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  1. If you don't like NIN there's plenty of old fat leather wearing bands for you at OZZFEST but they all suck ass. Anyone who says NIN sucks doesn't know music. Or is stuck in the 80s and thinks music stopped evolving after GNR came out. Well you can just listen to your pantera and slayer and wish it was still 1988, but music left you behind long ago.

    NIN is headed by a musical genius, and that was recognized by axl rose.

    Axl practically worshipped Trent through the 90's - got them on tour, tried to copy their sound, stole their guitarist...

    If you're saying you don't like NIN, you're saying axl has shitty taste in music.

    NIN has put out what, maybe 4 times as many records as GnR?

    Like I could say I hate labron james because of his ego but I can't say he sucks at basketball. You can say you don't like NIN for whatever reason - like you think all music needs to have musicians with long hair and leather pants singing about pussy and partying, or you hate modern music because your life was better in the 80's - but you can't say NIN sucks and Trent is a bad musician. Well actually, i guess you can SAY it, but it makes you look like an idiot.

    If listening to NIN makes you feel better about yourself, good for you. You probably need the ego boost if you're anything at all like other NIN fans I've met. Bunch of mopey self-involved ugly fucks with shit hair.

    NIN are a good band, but they simply are not on the same level as GnR. They never had the same impact, they don't have the same name recognition, and they were never fronted by two iconic legends like Axl and Slash.

    And leather pants are cooler than anything Trent wore in his early NIN vids.

    Looks like one those turds that got beat up very regularly at school. And he wonders why GnR fans called him a fag. LOL

  2. Their hatred and feuding seems to get more attention than any of their music.

    Chinese Democracy came and went with all the impact of a a pebble thrown into the ocean. Slash's new album will be the same.

    When the history books are written about GnR... what will get more chapters...? The Robert Finch and Bucketfoot era? Or the fact that Slash and Axl acted like shitheads to each other for twenty years? I'll tell ya right now... the feud.

    Then there's the message boards. My god, imagine the boredom without the rivalry between the two groups of fans.

    It's part of rock n' roll folklore and a huge part of the GnR mythology.

    Keith and Mick hate each other. The two Aeorosmith fags hate each other. But they ain't got shit on Axl and Slashman.

    So congrats to both of them. :slash::axl:

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