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  1. How would you rank the Starburst flavors? This is key to any relationship and tells you a lot about a person.
  2. Facebook is pretty terrible
  3. Sounds amazing. This Sunday my buddy is getting married, should be a good time.
  4. You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory- Duff and the Guns
  5. Yes Now I want that song to be the final level of my GNR videogame that doesn't exist for Super Nintendo.
  6. Pretty solid. Considering half of TSI is terrible, any song thats good automatically gets a plus. This song is good.
  7. Lots of close, exciting games. The Raiders game was crazy. Loved the onions Del Rio had to go for two.
  8. How is the economy with Axl/DC? I predict chaos when South America tour begins.
  9. Weezer 1. Blue 2. Pinkerton 3. White 4. Everything Will Be Alright in the End 5. Maladroit 6. Green 7. Red 8. Hurley 9. Raditude 10. Make Believe My top four are all classics in my opinion
  10. 1. Paul McCartney July 2013- Best concert by far. Went with my brother for his 21st birthday 2. The Fratellis November 2013- Killer small venue, crazy energy 3. Weezer July 2016- Summer bliss 4. The Offspring Summer 2012- Most intense concert ever 5. Kanye West August 2008- A mad genius at the top of his game.
  11. I had a dream we all met up in real life and played mafia. Bacardi and I became best buds.
  12. Hell Yeah. Jack White is a maniac and a bit of a punk though. But he makes great music.
  13. New Jersey has so many, most famous being Bruce Springsteen. I can't think of many true local bands that have made it big. I went to college where The Gaslight Anthem broke out so that's cool. We don't talk about Bon Jovi.
  14. Miss this band. R.I.P. Scott. His stage presence was great.
  15. Finally gave this a proper spin. I think the actual songs are really, really good, but they wear their Beatles influences on their sleeves. The musical vignettes are SUPER annoying, and really off putting to enjoy this album proper. The vignettes turn this into a pretentious art piece that doesn't work, especially because each one is repeating the same melody over and over. Take out the vignettes and you have a killer EP.
  16. I love this song, I love this album, I love this band, I love this live version, I love this whole "Studio Session"
  17. Been on a RH kick all morning after watching this Finished Kid A, halfway through OKC now. Electioneering is such an underrated song. It seems like it's mocked a lot by RH fans, but I think it's amazing.
  18. Just got offered, and accepted a full time job at my company I had been a contract worker there for almost two years. Can't wait to get health insurance benefits and some job security.
  19. Yeah, I definitely feel that. They're part of the Elephant Six recording collection, basically a group of indie/hipster bands in the 90s and 2000s when indie was at its most popular. They are associated with other luminaries of the genre such as Neutral Milk Hotel and of Montreal. I just always imagine hipsters in Brooklyn listening to this stuff. I LOVED these bands in college. You could do a lot worse than the Apples in Stereo. As I mentioned above New Magnetic Wonder is such a fun record. My favorite E6 band is probably of Montreal, but they've released so many shit albums there are only a few that are truly special (That said, those records are AMAZING and were a huge part of college for me). I still need to give this album a proper spin.
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