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  1. I for one am shocked that the setlist stayed the same and Axl stayed shitty!
  2. This is one of my favorite Weezer album. Excellently crafted pop album. California Kids, L.A. Girlz, and King of the World are probably my favorites.
  3. Tom!

    TV Party

    Gonna start Westworld soon, pretty excited.
  4. I think spiritually, musically it is similar to the Green Album. Very polished sound. Lyrically definitely a fair amount of Pinkerton.
  5. Tom!


    This was a pretty good one. I wonder what you mean by not a "True" documentary?
  6. Weezer's tenth album is the band's first release since 2014's excellent Everything Will Be Alright in the End. The latest album features breezy, summery pop music, with influences from their own works Blue Album, Green Album, and even a little Pinkerton. This album is glossy and poppy, with catchy hooks and simple but addicting melodies. Give it a listen and let me know what you think! 1. "California Kids" 3:25 2. "Wind in Our Sail" 2:53 3. "Thank God for Girls" 3:30 4. "(Girl We Got A) Good Thing" 3:25 5. "Do You Wanna Get High?" 3:27 6. "King of the World" 3:24 7. "Summer Elaine and Drunk Dori" 3:25 8. "L.A. Girlz" 3:29 9. "Jacked Up" 2:53 10. "Endless Bummer" 4:14 Total length: 34:05
  7. I keep hoping each day when I wake up that it was all a dream. Reckless Life used to be my favorite section, but it's so depressing I'm posting a ton in the GNR section to compensate. Yikes.
  8. Tom!

    what are you eating

    Asahi is great. Haven't had it in awhile. Where do you live, Wasted?
  9. Tom!

    Think About You

    Interesting, that may put TIL in a new light for me. Agreed about the Izzy thing. Great change up to keep the album interesting and more than one-note.
  10. They should have hired me to sequence the songs! I often think way to much about album sequencing. It's both a gift and a curse.
  11. Tom!

    Think About You

    My favorite part of this song is the outro, "Only you, only you..." etc, winding down guitar lick, song ends... Wait a beat or two... Intro riff to SCOM One of my favorite moments on Appetite. That moment alone is probably why I enjoy the song so much, the entire song to me is a long intro into SCOM. Kind of like how Modest Mouse's "The World at Large," is LITERALLY an entire song intro into "Float On." TAY is a fine song, nothing special but not horrid, but seeing it as an extended intro to SCOM is why I enjoy it as much as I do.
  12. He definitely should. He's got nothing left to say album wise, and we all know he only tours to support his lavish lifestyle. If he just cut out the condor egg omelettes and gold plated toilets, he'd be set.
  13. 1. Right Next Door To Hell 2. 14 Years 3. Live and Let Die 4. Double Talkin' Jive 5. Don't Cry 6. You Could Be Mine 7. Dust N' Bones 8. Perfect Crime 9. Yesterdays 10. Garden of Eden 11. Pretty Tied Up 12. Civil War
  14. I was on a big GNR listening kick not too long ago, cycling through each album several times. I think I would choose the old classic My World. It's two minutes long and I can't stand it for more than a minute. I just could not listen to it all the way through.
  15. Not my fav song. Musically its good but I don't like the lyrics.
  16. The best part of delaying the album was we got Better, one of the stronger songs on CD. I think it's really interesting that Axl doesn't seem to harbor any ill will towards Buckethead. He is a talented guitarist and great writer but he really put them through the run around for all his kooky studio needs. Then he left them high and dry on a supposed tour, although Axl could have been using him as a fall guy. Actually, come to think of it, its interesting Axl didn't really seem to beef with anyone from his band 1997 and on. Maybe because he wasn't emotionally invested in these guys as he was with the original GNR, or because he physically wasn't with them for lots of portions of the recording and rehearsal process. Maybe it was just business to him. It seems like Bucket really enjoyed his time in GNR, and was very sad and reluctant to leave, but it's understandable why he did leave. Axl was so off and on they couldn't gather any momentum, with so many false starts, it probably drove Bucket and the rest of the band crazy.
  17. Which GNR song most makes you cringe, makes you lie to your friends about liking them, makes you use the ole facepalm emoji? Oh God So Many Choices Appetite Out Ta Get Me Anything Goes Lies One in A Million Illusions Back Off Bitch Don't Damn Me Get In The Ring Shotgun Blues My World Spaghetti Basically half the album Oh My God Silkworms Chinese Scraped Sorry This I Love
  18. It definitely wouldn't touch Appetite, but I think it would be closer than you'd think. YCBM would be one of the better songs on Appetite were it released on AFD as originally planned.
  19. What surprised me was how complete all those songs were, by like 2001. I think the latest song written was Better in 2003-04? What was Axl waiting for? (I know the answer- he was insane and afraid of failure).
  20. Gotta report on those Kardashians and the Donald saying naughty words!
  21. Tom!

    what are you eating

    Nah she came by at 7:30, got a pretty good 7ish hours of sleep. Shes helping me out with some stuff this weekend because I'm going on a trip to Maine, so I was giving her the details on what to do to help me out.
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