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  1. 1. Sleeping Like An Angel: Count Von Count (Vampire) 2. bacardimayne: Taylor Lautner (A Werewolf Fag) 3. Twinkerbelle (noob): Barack Obama (Vanilla) 4. Tottenham: Edward Smith (This man who has had sex with 1,000 cars) 5. The Sandman: Inspector Gadget (Town Cop) 6. John Bonham: Optimus Prime (Vanilla) 7. 3rd Wheel: Super Mario (Vanilla) 8. Catch Her In The Rye: Elton John (Vanilla) 9. saphire: Michael J. Fox (Teen Wolf) 10. kevin: That Michael Jackson Thriller Werewolf (Werewolf Boss) 11. RK99: Miss Piggy (Beloved Princess) 12. Android ✪: Conrad Murray (A Terrible Doctor) 13. to the moon: Pink
  2. 2:00 PM On a Friday DAY ARCHIVES IASIP: DAY ONE IASIP: DAY TWO IASIP: DAY THREE "No no no no! Pretending to have HIV will definitely NOT MAKE the waitress want to sleep with you," Dennis said while cleaning shot glasses behind the bar. "Aw c'mon dude...," Charlie retorted. "Absolutely, a terrible idea Charlie," Mac added as he was nailing a crucifix into the wall. "Goddammit Mac! This is not a Catholic bar!" Dennis yelled. "Heyoooo!" Frank yelled as he barged into the bar. "Good news. I am going to Las Vegas!" "Frank, how the hell is this good news? You are probably going
  3. *BONUS* Table Of Contents The Awakening Day 1: Iceman Drunk at the Wheel & the Tale of Tottenham's Asshole Day 2: The Shitty Truth Dean's Daylight Death Day 3: The Mafia Strikes Back Extended Twilight: The Street Jesus Day 4: Ship Without a Name, Crew Without a Captain Game Over: The Mafia Wins + Postgame Latest Vote Count The night was silent, the ocean was steady. All that could be heard was the haunting hum of an anonymous cruise liner. A light fog covered the air as the moon shined down on the ship and it's new crew....One by one they woke from cabins scattered
  4. The Last Vegas Seventeen 1. bacardimayne: The Joker (Insane Criminal) 2. Tottenham: Native American (Foreseer) 3. kevin: Penn & Teller (Double Vote) 4. John Bonham: Alan (Lone-Wolf Retard) 5. The Sandman: Rainman (Autistic Savant) 6. Dean-16: Roy Horn (Double Act) 7. Rafał: Julius Caesar (Betrayed Emperor) 8. Flayer: An Ice Cream Cone (Literally just an Ice Cream Cone) 9. Sleeping Like An Angel: Siegfried Fischbacher (Double Act) 10. arnold layne: Elvis Presley (Distractor) 11. NormalGuns 12. chevelle: Frank Sinatra (Vegas Performer) 13. Catch Her In the Rye: Darth Vader (Mafia Boss) 14
  5. The wind, when it is active, stays at a breeze speed. The grass is always cut at a reasonable length. Flowers bloom and decorate the yards in front of and behind lake cottages, town houses, and downtown businesses. The people walk slowly to and from their destination, always willing to speak to people. Incorporated in 1919, the town of Bumrider always was a sleepy town. Very little happens. With a population of 1,212, everyone in the town knows everyone else. Everyone knows what is happening, who is getting married, who is pregnant, who’s kid was given a traffic ticket last night for g
  6. The Damned 1. IceMan24 - Prophet of Truth (Mafia Boss) - Day 3 Lynch 2. Hans Moleman - Carter (Town) - Night 5 Kill 3. Arnold Layne - Kat (Town) - Night 1 Kill 4. Saphire - Emile (Town) - Day 5 Lynch 5. Broskirose - 343 Guilty Spark 6. The Sandman - The Arbiter 7. InThisRiver - Dr Catherine Halsey (Town DOC) - Night 2 Kill 8. White_Raven - Tartarus (Mafia) - Day 1 Lynch 9. JearBear - Jun (Town) - Day 4 Modkill 10. Android✪ - Master Chief (Town) - Night 4 Kill 11. Dazed&Confused Catch Her in the Rye - Jorge (Town) - Day 7 Kill 12. John Bonham - Noble 6 (Town) - Day 4 Lynch 13. Conor - Buck
  7. YOUR ROLES ARE TO REMAIN PRIVATE UNLESS YOU ARE THE MAFIA. ANYONE CAUGHT DISCUSSING THEIR ROLES OPENLY MAY BE MOD KILLED. PLEASE REMEMBER TO READ THE RULES BEFORE YOU POST. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS LET ME KNOW. GOOD LUCK. PLAYERS 1. kevin shades (town - cop) 2. inthisriver Hans_Moleman (town) 3. SunnyDRE PA Guns (town) 4. White_Raven 5. Tottenham Angelica (town) 6. John Bonham 7. Hans Moleman 8. Lucrecia sugaraylen (town) 9. saphire gunsgay (mafia - News Reporter) 10. Tom Dead Flower (town) 11. Sleeping Like An Angel orsys (mafia - moderator) 12. Broskirose sofine11
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