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  1. Just look how Devil's biggest supporter is from hell.


    You people cant say I didnt warn you against the Devil and his works.


    Ignore him before its too late... he's consuming our good energies.

  2.  Le coq du Slash c'est

  3. LOL. Resident miser starts status updates totally dedicated to me (what an obssession) and when proven (again) to be wrong, the coward starts deleting all comments. Hilarious :lol:

  4. Tits (o)(o)

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    2. GNS


      That's what grongo tits look like, nipps as big as the boobs

    3. GUNNER


      The bigger the better, fags.

    4. GNS


      mosquito nips are nice too

  5. Oh ... my eyes :blink:

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    2. maynard


      The white one is better than the old one.

    3. GUNNER
    4. magisme


      You shouldn't look at pics of Axl before bed.

  6. Objectively sleepy.

    1. magisme


      I think I infected the forum with objective-posting.

    2. Budd Dwyer

      Budd Dwyer

      mags, Apollo already thought that i was the original objective one and i'm a bad poster, because i've been using it ever since:lol:

  7. Having a blast re-watching RAR2006. Lots of rasp, integrity, passion, running around and not that fat.

  8. Physical confrontation. This forum is getting too much agressive ...

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    2. GUNNER


      I was bullied when I first came to the internet ... now it's my turn to bully th new fags ...


      Don't blame me ... it's a full circle ...

    3. magisme


      Just try to be nice to Damn_Smooth. He's fragile and you scare him.

    4. GUNNER


      I'lll protect him from miser.

  9. Im sorry. No physical confrontation, please.

  10. Fuck off.

    1. Bill Brasky

      Bill Brasky

      But I have some thing better to do.

  11. Anyone here is going to the 2nd show in London?

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