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Found 10 results

  1. Seems like he still loves lawsuits and probably aware that he was/is a fat fuck http://torrentfreak.com/axl-rose-sends-dmca-notices-to-google-targeting-fat-photo-160605/ This will backfire, no doubt (Streisand effect anyone?)
  2. GNR will play ACL Will we get some video footage? Will they play the same set-list? Will Slash and Axl pig-out? Who is going? Roll call below 1.
  3. A free gift for all: Return of the FAT: GN'R Live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil For all the fans who can't weight for the next official GN'R release... we have something to whet your Appetite! Come with us... and fly down to Rio to witness... the Return of the FAT! This massive footage is being made available to fans around the world for FREE! (Courtesy of GunsNFNRoses via YouTube.com) This concert presents Axl's nuband during their heaviest period ever! Take a look at these videos, and get ready to have your arteries clogged! Still HUNGRY? Additional footage here. You can also check the "FAT AXL" gallery of images here. Please note that this release is unofficial and is in no way endorsed by Guns N' Roses, Team Brasil, or RockFuel Media. Brought to you by John Bonham
  4. I got banned from mygnr for mentioning it, so I hope the mods here will forgive me if we are not allowed to talk about things that are silly or irreverent, but there's an art book out called FAT AXL. It's a collection of various works done by different artists about later day Axl Rose. I found it by # searching FATAXL on Instagram. Anyone have a copy of the book? Can anyone post some samples?
  5. In the last several weeks, following the release of Guns N' Roses $1,000 box set version of Appetite for Destruction, there has been an unprecedented wave of copyright strikes against GNR fan sites on YouTube, Soundcloud, and the web, etc. etc. GunsNFNRoses.com has personally received copyright strikes on their YouTube and Soundcloud accounts, and has had their previous, coward, web-host Siteground revoke their contract with no refund and no explanation. Other high-quality sites have also been affected. Gibboo's YouTube channel, was probably the best GNR channel on YouTube. This account has been completely destroyed. Years of hard work and countless videos lost. To date, the only response from GNR management has been smug, dick-breathed Tweets from long-time ass-hat Del James. Related Discussions GNR Cornholes Fans Again Dearest Axl Hi...can somebody bring me up to speed? Oi!! Cunts!!
  6. 10 days Can't wait to write the only objective review on this whole god damn board
  7. I’ve eaten fast food maybe once a year for a decade. Trying to live a little more often i tried chik fil a last week perdy good whats your favorite?
  8. you're going to the electric chair for being portuguese or a closeted millennial Guns N' Roses fan has secured your death warrant... what your last meal? i dont have a restyraunt in mind but i think I'm going bacon cheeseburger with french fries. either that or filet mignon with freedom fries. i don't want dessert i just want more of the fatty fatty carb carbs cheeseburger in paradise had one of the tastiest burgers I've ever had and then they closed 1 month later fool to cryyyyy you're a foooooool to craaaaaaaaa
  9. Have any of you guys watched the "Making F@ckin' Videos" series lately? Me and EstrangedTwat have been recently, and they really are...something. You can basically witness not only Axl's descent into megalomania and his increasing lack of touch with reality, but also the death of everything that made GN'R stand out from their peers. From the ass-kissing hangers on elevated to being almost on par with the band (Josh Richtman) to the utter seriousness with which Axl, Del and his crew take these videos and themselves, to all of Axl's cronies laughing at what EstrangedTwat called Axl's "dad jokes", along with seeing the rest of the band begrudgingly going along for the ride and becoming increasingly drunk and it becoming increasingly harder for them not to just burst out laughing at the ridiculousness of it all....You can really see the death of the band and the evolution of Axl from the crazy, but cool guy of the late 80s to the guy we have now. With each video, Axl's head is wedged a little farther up his own ass, and you can tell he's really coming to believe he is some unsung musical genius and a voice of his generation. With each video, things get all the more Spinal Tap-esque, and Axl truly begins to go off the deep end. He delivers painfully pathetic and utterly serious monologues about Dylan, a child who wasn't his, who he only knew for a year and a half. It becomes increasingly pathetic and creepy as Axl goes on and on about Dylan: Axl, dead serious: "I don't know of anyone who's made a video like this. You know, showing their own emotional destruction, and their process of transcending that. That's another thing about this video. It's communication with Dylan. It's someone I'm not allowed to communicate with, and someone who feels that I abandoned him. And I didn't. You know, I was told one thing and showed another, and uh, Dylan is....Robbed of certain things that he likes, and I am also, and just trying to transcend that and deal with that and still making a video of what's really going on and trying to show it. It was really wild when we filmed that scene cause in this room there's a shelf. Ever since Dylan moved out of the house, I've always pictured myself sitting on that shelf, just looking at his room....When it came time to film that scene, I ended up sitting on that shelf, and I ended up just laying down and having the most peaceful sleep, Because I really needed to be there in his room and like, it was a really strange way for me to spend time with Dylan in my own mind, that I really needed to do for myself and hadn't taken the time or found the time or right place, and it happened on film." And then, you have at the same time, Axl making GN'R more and more into a joke. Axl's pathetic obsession with Kurt Cobain, besides ripping apart the band, was just like a sad teenager chasing around a not interested girl: Kurt: "We're not your typical Guns N' Roses type of band that has absolutely nothing to say," Kurt: "I can't think of a damn thing [I like about Guns N' Roses' music]. I can't even waste my time on that band, because they're so obviously pathetic and untalented. I used to think that everything in the mainstream pop world was crap, but now that some underground bands have been signed with majors, I take Guns N' Roses as more of an offense. I have to look into it more: They're really talentless people, and they write crap music, and they're the most popular rock band on the earth right now. I can't believe it." Axl: "I just think that they're having a lot of problems with who they are and who they want to be and trying to hold onto it at the same time. At least Kurt is. I'd like to be as supportive as I can, but I don't know how much he will allow support. To write a song like "Smells Like Teen Spirit" making fun of your songwriting and then have it used as an anthem has got to be a complete mindfuck. The man definitely has a mountain to rise above. I think there is a part of him that has the strength and desire to do it. I just don't know if he's able to get in touch with it. I had an advance copy of that record and it became my favorite. I would put it on repeatedly. Nirvana has helped me do my job. I think that the world has gotten really bored, really fed up and really pent up with frustration, and that comes through in Nirvana. I think a lot of people were aware of that feeling and he happened to find the song that touched it and was able to let that feeling out in people. And I'd like to do anything I can to support it. That's why we want them to play with us." Despite Kurt's trash talk, Axl was determined to bring Nirvana on tour with GN'R. "Guns N' Roses was about to do this massive stadium tour with Metallica, and they wanted us to open," Dave Grohl would later recall. "So Axl had been calling Kurt nonstop. One day we're walking through an airport and Kurt says, 'Fuck. Axl Rose won't stop calling me.'" Axl: "I'd like to hear Nirvana do "Welcome To The Jungle." That's what I'd like to hear. I'd like to hear Nirvana do "Jungle" their way, however that is. And maybe Nine Inch Nails do anything, do "Estranged." This is a guy who, when Kurt killed himself, had to be talked to for hours on the phone so he wouldn't hurt himself. Axl was 32 at the time and Kurt hated him, but he had to be talked out of self-harm: He then further embarrassed himself and the band by relating how, through regression therapy, he was able to relive memories as far back as conception: "My earliest conscious memory was of a feeling that I'd been here before and that I had a toy gun in my hand. I knew it was a toy gun, and I didn't know how I knew. That was my first memory. But I've done regression therapy all the way back, just about to the point of conception. I kind of know what was going on then...My mom's pregnancy wasn't a welcome thing. My mom got a lot of problems out of it, and I was aware of those problems. That would tend to make you real fucking insecure about how the world felt about your ass. My real father was a pretty fucked-up individual. I didn't care too much for him when I was born. I didn't like the way he treated my mother. I didn't like the way he treated me before I was born. So when I came out, I was just wishing the motherfucker was dead." At the same time, he was going all Hippie-Dippie about how alternative medicine could cure AIDs: "We can't sit idly and hope someone will change things and hope things will be alright. There are alternative forms of medicine that are having high success rates in treating AIDS victims. There's things like vibrational medicine, oxygen-ozone therapy, there's homeopathic medicines, there are Chinese medicines and different forms of vitamins. The government is denying the public this information. That's because the government, the FDA and the pharmaceutical companies are making billions of dollars off of people dying. The FDA invests money in companies they've supposed to be regulating - that makes no sense. Over the last 50 years there have been different cures for different illnesses that have been kept from us. Freddie Mercury's death made me want to fight for people to have the right to know about these alternative treatments. Everyone has got a God-given right to health, and it's being denied by power-hungry, greedy people who want control." Oxygen-Ozone therapy? The fuck is that? Going outside for a walk? Meanwhile, the band is hemmeroging money from outlandish theme parties every single night, and making huge videos that no one wanted and that the band didn't need. The band is now a 12 piece Vegas act, and even magazines are starting to raise eyebrows about how un-rock-n-roll it looks. Axl is painfully oblivious: MUSICIAN: When we go see Guns N' Roses now we're seeing three original members and three hired sidemen. You're one man away from a Steely Dan situation. AXL: Slash and I are avid Steely Dan fans. So yeah, watch Making F&cking Videos again. It's quite enlightening. Remember, folks, it's all about Axl. Everyone is out ta get him: Another song, called ''Oklahoma'' - heard tonight only as an instrumental - was inspired by a court date with ex-wife Erin Everly. ''I was sitting in my litigation with my ex-wife, and it was the day after the bombing,'' Rose remembers with a wince. ''We had a break, and I'm sitting with my attorneys with a sort of smile on my face, more like a nervous thing - it was like, 'Forgive me, people, I'm having trouble taking this seriously.' It's just ironic that we're sitting there and this person is spewing all kinds of things and 168 people just got killed. And this person I'm sitting there with, she don't care. Obliterating me is their goal.'' Obliterating him is their goal.
  10. The Edmonton Journal stated that fans were asked to clear the venue after the incident, which saw the singer fall to the floor in the middle of performing “I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That).” Witnesses on social media reported seeing ambulances and fire trucks outside the venue.
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