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  1. I don’t think enough is made of the fact that from 2001-2008 Axl Rose had a literal weave. It wasn’t just that he had corn rows. Those corn rows did not grow from his head.
  2. God I’m an idiot probably falling for a joke. But seriously did it leak?
  3. Axl looks like a woman who insists on using coupons at the self checkout line.
  4. I'm not sure which reality would be more upsetting, the one where Myles Kennedy forces Slash to play unspeakably boring Dad rock, or the one where Slash chooses to do so.
  5. I thought it was awesome as a song but perplexing as a GnR song, some of the best lyrics of Axl’s career however. Opinion hasn’t changed much.
  6. Teenage me was super into it, all the angst, but over time it is hard to listen to. If I have ultimate control of the track list I probably would have cut it.
  7. Literally one of the worst things I have ever heard. If this weren't among a dearth of other videos of DJ being terrible I'd give it the benefit of the doubt, it's probably not his fault the guitar was handed to him out of tune, but holy fuck. It looked like he didn't notice and Richard had to tell him. Frank is laughing at him in the video.
  8. I would have kneeled during this.
  9. Like, Axl literally could have gone on youtube and googled "gn'r guitar cover," picked a video at random, hired that person, and ended up with someone better and more suited for GN'R than Ashba. The weird '00-'02 era of NuGuns was really weird and fascinating and it appears from leaks, the most musically interesting. Bucket was fucking incredible, in ways are strangely great fit for Axl. In retrospect the 2006 era of Gn'R is the saddest to me, but not in a funny way. Axl sounded incredible, and it was probably at the peak of commercial viability for the original guns to get back together. The Ashba era was when it all hit the fan, and any defense of the nuguns experiment expired. The tour started months after CD was released. It was the same setlist from 2006. The new lead guitarist was as if hot topic became a person. Axl was in full Tony Clifton mode, hardly even trying to sing. It had become clear the rest of the band was there for a check, which nothing wrong with that, but they were miserable doing it. Going back and watching recordings from that era induces nothing but pity. While I'm here, today's GN'R is great but still feels like a waste. It happened 10 years past when GN'R could have been musically relevant. It is interesting to see how GN'R gets respect these days from the rock world, Axl in particular. Axl getting back with Slash and Duff effectively erased negative feelings toward him in the eyes of many fans and even fellow musicians. Dave Grohl lent him a throne and they have joined each other on stage. Axl joined AC/DC for a tour and the consensus was that he was excellent. Imagine if Axl had just fucking done this when Bucket left? So when I see video of GN'R today, it is great to see Slash and Duff where they belong, but it is hard not to imagine what could have been if everyone had gotten over themselves sooner.
  10. I feel like anyone who isn't answering DJ is trying to be too cute. He is bad at playing the guitar, which is problematic if you are employed as a professional touring guitar player. He looks like an ass hole. He is what happens when you don't grow out of your hot topic phase. Imagine what a DJ Ashba contribution to a GN'R album would be like. Imagine he wasn't just making up the fact he was considered to remain in Guns, and it actually happened. Imagine him playing on a stage with Slash and Duff. Imagine how fucking dumb he would look. Imagine him doing the Hulk Hogan ear-thing while playing rhythm guitar during Nightrain. Imagine time being taken out of the set where DJ fucking Ashba gets a guitar solo while Slash sort of stands around vamping. At least Bucket is incredible. Brain is an incredible drummer. Richard is great and fits in with the band. Bumble is incredible at guitar but meh. Tommy was perfect for the band at the time. Pittman was too inconsequential to get upset over. At the time everyone dunked on Finck for being a sloppy live player, but it wasn't for lack of talent, he at least was interesting. Frank isn't as bad as everyone says, gets along with everyone, but isn't nearly as offensive to the ears and eyes as DJ Ashba. The choice is obvious.
  11. The nicest thing I have to say was that time was an era of just some excellent Slash tone/guitar playing. It's the worst I can remember Axl sounding on a recording, save for the Sebastian Bach guests where his vocal tracks were murdered by the production. Song is way too long.
  12. It sucks. I hate this. It makes no fucking sense. I mean sure, take down unauthorized posts of studio releases, but christ. I still haven't gotten to see all of the 2001 HOB show.
  13. I spent many lonely hours in my middle school and high school years following this shit in real time, I’m fully aware of how sad this is.
  14. I always wondered why Axl chased the drum sound on Nevermind when the drum sound on In Utero was far superior.
  15. So over the years I’ve accumulated most versions of the songs but I’m trying to reorganize and see if I’m missing anything. Is there a resource out there that details what has leaked and when?
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