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  1. Thought it would be after the locker leaks, still very grateful for those though. And to you Bill for making all this that more interesting 👍🤘
  2. Can’t see it leaking. Even if Levi has it, there’s no chance he’d share. He had the locker CDs long before we even heard of em and, were it not for Rick, we probably still would not know about them. sad but true imo
  3. Lol what’s with the Hitler stuff? 🤣 man I did not know that man could MOVE!
  4. Mama Fratelli was just a ruse. See below for more info...
  5. @Bill Brasky very cool to hear there are completed discs out there, even if they are in the hands of hoarders. Fingers crossed one or both of these completed albums makes their way to us prior to March.
  6. Damn shame that all we got is one album and some 20 year old rough mixes demos. There is so much more that could have been, and yet even now getting music from this band is like pulling teeth.
  7. You hearing similar @Bill Brasky? sucks if true
  8. Just jibberish notes from what I can tell. His poem mentions possible rasp forthcoming however
  9. Auck

    The emails?

    It’s all about the dollar now, we’re funding their retirement
  10. Holy fuck Axl must be shittin a brick right now
  11. He sang that really well and seemed to enjoy it too. Got to be good for them to be mixing shit up a bit
  12. What a fucking waste. I prefer the instrumentals on these discs to the new songs with vocals. Why Axl, why??????
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