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  1. Andrew Johnson is probably one of the worst because of his absolute bungling of Reconstruction following the Civil War. Seriously, talk about awful work following what his predecessor Lincoln went through. Coolidge and Hoover were horrendous, as was James Buchanan. Some of the best were Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Lincoln, both Roosevelts, and imo Clinton.
  2. Just started Shameless, love it.
  3. JB how excited are you that your state has legalized recreational marijuana
  4. I just bought Fifa 13 and it's fun as fuck, but I know NOTHING about soccer. Someone teach me lol
  5. Pink Floyd fans, I want to get into this band. They never did it for me but I want to give them another go. Where do I start? Should I listen while lighting a fat J?
  6. Do they call him downzy because he has down syndrome? Too easy of a joke, I'll see myself out.
  7. Dizzy is the biggest cuck of them all, he's been shit since 1991.
  8. I voted for Hilary (Reluctantly though) and usually lean more liberal in politics. I was upset that Trump won, but he seems to be doing and saying the right things ever since he won the election. I thought he was very gracious and classy in victory, applauding Hilary for her service to this country. It seemed he had a good meeting with Obama, and is willing to keep a few tennants of Obamacare which I think is good. Not taking salary as President is also a really great thing, I support both of those actions. If he is willing to help people get better jobs and make changes to the broken US p
  9. Interesting and thanks for the thoughtful posts. As a one time GNR fan obsessed with ANYTHING closely related to GNR, who has since moved past that phase of fandom, where should I start with Izzy's music?
  10. I don't know. I guess I didn't realize that Izzy solo stuff was still relevant. I don't mean that to be an insult or snarky by the way.
  11. I haven't listened to an Izzy song since probably 2007.
  12. We take those W's. The Eagles are arguably a better team then we are.
  13. Cool video. It's been so long since I've heard good Axl lol, what a refreshing change of pace. Shame he'll never be like that again. 2006 was such a fun year. 2006 Nightrain at Rock am Ring is probably my favorite NuGNR moment ever.
  14. I just got tickets to see them in December. I have seen them twice before and they put on an amazing show. I am so excited. JB, would love to see your rankings! I think Weezer is either very light and poppy, or very dark. This seems to be reflected in their albums. Light: Blue, Green, Make Believe, Red, Raditude, Hurley, White Dark: Pinkerton, Maladroit, Everything Will Be Alright
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