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  1. Andrew Johnson is probably one of the worst because of his absolute bungling of Reconstruction following the Civil War. Seriously, talk about awful work following what his predecessor Lincoln went through. Coolidge and Hoover were horrendous, as was James Buchanan. Some of the best were Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Lincoln, both Roosevelts, and imo Clinton.
  2. Tom!

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    Just started Shameless, love it.
  3. Lack of morals and deceny to minorities from whites is why people are protesting in the first place. White people can't play the victim when they have been racist and sexist for hundreds of years. Horse shit. THis right here is one of the reasons he won. Pretending blacks have it so bad that they're getting lynched on every street corner when the reality is that they've never had it better. Affirmative action moves them into jobs they're not suited for and colleges that wouldn't accept them had they not checked off the box marked african american. Blacks can commit mass murder and the media wont even mention the race of the kiler since apparently it would be considered racist. The cherry on top of this shit sundae is how we pretend whites are racist when its obvious they are not. If they were, none of this shit would've been allowed in the first place, including electing a black man to two terms. An extra cherry is how the blacks who are actual racists are celebrated in our culture. If you bring up the fact a black guy got shot by cops this week I hope you also bring up the fact five white guys were shot as well. Not doing so would be racist. MInorites have a huge and very loud voice in our culture. To pretend otherwise is asinine and shows the general idiocy we are drowning in. Blacks may have never had it better in this country, in the fact they are no longer slaves, but they have always been far behind the pecking order to white males, and that is not going to change for a long time. You're an intelligent man, so I'm sure you're aware of the term institutional racism, which basically posits the idea that social institutions — such as governmental organizations, schools, banks, and courts of law — giving negative treatment to a group of people based on their race. Here are a couple of examples about this: http://americablog.com/2015/05/institutional-racism-by-the-numbers.html When charged with the same crime, a black male is six times more likely to go to jail than a white male. In spite of being only 12 percent of the population, black people make up 38 percent of arrests for violent crimes. They are twice as likely to be victims of the threat or use of force by the police. At the current rate of arrests, one out of every three black males born today will go to jail in their lifetime. Studies show that these disparities are not caused by the black community being more criminal, but by “the implicit racial association of black Americans with dangerous or aggressive behavior,” which “significantly increases police officers’ willingness to employ violent or even deadly force against them.” In specific localities, the unequal enforcement of our laws is even starker: Black people make up 15 percent of drivers, 42 percent of stops, and 73 percent of arrests on the NJ turnpike, although they violate traffic laws at “almost identical rates,” according to The Sentencing Project. In spite of white people being more likely to be caught carrying guns, drugs and other contraband, 52 percent of those stopped by New York’s “Stop and Frisk” policy were black and 32 percent were hispanic. Only 9 percent were white. This is not due to black people being more likely to live in “high crime areas.” Subsequent analyses have shown that the same disparities occur when controlling for local crime rates, and that the actual crime rate of a given area is not at all predictive of a police officer’s justification for a search to be that it was in a “high crime area.” These are just a few examples, but it shows that people view blacks differently than whites, and that they have been set up to fail due to systemic measures. You can read more in the link above, as well as the following: http://www.usnews.com/news/blogs/at-the-edge/2015/05/06/institutional-racism-is-our-way-of-life However, in the interest of a civil and open discussion I want to agree with you on a few things. Firstly, I 100% agree with you that media is doing a terrible, terrible job of reporting when it comes to issues such as police shootings and Black Lives Matter issues. I think that group is hugely off base, partly because the media skews its reporting so heinously towards white on black crimes while ignoring so many black on white or black on black crimes. I couldn't agree with you more that media is largely responsible for misinforming people, and I also feel that black people in Black Lives Matter can and many do have racist tendencies towards white. I think that entire movement is horrendously misinformed, both intentionally and unintentionally. And many blacks in that group are being racist towards white solely because they feel emboldened and safe to do that. Which obviously is very wrong. However, I think many in the Black Lives Matter movement have their priorities in a good position, which is to help out the social and economic standing of African American communities. Many of these communities continue to be discriminated against, not only socially by whites, but economically as well and I think that those who have their intentions in place are correct in being upset and protesting. To pretend racism does not currently happen by whites agaist blacks (And also blacks against whites) is asinine.
  4. Ok fine, then minorities shouldn't be told what to feel either, or to "Just go along and accept" the president. Depends what you mean. They can feel anything they want to feel, obviously, although doubled down self-righteous anger probably isn't the best look right now. What do you mean by "just go along and accept"? Do they have to be happy? No. Do they have to support Trump's policies? No. Can they work to oust him in four years time? Certainly. Can they act like he somehow stole the election? Well, I guess they can, but they look pretty retarded. After so long paining Trump supporters as violent nuts, their projection couldn't be clearer. Besides, part of the problem is this generalized atomization into these identity groups. "Minorities" as is that isn't a crude abstraction at best. "White people" as if we're all carrying a noose in our back pockets. We need to dial that shit back, humble ourselves, accept that people and societies are much more complicated than that social pseudo-science bullshit. Maybe that should be the takeaway for all sides. Shut the fuck up and reflect for a minute. The world isn't what you thought it was. Ponder a bit. I won't hold my breath. Thank you for this post. I tend to avoid discussing politics here because most posters are far more to the right then I am. But I appreciate your perspective here, and appreciate you not calling me a cuck or libfag or something. When I say "Shouldn't just go and accept it" I mean I have seen people on social media saying that people should go and support Trump as President, and I think that if people don't want to show support to him, that is fine. Protesting may be taking things too far (And it doesn't really accomplish anything, he won the election and that's that) but people are upset, because many groups feel marginalized and not safe by what Trump has said in the past. I think that they have every right to feel that, and if protesting is the best way to let out their feelings, so be it. It may not solve much, if anything, but if people need to vent I think they should be allowed to, and we shouldn't be dismissive of their actions. There is a lot of anxiety right now, so if people want to go against our President, I can support that. I think your point of not generalizing is a great point. Things are definitely more complicated then black or white and everyone has a unique viewpoint without lumping everyone in together. The same way that pro-Trump people should not all be classified as racist, not all liberals should be seen as faggots and SJWs. I am very liberal but I cringe and am embarrassed by all this SJW bullshit we see constantly. I think "Dialing shit back" as you say is very important, but I agree I'm not holding my breath on that happening.
  5. Ok fine, then minorities shouldn't be told what to feel either, or to "Just go along and accept" the president.
  6. JB how excited are you that your state has legalized recreational marijuana
  7. I just bought Fifa 13 and it's fun as fuck, but I know NOTHING about soccer. Someone teach me lol
  8. Pink Floyd fans, I want to get into this band. They never did it for me but I want to give them another go. Where do I start? Should I listen while lighting a fat J?
  9. Do they call him downzy because he has down syndrome? Too easy of a joke, I'll see myself out.
  10. I'll only buy a doll if it has their actual weight depicted, thankyouverymuch
  11. Dizzy is the biggest cuck of them all, he's been shit since 1991.
  12. Lack of morals and deceny to minorities from whites is why people are protesting in the first place. White people can't play the victim when they have been racist and sexist for hundreds of years.
  13. I voted for Hilary (Reluctantly though) and usually lean more liberal in politics. I was upset that Trump won, but he seems to be doing and saying the right things ever since he won the election. I thought he was very gracious and classy in victory, applauding Hilary for her service to this country. It seemed he had a good meeting with Obama, and is willing to keep a few tennants of Obamacare which I think is good. Not taking salary as President is also a really great thing, I support both of those actions. If he is willing to help people get better jobs and make changes to the broken US political system (I'm aware the changes would be small), I'm all for him. If he is racist/sexist/xenophobic, I cannot support that. I do not think that is right to minority groups in the US. I don't like him or approve of him but I am willing to give him a chance. We have him for the next four years anyways, might as well get on board. I hope he can do some good for this country.
  14. http://www.bbc.com/news/election-us-2016-37953528 US President-elect Donald Trump has said he is open to leaving intact key parts of President Barack Obama's healthcare bill. Mr Trump, who has pledged to repeal the 2010 law, said he will keep the ban on insurers denying coverage for pre-existing conditions. He told the Wall Street Journal that he also favoured allowing young adults to be insured on their parents' policies. "I like those very much," Mr Trump said of the two pillars of the bill. It was his meeting with Mr Obama on Thursday that had made him reconsider his calls for an all-out replacement of the Affordable Care Act, he told the newspaper.
  15. Interesting and thanks for the thoughtful posts. As a one time GNR fan obsessed with ANYTHING closely related to GNR, who has since moved past that phase of fandom, where should I start with Izzy's music?
  16. I don't know. I guess I didn't realize that Izzy solo stuff was still relevant. I don't mean that to be an insult or snarky by the way.
  17. I haven't listened to an Izzy song since probably 2007.
  18. We take those W's. The Eagles are arguably a better team then we are.
  19. Cool video. It's been so long since I've heard good Axl lol, what a refreshing change of pace. Shame he'll never be like that again. 2006 was such a fun year. 2006 Nightrain at Rock am Ring is probably my favorite NuGNR moment ever.
  20. I just got tickets to see them in December. I have seen them twice before and they put on an amazing show. I am so excited. JB, would love to see your rankings! I think Weezer is either very light and poppy, or very dark. This seems to be reflected in their albums. Light: Blue, Green, Make Believe, Red, Raditude, Hurley, White Dark: Pinkerton, Maladroit, Everything Will Be Alright
  21. I love doing rankings! Classics 1. Pinkerton 2. Blue Some of their best work is also most recent 3. White 4. Everything Will Be Alright in The End Underrated, very solid 5. Maladroit 6. Red Pretty poppy but as albums kind of meh 7. Green 8. Make Believe Just absolutely worthless 9/10. Raditude/Hurly
  22. Listening to about half of this a few months ago. So bad.
  23. Pretty wild to think that the only reason we aren't all destroyed by Nuclear Weapons is that billionaires and politicians have deemed it more profitable to keep some of us alive. That being said, when WW3 starts and we're all shipped to the meat grinder, many of us will die anyways. It's oddly... comforting in a way? That we are not all dead right this minute.
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