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  1. On one hand I'm glad I'm glad I got out of that mess. On the other I miss watching it implode.
  2. Hmmm. When an ex of mine and I broke up (many years ago by now)... She kept clinging a lot and looking for a lot of confirmation that she wasn't a total bitch. Basically a sexless relationship. She was a total bitch though. She broke up with me in public on a freakin' train with lots of crying etc. At first I didn't really notice how she kept fishing for constant confirmation that I didn't hate her etc. After a while I did though. Then I remembered she did that with her past 2 ex boyfriends as well while she and I were just getting together. So basically I told her that she actually was an total bitch because she uses her ex boyfriends to deal with her own massive insecurities at their expense. I also told her that I was really glad that making her feel good about herself wasn't my job anymore. I told her nothing she did post-breakup was out of genuine care or interest, but just to make her feel good about herself again and that it was pretty damn selfish of her because I wasn't feeling particularly hunky dory either. Finally I told her that, just like all her boyfriends before me, I wanted absolutely nothing do with her anymore because her insecurity makes her a horrible and selfish person. She thought that was really mean and cried a lot and tried to lay another guilt trip on me because "I was mean". I thought I was just being very fair. That was the point where every fiber in my body stopped caring. Didn't talk to her again since.
  3. :rofl-lol: Thanks, I needed that. Someone should've posted a picture of Axl wearing his NWA gear there though.
  4. @ Spoon, MBrose and Raven: Thanks But seriously, I don't have that kind of time! Just PM'd Eric again: "Hi Eric, Since my account is still here I'd like to repeat my previous request. And yes, I'm sure of it. Thanks, Ron" I intend to do this every single day until it's done.
  5. Wow, with that decision another huge part of MyGNR history dies... You make it sound so dramatic But yeah... it just got old. And boring.
  6. There. I PM'd Eric if he could delete my account and all my posts. Or, if that's not possible, just my account. Anybody know how long this usually takes?
  7. In their defense, you were trying your very best to be an absolute tosser on there.
  8. The one and only. The man, the myth, the legend. The same as who I am here.
  9. This thread is irrelevant. It's easily either warchild or count drugcula...or whatever screenname the dipshit uses...
  10. Guten Tag Soren (right...?), mein freundlicher Nachbar im Osten. Good to be here! Turns out I was already here way before mygnr announced it was terminally ill. But I'd forgotten.
  11. Nat! Good to see you! When are we gonna have a beer again some time?
  12. This is starting to annoy me. I said my epic goodbye's etc etc, but it's still up. I wonder when the plug will be pulled. My initial theory was that April 15th was Canadian April Fools. But my new theory is that Eric is still negotiating some stuff.... meh! I want to throw in some more posts, but then again I don't. The ending was nice like this: This is what pro wrestlers must feel when they "retire". Ps. Some of the idiots running amok there now piss me off.
  13. Well, at least *some* good came from all this then.
  14. I found out that I'd already registered here at some point. Weird.
  15. You're probably the least funny person I've ever come across in my life.
  16. I don't get a single mention?!! Pssshhh.
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