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  1. Asian food. Tell Dr. Manhattan your favorites.
  2. Why did they choose a show from the shittiest and most stale era of the fatunion? Again, another proof that this lame excuse of a band has no creativity or whatsoever left.
  3. After Slush relapsed, he decided to assemble with Post Malone and Andrew Twat to make an unlistenable solo in the middle of War Pigs. http://www.instagram.com/tv/CJfdJweH1Dr/?igshid=199dftst0dyma 2:17:30
  4. Ultimate Rock posted this this morning. Thought I'd post before the unfun police take it down Not sure how many times it's been posted, but fuck it. Here it is again http://ultimateclassicrock.com/guns-n-roses-sweet-child-o-mine-first-performance/
  5. To anyone, who has heard it, thoughts on this? @bacardimayne was once taunting Mojo on Twitter that how the worst 2018 gig has leaked. I asked ET to share it, knowing that he has a shitton of fat bootlegs. Surprisingly I didn't get much lulz from it - Axl sounded better there than in Berlin or Fatload.
  6. I mean, it's the objective truth, even if Slash is a corporate cock rock whore poser Still better than Axl in every aspect when it comes to "lifetime achievements" Time to spill the beans fellas: are there any Axl nutswingers left whom may honestly think that Axl is better than Slash overall?
  7. I’ve eaten fast food maybe once a year for a decade. Trying to live a little more often i tried chik fil a last week perdy good whats your favorite?
  8. Seems like he still loves lawsuits and probably aware that he was/is a fat fuck http://torrentfreak.com/axl-rose-sends-dmca-notices-to-google-targeting-fat-photo-160605/ This will backfire, no doubt (Streisand effect anyone?)
  9. Since GNFNR already has a Twitter page, why shouldn't we have an Instagram page w fatposts as well? Use the memes/creedposts as pics and some fat jokes or lyrics as captions. Your thoughts? @John Bonham
  10. I'll start. Welcome To The Jungle - Indiana 1991 or Rock Am Ring 2006 November Rain - St. Louis 1991, Tokyo 1992, Saskatoon 1993 or Rock Am Ring 2006 The Blues - Pukkelpop 2002 or Osaka/Tokyo 2009 There Was A Time - Dublin 2012 Paradise City - Ritz 1988 Chinese Democracy - Las Vegas 2014(Doof one) Rocket Queen - St. Louis 1991 or Rock In Rio 2001 This I Love - Dublin 2010, solo-wise Tokyo 2009 Estranged - Indiana 1991 Mr. Brownstone - Paris 1992 or Ritz 1988 Nightrain - Houston 2016
  12. Woke Fat Cunt is trying to find ways to talk about literally anything but the new album. I can't wait for Trump to win again and fucking deport his lazy incompetent fat fake family and sign a bill concerning decent managements for such huge bands.
  13. GN'R's response/Non-Response to COVID-19 has been Abysmal. Their failure to communicate regarding cancelled or rescheduled shows Their complete lack of musical content, either new or old Their continued zero communication policy i.e. press, interviews, or conversational or informative social media presence Grade: F-
  14. Thin Axl had sex with a 15 year old hippie chick named Michelle http://medium.com/cuepoint/inside-the-horrific-guns-n-roses-hell-house-971e20df749c Then, in December 1985, came a dark and serious incident that signalled the end of the Hell House era. A 15-year-old girl named Michelle entered the rehearsal space one day, and, according to an interview Axl later gave to the LA Weekly, “started fucking with our equipment.” There was some kind of scuffle and the girl ended up running naked along Sunset Boulevard. Michelle was known to the band. She’d hung around the Hell House periodicall
  15. Guns N' Roses Snoop Dogg Bud Light Super Bowl Music Fest January 31st, 2020 Miami, Florida 🔫🌹🌹🔫 It's So Easy Mr. Brownstone Chinese Democracy Welcome to the Jungle Slither Better Estranged Live and Let Die You're Crazy Rocket Queen You Could Be Mine Shadow Of Your Love Attitude Civil War Dead Horse Double Talkin' Jive Blues Jam/ Sweet Child O' Mine November Rain Knockin' On Heavens Door (Dedicated to Kobe) Nightrain Patience The Seeker Paradise City
  16. We've had toy trucks, toddlers' books, COVID 45 and all other kinds of shit merch. From which ideas could the Brazilian fag cash in more and more money? My personal guesses would be: Phone cases(limited to iPhone and flagships of other brands) for $29,99 NITL wallpapers for desktop for $1,99 each Some gym/fitness shit w Doof's skull on it for another exorbitant price SCOM re-released as a brand new single AFD re-recorded to an extent(Izzy's and Steven's parts replaced by Dick Fordlin and Flunk Ferreira + Dizwald/Bryanna additions) and
  17. And do you think he'll ever be a talking head on MSNBC?
  18. Don't have to be monstrous 3 and a half hour shows, just a quick one, the classics/GH regular songs mixed with the Village leaks. Imagine if Axl can still pull them off (he obviously never will, but let's pretend) The "/ " means it will be varied from show to show, depends on the fat man's mood/form CD ISE WTTJ BROWNSTONE BETTER RQ (WITH EXTENDED SLASH SOLO) ESTRANGED/COMA STATE OF GRACE/QUICK SONG (with lyrics) DUFF SOLO SPOT (SO SHIT/RAW SHIT/YCPYAAM or YOU AIN'T THE FIRST YCBM GUITAR SOLO SCOM PIANO SOLO
  19. Will it be worth the wait? What will it sound like? What songs will be on it? Will there be cover tunes on it? What years will the recording span? How many songs will be on it? What will the running time be? What will the lyrics be about? Will the artwork be cool? Will the liner notes be incomprehensible? Will it be released in a traditional or non-traditional manner?
  20. Most of us will probably be dead in three years. Let's get our kicks now before the whole shit house goes up in flames.
  21. Apparently most of their shit was recorded and ready to be uploaded in YouTube. My requests would include: Roxy 1986 The Ritz 1987 Donington 1988 St. Louis 1991(the riot concert) Wembley 1991(last show w/ Izzy) Tel Aviv 1993 Argentina 1993 House Of Blues 2001 Hammerstein Ballroom 2006(not some studio songs playlist) Tokyo 2007 Tokyo 2009 Dublin 2010(the no-motion Axl) Las Vegas 2014(4th to 7th June) Las Vegas 2016(first normal fatunion show) Inglewood 2017(best fatunion setlist) Tallinn 2018(because I was th
  22. Beaches are closed, I don't know how many towels Flebbies will be able to sell
  23. Every day the new album seems more and more unlikely. What could you trust more than the new album actually happening? My guesses would be: Jeffrey Epstein's suicide Surströmming as a perfume Freddie Mercury's dentist Etc.
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