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  1. My missis loves GnR and she heard me playing that Gwen Stefani video she thought it was real. She knows Axl sounds like shit these days, she was just surprised that GnR covered the song 🤣🤣 On a side note, those moments where Axl speaks to the crowd with a ‘Fuck you motherfucker’ and ‘Slash is in my ass’ are fuckin sublime 🤣🤣🤣
  2. I have literally just been crying with laughter. Wins the internet 10/10
  3. Fuckin swear the crowd is chanting ‘FAT SHIT - FAT SHIT’ at the start of the first video
  4. Keep em coming this has me in stitches 🤣
  5. Agreed, but to be fair I’d be more than happy with that
  6. This is why no music has been released. Axl has a new career driving kids to school
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