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Fascinated by one of a kind, makes you go blind, in desire to find, that light that she finds, the same light that makes her leave it all behind, for all those who are blind, im talking bout lifes true line - the calling, a dream, an epiphany - Call it what you want it to be - as long as it makes you believe that you can achieve, everything you wanted to be...

· then you just gonna get turned on, like a drunk driver driven m.i.a from the law, breakin' baricades to keep out o' sight, kickin' it low, downright slow, all night..!’

· got this woman, naggin' on my back, usin' all these words - i just dont get why she's blind to all the fakeness, thats right outside, gets her in, but leaves her out, truth to them, but its the soul their without - she got it, but she's left blind, a light that shines for the one without a sight.. open your eyes and keep in sight, focus on the things behind and you will see it clearly

tears, darkness and all that makes you weary.. not the pain, not the body, the world corrupted by the ones that held you down, keeping you down, never turn around, run run run tonight

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