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  1. I imagine You Could Be Mine is the star of the Illusion Rockers, then depending on your preference the next tier down is some ordering of Pretty Tied Up, 14 Years, Dust N Bones, then below that is Perfect Crime, RNDTH, Back off Bitch, etc. The last tier is your shit rockers like Get in The Ring and Shotgun Blues. An all rock song, no bloated epics would make an interesting single disc Illusions. I know that thread has been done to death but usually all songs are in play- if you take out all the longer songs you could make a single disc thats tighter and closer to Appetite.
  2. Grab her by the Harambee
  3. Tom!

    what are you eating

    Coffee and Donut from Dunkin. My mom came by before work. Moms are great.
  4. I haven't watched the show in about five years, the quality really declined. It's back to being good? Worth checking out?
  5. Tom!

    Think About You

    Hidden gem on Appetite, great intro into SCOM.
  6. Both songs are awesome but there is something "Missing" from them that I can't place. Maybe how they're produced?
  7. This part makes a lot of sense to me. Slash mentions in his book that Appetite had such an edge because they were five broke musicians clawing to the top, trying everything they could to desperately survive. When they achieved that fame from Appetite, it was hard to have that same hunger, and drive to release a follow up. When they finally did release the Illusions, they exploded in popularity, becoming one of the biggest band's in the world and achieving massive commercial and critical success. They worked hard for their come up, and stayed at the top with the "Epic Follow Up." It only makes sense they would have even less drive to do the "Followup to the followup."
  8. Just started reading this, very cool, thanks for sharing. Slash comes off as a real asshole in the beginning.
  9. Yeah, I feel like this happens to everyone. What is all this stuff?!
  10. My friend is a big hunter and bagged his first deer last weekend. We are going to eat it tonight and I'm so excited. I don't think I've ever had deer, though I've had more "Exotic" meat like Elk and Bison before when I traveled West.
  11. Just wipe us out already. Nukes, meteor, I don't care anymore.
  12. Per this JB post, it sure as hell won't be "Reuben" Which is a shame, Reuben's are amazing.
  13. Just finished this album. Pretty eclectic, good mix of "straightforward" rock and then some more over produced, electric stuff that was cool too. I really liked the beginning few songs, probably the most out of any of these. Some songs kind of blended together (Unfortunately, not in a great way) and did not seem as distinguishable to me. I think "Go Out" and "Lonesome Street" were my favorite. "Pyongyang" was a total slog- definitely my least favorite. I liked Wasted's analogies of the album, how it is reminiscent of Japan. I feel like this album takes place in the rain, in different parts of Japan. Some songs sound like Tokyo at night, others (Like "Mirrorball") as the countryside in the summer. But for some reason, always with rain. It was cool to think of it and I think Wasted's post made me think of things that way. I would definitely listen again and will probably revisit Blur to see if they click with me.
  14. Saw Trainwreck, it was hilarious.
  15. The GOP would win this election if they had anyone besides Trump running. It would be such a landslide it would be staggering. How they chose someone who can make people support HRC is just mind numbingly stupid. This election would be over in a heart beat. Instead, they go for a buffoon who is so offensive that he will lose to one of the most crooked criminals this country has ever seen. Of course, MSM being in Clinton's pocket helps, as does voting fraud and all that other crap, but my goodness GOP, get it together. I don't think anybody can sincerely like either of these two candidates. Edit: To be clear, I definitely understand that all the rules are changed to support HRC, and that that is patently unfair. Trump is definitely getting fucked over by the MSM and other tools of HRC, but he doesn't do himself any favors either (Of course Hilary doesn't either but she can get away with it apparently).
  16. From it's twitter profile, it was trying to explain why hurricanes are racist. Completely earnestly too. Jesus Christ.
  17. I laughed, and wasn't sure if this was a serious tweet or a joke. So I went to this creature's profile and read some of her stuff. Now I wish I hadn't. These kinds of people are unbelievable. I can't believe our society has gotten to this point and there are so many of these creatures. The numbers are staggering.
  18. I've never been able to connect with Blur, although on paper they should be a band I adore. I just couldn't get into any of there stuff. However, you sir have excellent musical taste and were kind enough to give my album a try, I will do the same for you and report back.
  19. No, but that is unintentionally brilliant
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