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  1. Try and get your hands on some Coopers from Australia. The Pale Ale always works a treat.
  2. Love is a four letter word. And never spoken here. Love is a four letter word.
  3. Hipsters annoy the shit out of me. Come to a university in Melbourne and your wouldn't say that
  4. Because it is. Its all there in the unwritten law of being black.
  5. What did you drink man? Haha. Oh well at least it sounds like a good night.
  6. Haven't seen Axl yet. Seen Slash twice. From what I've seen of GN'R videos vs. what I saw live at least, Slash and co murder new Guns. They come across as an actual band and Slash has the luxury of two guys that belt the fuck out of any song vs Axl who can barely sing his own shit these days.
  7. Coopers Pale Ale. Gotta love some yeast at the bottom of your bottle.
  8. Your avatar brah. HAHAHAH in fucking stitches!

  9. HELL MOTHERFUCKING YES LMFAO :rofl-lol: This shit is way too funny.
  10. Of you or Chloe? Because you still owe us some cock, boyo.
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