Her In The Rye: Elton John (Vanilla) 9. saphire: Michael J. Fox (Teen Wolf) 10. kevin: That Michael Jackson Thriller Werewolf (Werewolf Boss) 11. RK99: Miss Piggy (Beloved Princess) 12. Android ✪: Conrad Murray (A Terrible Doctor) 13. to the moon: Pink Power Ranger (Vanilla) Reserve: broskirose - An Intrusive Faggot (Not Aligned) Host: Conor - Resident Troll (???) Enjoy The game should be fun, it's back to basics but hopefully there will be some great play and lots of lulz. And werewolves Though most of you know the rules, and this is a small game, I'll post the simple rules from 3rd Wheel's previous game. One last thing, you can play in character if you want Up to yourselves. Game on.
  22. 2:00 PM On a Friday DAY ARCHIVES IASIP: DAY ONE IASIP: DAY TWO IASIP: DAY THREE "No no no no! Pretending to have HIV will definitely NOT MAKE the waitress want to sleep with you," Dennis said while cleaning shot glasses behind the bar. "Aw c'mon dude...," Charlie retorted. "Absolutely, a terrible idea Charlie," Mac added as he was nailing a crucifix into the wall. "Goddammit Mac! This is not a Catholic bar!" Dennis yelled. "Heyoooo!" Frank yelled as he barged into the bar. "Good news. I am going to Las Vegas!" "Frank, how the hell is this good news? You are probably going to gamble away our whole bar," Dennis asked spitefully. "Maybe. Maybe not. But it is April and by Indian law, Las Vegas has to pay out more than they make once a year, and that is April," Frank said. "Frank, what the fuck are you talking about?" Dennis yelled. "That doesn't make ANY sense!"
  23. *BONUS* Table Of Contents The Awakening Day 1: Iceman Drunk at the Wheel & the Tale of Tottenham's Asshole Day 2: The Shitty Truth Dean's Daylight Death Day 3: The Mafia Strikes Back Extended Twilight: The Street Jesus Day 4: Ship Without a Name, Crew Without a Captain Game Over: The Mafia Wins + Postgame Latest Vote Count The night was silent, the ocean was steady. All that could be heard was the haunting hum of an anonymous cruise liner. A light fog covered the air as the moon shined down on the ship and it's new crew....One by one they woke from cabins scattered around the ship, confused and startled. As they found each other throughout the ship they all asked themselves the same questions. What were they doing there? Why couldn't they remember anything? How long had they been there? Where were they going? No one had the answers. After the entire group was finally together they met in the main hall hoping that one of them had an explanation. SOMEONE on this ship had to know what was going on....right? It was time for introductions. The Crew 1. Conor (Mafia) 2. John Bonham (Town) 3. Catch Her In The Rye (Town) 4. Iceman24 (CAPTAIN - Town) 5. bacardimayne (Mafia) 6. arnold layne (DOCTOR - Town) 7. The Sandman (Town) 8. Tottenham (Town) 9. Dean-16 (COP - Town) 10. to the moon (Town) 11. Rafal (STREET JESUS - Town) 12. NormalGuns (Mafia)
  24. The Last Vegas Seventeen 1. bacardimayne: The Joker (Insane Criminal) 2. Tottenham: Native American (Foreseer) 3. kevin: Penn & Teller (Double Vote) 4. John Bonham: Alan (Lone-Wolf Retard) 5. The Sandman: Rainman (Autistic Savant) 6. Dean-16: Roy Horn (Double Act) 7. Rafał: Julius Caesar (Betrayed Emperor) 8. Flayer: An Ice Cream Cone (Literally just an Ice Cream Cone) 9. Sleeping Like An Angel: Siegfried Fischbacher (Double Act) 10. arnold layne: Elvis Presley (Distractor) 11. NormalGuns 12. chevelle: Frank Sinatra (Vegas Performer) 13. Catch Her In the Rye: Darth Vader (Mafia Boss) 14. Tottenham 2.0 15. Dean-16 2.0 16. Kevin 2.0: Vanilla Ice (Talentless White Trash) 17. Broskirose: Hannibal Lector (Cannibilistic Serial Killer) Conor: Card Dealer (Host) I hope everyone enjoys this as much as they seemed to enjoy the last Purgatory game. For anyone who didn't play it, I suggest you take a quick skim through it as there is a different vibe to these games when compared to others. I'm sure you all understand the rules, but here's a simple collection anyway. One last thing, you can play in character if you want Up to yourselves. Game on.
  25. The wind, when it is active, stays at a breeze speed. The grass is always cut at a reasonable length. Flowers bloom and decorate the yards in front of and behind lake cottages, town houses, and downtown businesses. The people walk slowly to and from their destination, always willing to speak to people. Incorporated in 1919, the town of Bumrider always was a sleepy town. Very little happens. With a population of 1,212, everyone in the town knows everyone else. Everyone knows what is happening, who is getting married, who is pregnant, who’s kid was given a traffic ticket last night for going 5 mph over the limit, who’s kids were held back a year in school, who is getting divorced, who is running for a political position in the upcoming elections, and who is pegged to be the next star high school athlete. The town sits on the east side of a lake, with residential neighborhoods and property on the north side of town, downtown businesses, restaurants, schools and parks in the middle of town and more residential properties and neighborhoods along with parks in the south side. Along the lake, vacation property and lake cottages surround the water and offer a quaint and friendly feel to Bumrider. There has not been a murder, or even a reported shooting of a firearm, in the town since 1998. If there was a real-life version of Pleasentville, Bumrider is it. That changed in a matter of minutes.
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