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  1. Going out to buy Slash's live dvd today. U jelly Axl fans? What u buy? Scented candles? lol u jelly and u mad.

    1. slik66


      You dont want to be paying for that ay SS...!

    2. slik66


      You dont want to be paying for that ay SS...!

    3. Satanisk_Slakt


      Of course I do. And I will. But I think it would be awesome to get it in gift.

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  2. For the most part I'm pretty indifferent to Michael Jackson's work, but this song always blows my mind
  3. can't decide wheher my new haircut makes me look like a member of the Hitler Youth or Captain America

    1. Sleeping Like An Angel
    2. Iceman24


      do you really want to see Nick Cave's ball sack?

  4. SCOM from Made In Stoke is better than any NuGnR performance of the song. lolumad

    1. velvetgirl


      The Emigrate song or the Axl Rose song?

      Both are pretty cool.

    2. FuddMckagan


      Myles singing SCOM <3

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  5. this is why i hope it is not played. i don't hate the song but i can't stomach assholes who want to pretend it's ONE OF TEH BEST GNR SONDS EVAR!! LOOK AT ME!! LOOK AT ME!! LOOK HOW FAR I'M UP AXLS BUMHOLE! no one cares about this song apart from a handful of assholes and i don't want them to have any pleasure in their lives whatsoever.
  6. it was ok. axl is always cool. thank god dj had the good sense to just sit there and shut up while axl talked. disappointing that they were too scared to ask any questions about the slashman.
  7. gettin real tired of Chris Hemsworth being so handsome

  8. the hosts are absolute dorks. nearly bigger dorks than broskirose but not quite.
  9. growing out my hair. looks crap so far. upsetting.

  10. Duff will be the key player in the reunion. He's a good man.
  11. Thousands of killer tracks in Axl's vault! Sound like a mix of Queen, NIN, Pink Floyd and classic Guns! Trilogy of albums planned! The General is truly epic!
  12. Fuck you're a retard. Stop posting. Stupid dumb kid.
  13. No gimmicks, no bullshit - just the real Guns N' Roses looking at their absolute iconic best. But if I have to explain, I doubt you'll ever get it.
  14. SCOM has a shit music video? Not only are you queer, but you're also dumb. Congrats! SCOM music video is a timeless classic. Now I know you try extra hard to be different, with your love of NuGnR, Robert Finch (lol) and the Bumblefoot guy, but please try and limit the ridiculous amounts of shit you dribble. Oh, I'm listening to Axl speak and I gotz teh chills in my tiny little boner. LOL. QUEER.
  15. Cute, huh? I gots dem moves like Axl. lolzers
  16. oh man i could troll slash so bad right now. i almost wish i was an axlite.

    1. velvetgirl


      if i was an axlite i'd be all like,

      "how nice of harrison ford to dress up as slash for halloween lolz"


    2. Beast Of Bray Rd
    3. Venetian Cova
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  17. cause no will buy it. lol no but serious who listens to this band anymore. its not 1995.
  18. Eatin' Ain't Cheatin' - Steel Panther
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