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  1. Funny how people at MyGNR call me a troll since I'm bitching about Axl's voice after years of defending him. Guns N' Chipmunks

    1. Bad Apple

      Bad Apple

      lol mygnr is a hellhole

  2. I'm really trying to like Apocalyptic Love, but I can't get past Myles Kennedy. I can't be the only one!? Anastacia is really cool though.

    1. Dijonthecat


      I heard it is like a poor man's Aerosmith.

    2. Jake


      I'm not sure what ruins the album more- his songwriting or his voice. He's a good singer, his voice just sounds annoying as fuck to me on the album and I HATE the layering job done in the choruses.

    3. Jake


      ^Still, the album itself is growing on me. I don't hate it anymore.

  3. One Last Thrill... I hate you Myles, those fast vocals are annoying as hell. Other than that it's a pretty good song.

  4. I REALLY hope that Blood in the water is some kind of remix or anything. Even though I enjoyed Chinese Democracy I really don't need another album like that.

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    2. ManetsBR


      The guy who uploaded it originally had the vid taken down. This vid up right now was uploaded hours later the leak had spreaded.

    3. Rafał


      I know, but it doesn't change the fact that somebody is trying to get UcudBmine involved in some way.

    4. Bobbo


      I'm honestly confused as to why anybody is rooting for this leak to be legit. Sounds like a great time to be a Slash fan if it is :-p.

  5. I'm the only one who has no idea what that mafia game is.

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    2. AbominableHoman


      you all have the attention span of slugs. kids these days

    3. Dijonthecat


      I think I was invited or I might have made that up.

    4. UcudBmine


      Maybe I'll give it a try once, looks pretty cool.

  6. got me some speed, drinking beer with it would be useless. and it's not a partydrug either, fuck that.

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    2. Catch Her In the Rye

      Catch Her In the Rye

      Its shit.. Hate it.. Cheap nasty tasting noseburning crap.. Makes you feel like your heart is exploding.. Hate it.. Never take it ! J. Cash loved it though !?

    3. classicrawker


      You are using the wrong stuff CHItR....for me it was a tool to party longer...it was a means to an end...back in my college days....

    4. UcudBmine


      I agree with the fact that it keeps you awake and full of energy. And it's cheap.

      The problem is that I don't get drunk with speed, no matter what/how much I drink. Which makes it too dangerous for me.

      I prefer xtc and coke to be honest, but I get your point classic. You can pull an all-nighter, I'm still awake and don't even feel tired yet, and my jaws don't hurt as much as I have with xtc.

  7. My opinions: - A lot of Americans are dumb - Chinese Democracy was enjoyable - I hate FC Barcelona - Myles Kennedy is NOT RN'R - Slash is a better musician when he's on drugs - I like Dubstep - I think that Europe lets in waaaaay to many muslims, which is causing a lot of trouble That's about it.
  8. I'm gonna stop trolling you guys. You're all cool in my book. 'T was fun though :'D

    1. classicrawker


      Glad to see I got you to come senses :awesome:

    2. Bad Apple
  9. cool story bro It's just a tip, IF you want to got high on weed you should smoke it. Eating it costs you more and isn't half as effective as smoking it. OT: Now I'm eating Dorito's, nacho cheese.
  10. Just ate 2 ''special'' brownies. These things never seem to really have much effect on me, no matter how much I put in. It's better to smoke it.
  11. Nice to see you here!

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