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  1. Maybe, I don't really wanna know, how your garden grows, cuz I just wanna fly

  2. Obla di, obla da, life goes on brah

    1. inthisriver


      la la la life goooes on

  3. 4 in the mornin, and im zonin they say im possessed, its a omen i keep it 300, like the romans 300 bitches wear the trojans

  4. Sorry, it should read: WHat are you up to today bud?

  5. I really love 30 Rock, Ive been watching American dad, How I met your mother, mostly stupid comedies. My mom got me the first season of Boardwalk EMpire from the library, that show is awesome, I never saw it before because I don't have HBO at home. And my friend and I love to play Madden for hours with south park on in the background. Hows Minnesota's sports scene? Work sucks haha. What...

  6. Nothing exciting, watching some tv and laying in bed. Work really takes it out of me. Its 9 and Im exhausted. how about yourself?

  7. Hey, it was cool, kind of surreal, kind of sad but good. The real world hasn't been too terrible yet so thats nice. Hows you.

  8. It's absolutely terrifying, I don't want to graduate and it's so difficult to find a job. I used to be big into journalism, but the constant deadlines really stressed me out and on top of that I put unnecessary pressure on myself. For this magazine I worked in their advertising department.

  9. Loved it. Technically I don't graduate for 3 more weeks. But done with classes thursday. I really don't want to leave cuz the real world sucks. But I was alot like you Nate, anti social and hating everything haha. But looking back it was the most fun I ever had.

  10. That sounds cool! You can make the next Roller Coaster tycoon. I majored in English and history. I have 4 classes this week then Im done forever. Holy cow

  11. Hey whats new bud

  12. hahaha Im sure, just giving you a hard time

  13. Hey, thanks for the nice comments on my profile!

  14. You'd be surprised but there are some people here who don't like Gnr. I remain skeptical!

  15. Also, great username. Victory!

  16. Welcome to the forum! Still don't believe you like GNR

  17. Last set of finals ever... then graduation!

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    2. Sleeping Like An Angel

      Sleeping Like An Angel

      Real world coming atcha! What are your plans?

    3. Tom!


      Try to find a job I suppose. I worked for this magazine last summer so I'm reaching out to them... my old boss wants to set up a meeting with me so I'm really excited and crossing my fingers that he can help.

    4. Sleeping Like An Angel

      Sleeping Like An Angel

      Cool. Best of luck with that.

  18. Aw I appreciate it, but I dont think so. Thanks though <3

  19. Over my head, better off dead

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