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  1. I knew that this day would come. Still makes me little sad... No more youtube.com/5agge

  2. Strange.. Chinese Democracy taken down from Spotify.. at least in Finland..

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    2. GnRLiars


      not gone from Apple music...


    3. bacardimayne


      i sense it too, like 14 shit songs were vanquished from my playlist

    4. bran


      Back up for me.

  3. 5agge

    2 mins of The General

    I would love to hear this one. 5agge
  4. 5agge

    sorry Bieber mash up

    Yeah, I don't think you can really even call what 5agge does a mashup. It's just a paste job. Cool to see that you still remember me!
  5. 5agge

    rank the gn'r albums

  6. 5agge

    Will anybody here buy the Rapidfire stuff?

    I bought it immediately! There is just something about the early demos I cannot resist. And this one comes in good quality! Ou jeah.. 'Closure' with some additional instruments and backing vocals would make a great mashup.
  7. 5agge

    Time Machine Memories

    Recording studio album takes time. Here's our new song Medicin.. Hope you like it!
  8. 5agge

    Why did you like Guns N' Roses?

    For me it was the combination of Slash, Axl and Duff. The respect for Izzy came up later as I grew up. First thing I rememebr from GNR is the music video of Don't Cry and especially the scene where Slash drove off the cliff. I was 12 back then.. I spend next years collecting all releated to guns n roses. And like so many others, I play Gibson Les Paul all because of Slash..
  9. 5agge

    Time Machine Memories

    Glad to hear that! Our next single "Hospitalize" should be out quite soon.
  10. 5agge

    Time Machine Memories

    Greetings from the studio! The recordings for the TMM debut album started finally this Monday. Thirteen tracks in the works. Today and tomorrow more studio time and on Saturday we are gonna hit the stage in Helsinki. Such a great week!! ..and then back to studio on Sunday.. ugh.
  11. 5agge

    DJ Better, Going Down, Acoustic Better

    AH.. I just love this site so much right now.
  12. 5agge

    Blood in the Water

    Wow! Where this one came from?!
  13. 5agge

    Time Machine Memories

    Thank you! Just wait until you hear our songs inspirated by GN'R. And yes.. I will came back here after the show.
  14. 5agge

    Time Machine Memories

    Thank you!! I love that teaser trailer too. The guy who made it is quite a pro.