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  1. Wouldn’t that come out after the next leg of the tour though? edit - which ends November. Could be right dude
  2. If there’s a new album this year I’ll post a video on here of me eating a dog turd in a hot dog bun. I’ll stock up on jalapeños in readiness, just in case.
  3. JB you just summizin or you heard shit on the grape vine?
  4. lololoollool ginger chest hair had been dyed
  5. Axl likes the fact we yearn for this music, get it?
  6. That Hitler video was the only decent thing to come out of all this
  7. Got my juices flowing. Hope there’s more to follow 🤞
  8. All this hoarded stuff should be dropped anonymously in one fell swoop. None of us are getting any younger
  9. Dropped off the radar for me. Still listen to appetite and UYI in the car sometimes. A new album would get my interest. Won’t pay to see them again unless and until new music is released.
  10. Typical, Rourke bigs his pal up but then drops in a sly mickey at the end
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