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    People got too sensitive about mafia game, including the game's host and the forum's admin. I forgive them because I love them both, but an apology would be appreciated ...
  2. Slash can pay for someone to choose his riffs but cant pay for someone to take care of his teeth?
  3. Thats because you didnt watch its dick yet.
  4. In 2018 we had a movie to make Queen look even better. In 2019 we have a movie that shows the darkest shit side of GnR. Is there anything about this band that isnt utter shit?
  5. Welcome on board guys. There's enough room for every kinds, here. Except for stalkers.
  6. Holy shit, today is the JB's day.
  7. Where did I lie? I never lie. Except, maybe, from time to time, in mafia games.
  8. What do you think it is? Call me stupid monkey, but I still believe in human nature.
  9. Now, this is a popularity contest? In fact, I feel like I have a new love found for him. The guy just made a thread to celebrate JB. Whats wrong with that? I think it makes him look less arrogant and a better person, in general.
  10. Im afraid Mags is about to start spamming the forum with assholes.
  11. Why are you bashing Skeeter? He's just being nice to JB and he totally deserves it.
  12. Thank you JB by take care us
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