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  1. Keep quoting multiquotes. It really helps you to show your point.

    US Politics, Culture and Society

    American nationalists dont want imported stuff. They like to have their own shit.
  3. I did it in 2010... Maybe I'll have to make a little re-touch somewhere in the future (because my vision it's not 100% in long distances), but I still see pretty good without glasses/lens. do it, fags...

    Why did Slash allow Axl to put One in a Million on Lies?

    Q: - What the hell was My World? lol (I've always been curious) A: Great question and here goes for all your inquisitive minds with a bit you aren’t aware of but is the real story… Unfinished 1st run 1st dabbling/experimenting all in fun demo that became Duff’s favorite song at the time telling me how he loved to blast it at his house with Ice T and the Bodycount guys before Illusions came out and before it was decided to be on the record. I wanted to try and develop it and wanted guitars of some kind but Slash felt and his words at the Record Plant in all seriousness were “It’s perfect” and Slash and Duff were the deciding factor to have it on the album. Personally I feel Duff legitimately liked it but I can’t say Slash did in the same way. In fact I feel he was keenly aware some would take issue with the track and against me so for him in that sense it was “perfect”. Imo Duff wasn’t aware or part of that and was “used” unwittingly for support in talking me out of developing it or not including it which at the time I had no real intention of using as is.
  5. Stop being a fag and do lasik.

    Why did Slash allow Axl to put One in a Million on Lies?

    He's a racist nazi. Btw: "allow" lol
  7. I love when Axl's integrity is criticized. But, what about Slash? To him, playing "Sorry" is like being crucificated .... but that's fine as long as he can keep paying his bills.


    The answer is on his avatar.