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  1. dont ya hate it when ya playin moshimonsters and the buggy shit website dont reward u your hard earned rox?

  2. video was too long and they was talking some shitty language so i stopped watching. oh well.
  3. oh i do quite like estranged i guess. more because i remember my younger days when i adored it.
  4. ycbm might be the only good song on that album. well maybe i exaggerate cause i'm gay, but i'm also kinda a bit serious y'know?
  5. if robert finch had played his til solo i might have cried from eyes. what a special night it has been!
  6. the guitar playing was tits and he looked cool as fuck, so good on him if he did suggest it. y so jelly?
  7. they are both glorious but i think adler's is just so delightfully white trash that he wins.
  8. for some reason i still think corey could be da singer one day. but seems vr is just a backup plan for slash and duff these days. a worst case scenario if their solo careers plummet suddenly.
  9. off to see steel panther, slipknot, manson and soad. jelly?

    1. Bad Apple

      Bad Apple

      "SOAD and Slipknot are an insult to the holy metal."

      ahahaha, bullshit!

    2. Iceman24


      @ Bad Apple

      Enjoy your false metal then, it is Odin who will judge you, not I.

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  10. flirting with checkout chicks is my second favourite hobby after trolling axl fans.

  11. Apocalyptic Love fan pack pre-ordered. Awesome first single cranked loud. HOF induction just around the corner. It's a great time to be a Slash fan. umad jelly haterz?

    1. velvetgirl


      bacardi is just a lie.

      he cuts me down a thousand times a day.

      all he does is make me doubt myself.

      i don't need him anymore.

    2. velvetgirl


      oh wait.

      gunsguy just said the song was rad.

      maybe it does suck.

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  12. blue jeans, off to the races, makes us girls, radio, national anthem all as good as video games. i like the whole album.
  13. album is awesome. she's delightfully awful and fragile on stage. it's almost endearing.
  14. because he's a mildly retarded weirdo.
  15. can't remember if i took a shit today or not. has me really baffled.

  16. god i wish till would rape me.

    flake is the luckiest man ever.

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