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  1. I think it would have been the second best song on the album after Better.
  2. I mean, we didn't hate him because he wasn't slash, we hated him because he sucked.
  3. Also, maybe Brasky knows, did Axl fucking do *anything* between '02 and '06? Like, it really looks like all these songs were written and recorded in this time period save for maybe scraped? EVERY song on Chinese Democracy except for scraped, that I'm aware, existed in a largely finished form in 2000.
  4. I think the label didn't want it out at all and kicked the can down the road hoping for a reunion.
  5. Is it just me or is this hard school the best sounding one so far?
  6. How in the fuck did scraped make chinese democracy holy shit. THERE WAS A BAD ASS FUCKING ROCK RECORD HERE ALL ALONG
  7. If billionaire is really the general, I care far less about the general now and all my undivided hopes are on Oklahoma.
  8. Devious bastard is nice, too, I can see Slash ripping on that one. I can't really tell a difference between the SOG and Hardschool we got earlier other than maybe not quite as much audio jiggery?
  9. Do it. It really is the holy grail so far as the fabled “rejected album” story goes. It’s pretty enjoyable, some songs immensely better. If nothing else they ought to be the definitive versions of the Brian May tracks in whatever playlists you may make.
  10. Respectfully, I dig the hair cut. Better than the desperately blow dried for volume fried mess he had been donning. It makes him look his age in a proper way, keeps him from looking like Vince Neil. As for his weight, he’s 57 years old I don’t really care. And as as for his voice... at this point we know what we are getting when it comes to GnR, it is a feature not a bug, so whatever. “Mickey Voice” has existed for nearly 20 years, now, with minor blips of old Axl rasp. If he’s on key, it’s whatever. When he isn’t, you get the bridge school disaster. I thought all thi
  11. Honestly, one of the many things that make this version better is that it's not just the scaled back layering if guitars, but the guitars aren't constantly doing insane million notes a second shit. There are places it works great but I swear on the released album it sounds like 5 guitarist are soloing at once at all times.
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