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  1. ronartest2005

    New Leaks (Clips Only)

    P oint M e in the right direction to hear these someone?, please?
  2. ronartest2005

    Alan Niven asks Axl Rose "What Do You Stand For?"

    I really liked the interview and while niven may be bitter, I do believe most of what he said.
  3. ronartest2005

    What are some logical reasons to leak songs?

    Or they could do what many other bands do....release an exclusive online track to hold people over until a new album. But of course this is gnr we are talking about, so unless fernando leaks some tracks again I don't think we are getting anything....
  4. ronartest2005

    Get Axl on Howard Stern (twitter)

    Guess you had better get to it...look up "guns n roses estranged twitter campaign" It did work.
  5. ronartest2005

    Get Axl on Howard Stern (twitter)

    I think *most* of us would agree that if Axl were to be interviewed by Howard Stern it would be one of the greatest interviews we've ever heard Axl do. It seems like with what Howard said about Axl and the HOF that he really supports Axl's actions on not going to the HOF. And with what Guns posted on their facebook page about "liking howard stern" and with the guns camp responding to tweets about estranged and things like that it would be a perfect time to get a twitter campaign going about Howard having Axl on. Gary (howards producer) has said he has had back and fourths with the guns camp and both sides REALLY want to get something worked out. And I think Howard would give Axl a "fair shake" to talk as long as he wants and about whatever he wants. Maybe something like; "#Stern/Rose2012" I mean, with it being a campaign year and all. Here are some of the people you should tweet to if you decide to do this; Gary Dell'Abate- @robertAbooey Howard Stern- @howardstern Axl Rose- @axlrose Guns N Roses- @gunsnroses
  6. ronartest2005

    Did anyone watch the HOF ceremony on HBO Saturday?

    Anyone noticed that awkward moment when Sorum was giving his speech and he said Slash called him at his moms house and told him that they needed a new drummer because they had to kick their other drummer out for using too much drugs? Adler gave Sorum a look like "fuck you cocksucker"
  7. ronartest2005

    Richard Fortus selling California home for $429k

    All of my friends who moved to california are now trying to leave. They love the weather and people, just too congested. Now I am sure that it's different for a wealthy rockstar. I'm sure houses are a little cheaper in St. Louis. I was out in Cali on business for a few weeks back during the housing market crash, and one of the guys I worked with out there was telling me that his house a year earlier was worth $775,000. He said within one year it dropped to $335K. Cool story bro, if I might say so....yo
  8. I always thought this after chinese was released...I thought CD was cool and everything, different. But I was hoping that the next album would be more of a rock album. But I agree with what someone said earlier in the thread, I don't think there will be a new album as long as the tours keep money in axl's pockets. I think part of Axl's issue with releasing a "new" album (even if its leftover cd tracks) is because Axl is Axl and I think he holds a grudge against the record company for basically cutting of his funds back in 06-07.
  9. That deserves a separate thread, no... it deserves a global protest You're telling me. I was able to see first hand what the internet did to music sales. I work in a print shop that prints all of the cd/dvd covers. Within the year that napster came out we went from 6 printing presses down to 4. They recently shut down another one of our factories due to the steep drop off of people buying cds. It sucks, but nothing I can do about it. One funny story though, all of the guys I work with know I'm a gnr fan. One day when I left for lunch I came back (they had been printing the AFD vinyl sleeve) and the whole outside of my office had the sheets taped all over my windows/walls, and they had shoved about 100 sheets under the door to my office.
  10. Wasn't there a quote back in the day about chinese democracy something like "one day you might just walk into a record store and see it on the shelf"? Well that won't happen since we really don't have record stores anymore. But I could see an gunsnroses.com exclusive release, with something like the premium members having access to order the new album a week before the official release.
  11. ronartest2005

    Is Axl in the same mindset as Dr.Dre (albums)

    I remember hearing Howard Stern saying that one of his friends who is some sort of a higher up in the music industry telling him that Axl was really having financial issues which was why he had been on a constant tour for the past few years. Which would also explain the appreciative attitude that Axl and management have had towards fans as of late. I remember MSL saying that when he talked with Beta on the phone that she was bitching about the fans saying "all of you fans are going to kill him (axl)" But my comparison isn't one of Axl's money to Dre's money. Mine was just a comparison of what makes more money...Right now Beats is making Dr.Dre more money, and touring is making Axl more money. Detox is quickly becoming chinese democracy...And guns' next album is quickly becoming....well i guess chinese democracy.
  12. I read an article the other day about Dr.Dre and this guy was saying that Dre has so many tracks from over the years that all could make a full new album, but Dre feels like there is no money in releasing albums now-a-days and that he feels like he is and will be making more money by selling his "beats" brand headphones than he would releasing a new album. They also said that Dre doesn't want to deal with the whole "this album isn't as good as the chronic or 2001" thing. It just kinda reminded me of what people within the gnr circle have said about Axl "there is enough tracks to make a whole new album"..."he doesn't want to deal with the whole this album isn't as good as thing"...Plus I am sure that Axl feels like there is more money to be made on the road than there is releasing a new album.
  13. ronartest2005

    Official HOF Discussion Thread/Axl's Letter to HOF

    I really can't believe how surprised most of you are. I mean think about what the last 15 years have been like, this isn't a surprise. A kick to the balls, yes. surprise,no.
  14. I do agree with you. And most of the time I agree with MSL on things. But when he defended Axl about him not being a liar, I kinda thought "WTF". In my opinion regardless of the situation when Axl throughout all of the 2000's would say "Chinese Democracy will be out 200..." and it never showed up. I understand band changes/record label issues, but at the end of the day he made a statement that was not true. But I respect Axl now because I think he learned his lesson and doesn't want to be referred to as a "liar". Which is why I think he doesn't even talk about a new album, that way he doesn't have to deal with the BS of people calling him a liar, or pressure to get an album out ASAP.
  15. Would it be cool if he performed with them?, yes. But I honestly would just like to see him up there and acknowledge what the old band did and then basically close that chapter. Slash has moved on...as have duff , izzy moved on back in the UYI days the other guys have moved on...minus adler. The most I can hope for is a "mutual respect" kind of thing. Axl thanking the guys and the fans, and Slash,Duff,Izzy, Matt & Maybe Adler doing the same. But then it be closing the final chapter on the whole Old gnr book. I know that most of us fans and of course the media will always be hung up on the old band. But thats the way it will always be, only Axl has the potential to put some of that at rest if he and Ashba and get together and put out some kickass songs.