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  1. Somebody get this guy on the locker instrumentals
  2. Oh what sad pathetic lives they must lead. The very epitome of sycophantic nutswingers. May they gobble a cock for eternity 🖕
  3. They’ve reached a whole new level of fucktard with this shite
  4. Hearing rumours The General is circulating. Can anyone confirm?
  5. I think if real it could be from The General
  6. Fucking lol, even Mnuchin might be riding Axl here for not releasing an album 🤣
  7. Fuckin hell I just pissed myself 🤣
  8. #makeGNRlesscringeworthtyagain
  9. There’s some amazing tunes, you’ll hear them in 2029
  10. Do you know how far in the comment is?
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