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  1. I loved Kymatica - Really changed my perception on the concept of life. http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/kymatica/ Also, you can find tons of greats doc's in there, sorted by categories..
  2. Axl is a serialkiller ! Think about it !!

    1. Bad Apple

      Bad Apple

      i've think about you ohhohohohoho

    2. John Bonham
    3. GUNNER


      Axl is the Devil

  3. Hoping for Northside.. Its not that big of a festival, but we had Wu-Tang, Incubus and The Black Keys there, last year, so it could happen. Really hope so.. Would be fantastic, then again, the crowd is'nt that great.. I'm torn..
  4. Conspiracy theory: Axl and Slash made up after Perla and Slash divorced - PERLA WAS THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM !!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Bad Apple

      Bad Apple

      This could be laughable if true

    3. AbominableHoman


      I wonder if Slash was sober enough to make her sign a prenup.

  5. Nigeria is crumbling, the world as we know it will never be the same.. And nobody cared, because everybody was waiting for a reunion.. Why did Axl kill Nigeria ? #sufferingiseasywhenitssoeasytobecoolyeahitssoeasytobefamishedwhenyougotashitloadoffood #AxlVsNigeria #NigeriaLost #JeSuisNigeria #Axlatemyfood
  6. I watched the new Star Wars.. It was great. Other than that, the greatest movies of all time, obviously is: Terminator 2 Blood Sport Fight Club American History X Braveheart Saving Private Ryan Shawshank Redemption
  7. I drank approx. 8-9 cups in a mug Is that bad? From what I gather, there is no "too much", but as I wrote, "everything in moderation", is probably the way to go, I would get immensely wired from 8 cups .. But I guess it's like all other good things, you develope a tolerance. Check this out: http://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-news/study-finds-more-evidence-coffee-can-be-life-saver-n464386
  8. Jerk once a day, that way you will be grateful, and saivor it more.. everything in moderation. Good on you for quitting all those things, I guess you have to take the ultimate stand, if you have sort of an addictive personality.. Coffee is actually very good for you, 2-4 cups a day, keeps a healthy heart and more, new studies find..
  9. Whats Mick Wall up to these days ? I have read the stories and the "lies", and all that.. But it's just GNR words against his.. Do we have any source saying that what Mick wrote in the Axl book is'nt true ? I'm just asking, cause I'm considering reading it again, and remember him being slayed, but never for any "without a doubt liar" reasons.
  10. Your not young or succesful, just a dickhead, and THAT is why your being bashed.. Don't go making up stories now, y'hear.. I like this place.. it's hillarious.. You might just spend too much time here, and take things to heart..
  11. It won't because it would demand a revolution from the people, it would demand fire, heart and passion. But there is none, people are content with things and reasonable comfortabilities to demand a better world, because as long as it does'nt affect them, nobody gives a shit.. !! The only reason rock rised up was because of a cultural revolution, where the population rebelled against the conformity and structures of old. As long as the people are content, nothing will change in music. People are blind to facts, living an illusion and loving it !
    1. Ragnar


      I would be all for reunion if it meant I would n`t hear anything from this talentless piece of shit ever again.

    2. Bad Apple

      Bad Apple

      " talentless piece of shit ever again."


      anyway cardi is right

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