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  1. True. Izzy was writing gold. And tbh I really loved his first 5 solo albums. Still listen to them regularly. No clue about his current personal situation and skills though.
  2. Yeah I bet the vocal track from 1998 they used sounds awesome.
  3. You're right and it makes me sad. But looking back, Chinese Democracy as a bigger plan died in 2004. In 2008 we got a Frankenstein version of what should have been. It's also why anything up until 2004 is hugely interesting, whereas everything after will just be a watered down version of re-recordings. I have very low expectations for new releases, unless they start from scratch.
  4. Please stop sexualizing this whole situation you pervert. She breastfed him just like any mother would breastfeed her child. It's totally normal.
  5. This. This is the highest level of Brazilian anybody can actually go. The Godfather of Brazilian.
  6. There are 3 reasons to hoard material. 1. Money 2. Fear of reprecussions (from the GnR camp) 3. Being a really sad and lonely person who's only way to feel special in life is to have songs nobody else has Neither is particularly good. But I do wonder which reasons apply to which people
  7. When exactly was this deal? Apparently no intention of leaking so far...
  8. I just had a very scary thought. Is this where BBF Silkworms and OMG are from?
  9. This might sound pessimistic. But based on CD 2008 this is the one that has the highest probability of being a huge letdown.
  10. Damn Bill. You could've used the legendary Scott Hall "You want a war" promo and didn't. For that, fuck you. Other than that, too vague. If this means by March those discs will be public then you just made me the happiest little boy on earth. If you think they'll be worthless because GnR releases something I strongly disagree.
  11. I'm going to be a cynical asshole here because this is GnR and I need a selfdefence mechanism to keep me from getting my hopes up. 1. I wholeheartedly (want to) believe that this is their intention. However, if experience has taught us anything, intentions in GnR land mean absolutely nothing. Chinese Democracy has had more intended release dates than I have chesthairs. And I'm manly as fuck. Then there were all the followups that never saw the light of day. Guns n' Roses hasn't been able to release even one single track in the past 11 years. 2. You say these things, but you say nothing about whether or not they will come out, on what or when. So basically, and I mean no offence to you personally, this means nothing to me. No indication on if or when I'll hear anything. 3. This is just one person's opinion. Saying something is Coma- or Estranged-tier is meaningless. Just one person's opinion. 4. I happen to have an extremely low opinion of Team Brazil and I'm sure they'd just love to use leaks as an excuse for not coming through *again*. I'm not buying it. These leaks happen BECAUSE they don't manage to release anything. Stop turning it around Fernandouche. If you read this: Fuck you, you useless piece of shit. Again, none of this is directed at you Bill. You're just reporting here and that's fine. But I'm VERY sceptical about anything coming from the GnR camp.
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