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Found 9 results

  1. Why did they choose a show from the shittiest and most stale era of the fatunion? Again, another proof that this lame excuse of a band has no creativity or whatsoever left.
  2. To anyone, who has heard it, thoughts on this? @bacardimayne was once taunting Mojo on Twitter that how the worst 2018 gig has leaked. I asked ET to share it, knowing that he has a shitton of fat bootlegs. Surprisingly I didn't get much lulz from it - Axl sounded better there than in Berlin or Fatload.
  3. I'll start. Welcome To The Jungle - Indiana 1991 or Rock Am Ring 2006 November Rain - St. Louis 1991, Tokyo 1992, Saskatoon 1993 or Rock Am Ring 2006 The Blues - Pukkelpop 2002 or Osaka/Tokyo 2009 There Was A Time - Dublin 2012 Paradise City - Ritz 1988 Chinese Democracy - Las Vegas 2014(Doof one) Rocket Queen - St. Louis 1991 or Rock In Rio 2001 This I Love - Dublin 2010, solo-wise Tokyo 2009 Estranged - Indiana 1991 Mr. Brownstone - Paris 1992 or Ritz 1988 Nightrain - Houston 2016
  4. Some say his transition began all the way back in 1993... August 2020: SOON:
  5. We've had toy trucks, toddlers' books, COVID 45 and all other kinds of shit merch. From which ideas could the Brazilian fag cash in more and more money? My personal guesses would be: Phone cases(limited to iPhone and flagships of other brands) for $29,99 NITL wallpapers for desktop for $1,99 each Some gym/fitness shit w Doof's skull on it for another exorbitant price SCOM re-released as a brand new single AFD re-recorded to an extent(Izzy's and Steven's parts replaced by Dick Fordlin and Flunk Ferreira + Dizwald/Bryanna additions) and
  6. As the setlist has been trimmed down and largely unchanged since 2018, we could use our illusions. If any of us were to see the fat band again, which order/songs you would wish for? My personal illusion of a decent fatlist: 1. Chinese Democracy 2. Welcome To The Jungle 3. It's So Easy 4. Mr. Brownstone 5. Hard School 6. Dust N' Bones(ofc w/ Izzy on board) 7. Live And Let Die 8. Better 9. Estranged 10. Rocket Queen 11. Atlas Shrugged 12. This I Love 13. Prostitute 14. You Could Be Mine 15. Perhaps
  7. Apparently most of their shit was recorded and ready to be uploaded in YouTube. My requests would include: Roxy 1986 The Ritz 1987 Donington 1988 St. Louis 1991(the riot concert) Wembley 1991(last show w/ Izzy) Tel Aviv 1993 Argentina 1993 House Of Blues 2001 Hammerstein Ballroom 2006(not some studio songs playlist) Tokyo 2007 Tokyo 2009 Dublin 2010(the no-motion Axl) Las Vegas 2014(4th to 7th June) Las Vegas 2016(first normal fatunion show) Inglewood 2017(best fatunion setlist) Tallinn 2018(because I was th
  8. Every day the new album seems more and more unlikely. What could you trust more than the new album actually happening? My guesses would be: Jeffrey Epstein's suicide Surströmming as a perfume Freddie Mercury's dentist Etc.
  9. Have you ever wondered which performances of any individual GNR songs are the worst? I'll start w/ some: Coma - Rock In Rio 2017 Welcome To The Jungle - Bridge School 2012 Street Of Dreams - House Of Blues 2012 November Rain - Rock In Rio 2011 or Abu Dhabi 2018 This I Love - Osaka 2009(Fatty really abusing the rasp on this one), Golden Gods 2014, Rock In Rio 2017 or Berlin 2018 Chinese Democracy - Osaka 2009 Oh My God - House Of Blues 2001 Estranged - Rock In Rio 2017 ... to be continued
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