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  1. Dean-16

    Glee Mafia Sign Up

    I would love to play but I cant imagine mafia being easy to play via the browser on a 360
  2. Dean-16

    Glee Mafia Sign Up

    theme is queeeeeeeer!!! no pc at the mo and my work pc blocks here due to "games" for some reason.... sadface.jpg
  3. Dean-16

    Cowboys vs Zombies SIGN UP

    I can help you with that. Just as long as I like the theme
  4. Dean-16

    Cowboys vs Zombies SIGN UP

    This ever gonna happen? Or any mafia game for that matter?
  5. Dean-16

    Your daily schedule…

    12pm - Get out of bed. 1pm - Start work. 9pm - Finish work. 9pm - 2am - Get high & watch Tv or play xbox. 2.30 am - bed time. Repeat x 5. No routine for the weekend.
  6. Dean-16

    Cowboys vs Zombies SIGN UP

    shall we just give up on this aye? Gon someone else mod if NG doesnt want to anymore. I nominate you Mr.Sandman, but PLEASE, not glee
  7. Dean-16

    Cowboys vs Zombies SIGN UP

    What about a Hobbit themed game? We need to get something going, and SOON!
  8. Dean-16

    The Futurist Thread

    My philosophy Born too late to to discover the Earth, Born too early to discover the Universe.
  9. Dean-16

    Prometheus was the Biggest Disappointment of 2012

    I really fucking enjoyed it to be honest. Overall, 2012 was a good year for sci-fi
  10. Dean-16

    2013 Improvement Thread !

    Get off the weed & cigarettes. I also drink wayyy to much.
  11. Dean-16

    Cowboys vs Zombies SIGN UP

    This made me But seriously, Did you go to school? Why cant you write coherently? Please at least make an attempt or at the very least, download a dictionary for your browser so it tells you when you have spelt something wrong. Anyone reach out to Max?
  12. Dean-16

    Cowboys vs Zombies SIGN UP

    Mon lets go! Wheres that little legend from ages ago that went by the name of Maskman?
  13. It happens at least once or twice a year. As long as it does not inconvenience you no big deal for you eh Nate? I am just saying maybe we should blame ourselves before we start making judgments about others. America blame the gunman, the rest of the world blame America. Thats the difference.