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    US Politics, Culture and Society

    WTF? Europe, build that wall ...

    Are you buying a lotto ticket?

    Lets count with those 6881 souls like if they didn't spend 250$ to get 100$ back ... That makes 2+7+17+87+1153+6881 = 8147 According to the wikipedia, the US has 325,7 million So, 100 x 8147 / 325700000 = 0,0025% Lets imagine, the avarage (fat) gringo has 100kg ... 0,0025% is something like 250gr. ... geeze, that's not even one gringo's hand. Litterally nobody.
  3. Kid released more music in the last 10 years than Axl Rose ...
  4. SJWAxlRoses strikes again...

    Top 18 Popular Songs by Guns N' Roses

    What is gayer? Having a dick in the ass or in the mouth?

    Are you buying a lotto ticket?

    I can tell you, you are already winning a dollar or two while these dumbfucks are losing their money buying that shit that no one wins.

    Are you buying a lotto ticket?

    I have no special love for german money. I would be equally happy with canadian money.

    Top 18 Popular Songs by Guns N' Roses

    Yes, because Slash's solos arent the extra cheese toping over the song lol

    Forum Staff Changes

    Never liked her ... Ugly face .... overrated bitch.
  10. GUNNER

    Weed is legal in Canada

    Yes No
  11. It's Splash, the teethless cucksucker.
  12. GUNNER

    Weed is legal in Canada

    Wtf? Canada is a narco state now? Just imagine walking the dog on the street with all those legal junkies around you.
  13. Nice teeth. Obviously thats not Slash.
  14. GUNNER

    The Making of Paul's Boutique (GNR content)

    "We never ran into Axl."
  15. GUNNER

    The Official Weather thread

    It never snows in my location. I have to drive 6h to find some snow ... in the winter.
  16. GUNNER

    Urgent! Rose versus West

    Just imagine Axl with twitter on his hands in the early 90's ... when he was still relevant. Thanks to people like Axl, who left himself go, people like West are relevant nowadays.
  17. GUNNER

    Official World Cup 10's Thread (No Fat Birds)

    I have no idea. Some new cash grab championship, I guess. Portugal is doing well and thats all that matters.
  18. That sounds like shit, compared to "Ladies and gentlemen... Mr. Dizzy Reed".