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  1. If 25 year old Axl walked out and performed this it would be one of the greatest things around. Just too much wear n tear combined with he isn't in good shape. Even if just physically he could just look better it would help. At 50 you can still be in fantastic shape, with not as much huffing and puffing. But the lights and songs are great (so far). New stuff holds up well IMO,
  2. How are you holding up my man?

  3. how can I get in touch with her? No Facebook, does anyone have her email?
  4. Fuck RafaƂ nobody gives a shit We would need WR - I used to have her digits but got a new phone.
  5. I don't understand why the last day was played. The mafia had already won when it was 6 people and they had half majority.
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