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  1. I have seen that broadcast (not the whole thing, but I have seen the part where he mentioned this) and he was just doing an "ask me anything" kind of thing, and somebody asked if Izzy will play with them in Australia, and he answered that actually both Izzy and Duff are going to be in Australia at that time and it would be cool to jam or to hang out or something like that, he didn't say that they will join the band during the shows.
  2. This isn't anything new, I've had it since 2011 or so. If I remember correctly the battery in the camera run out when the band was playing around after the power went out, because the guy didn't fully recharge it after recording a previous show. Or maybe it run out of space. Whatever. Good show.
  3. Since people emigrated back to MyGNR (and some other forums) they don't even know/care that there's a game going on. After White Raven and others left there's not many people who are really interested in playing, and that means that even if you gather enough people to play, the game will be about 1 page per 2 real life days fast. And after I made the game gain some momentum in the last game you all blame me, so fuck this, I'm not even interested anymore neither.
  4. You fail. You always vote on me when I'm town. In every game. Literally. I guess I'm almost done here, then.
  5. RAFAL: Mafia? Or just poor player? Stop derailing this thread.
  6. Funny to see how Meadow became the only one of us to see Catcher 3 times And TWAT 2 times (he left during the show for some reason I think, but if not, then 3 times). Wait, so now SOB has seen OMG, Silkworms, 2 Catchers, and 3 TWATS (including the one at Hammerstein). Damn.
  7. Agreed. Based on page 13, Rafal sticks out like a sore thumb. No, I don't. I didn't even post on that page, and I was only mentioned by being voted on, by a guy who turned out to be mafia. Was probably trying to make people start voting on me to save himself (I was a good choice 'cause you keep saying that I'm suspicious).
  8. I browse the forums as a guest, and log in (anonymously) when I'm about to post something, then I usually log off. I don't bother logging in just to post nothing. Official Vote: John Bonham
  9. Rafal will just accuse me of hating him - but this is a very valid point I just have nothing to say at the moment. There's nothing to go by, no leads, no clues, no whatever. Also, I barely post at all lately, in all forums.
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