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  1. I vote yes if you guys can pull it off would i come here for cutting edge filthy beastiality links - no. it could be fun but actually pretty worthless since an 8yr old who heard a dirty word in the playground and done a google image seach on it could find plenty diversions to fill their time other than music forum for A 26year old band. We heard niggers & faggots decades ago. I'd like an adult section where mormons and tards don't reach for some overlapping content. I'll get my porn elsewhere
  2. Theres 2 ways to handle things, either stick it out with a humble smile, good reasons and be probably be President in 2020 or write up a good ole Columbine high school shit list of people to take down when life gets bad. Personally i'd prefer it if you weren't President & could gun down a few people as it would make life easier for the rest of us Like Star trek's Spock said "the needs on the many outweigh the needs of the few" Its all about self sacrifice, PM me and I'll give you a hitlist/google route of shotgun terror. It'll be like an awesome Thelma and Louise, O.J Simpson nationwide televised spectactle. Let me now when you are outside Oprah Winfreys house and i'll relay further GPS co-ordinates and paypal payments for fuel. I think this is serendipidy, You're an honest but ruthless hero of the people(Rambo) and I have many people i want to kill. Allah.com also promises at least 72 virgins for you in paradise if you want to get re-circumcised
  3. Its been almost 4 decades since Nixon started it and the US is only intercepting 10-15% of Coke & Heroine...So much for the effective border control that Presidents tell the voters about. They have to catch at least 75% to make a dent in the drug dealers profits. They waste money on piddley shit and ignore the obvious. It'll probably be 500years before politician finds the right balance on what to enforce but it doesn't really help me nearly every day when I have to pick up Methadone bottles, Diazepam boxes and all the syringes, disinfectant wipes etc that the Junkies get given free and then throw away every day within 20ft of my front and back door They don't give a shit that thier name is printed on nearly everything or that kids will play with them.
  4. If it wasn't for the internet I'd have a stack of fetish porn mags equal to a days rainforest destruction. Sadly all the spankerchiefs I go through while banging out knuckle children evens things out
  5. You both remind me of other people &
  6. I expect the next album to be released in early 2013 after Axl has spent his advance money on a 2012 Mayan doomsday farewell party. It will need lots of remixing and at least 1 new band member and management before Axl gets his Mojo settled. It might still be mostly song names we've heard before and will have heard demos of since late 2010. I hope i'm wrong and that this is a new album with no 20th century hang-ups or schmalzty drivel for half an album or includes grandiose launch details like videos and tours with mostly new music. Surprisingly i'm still a fan I must have been a beaten housewife in a former life
  7. Gryfon

    Axl VS Slash

    I voted "Both" since I rate Chinese Democracy only slightly higher than the Spaghetti Incident. Theres 1 great song and a couple I might not change radio stations to avoid if Guns N' Roses was ever on the radio anymore. Its sad, I know. I dont own any VR albums and almost forgot there was a New Slash & friends album out, I might check it out. I will confess that a "friend" downloaded the last 2 Velvet Revolver albums and listened to them once but is glad he didn't pay for them. If I cared enough to go to that concert 1 mile away where Scott said it was his last tour I probably would have clapped and cheered as he isn't what Slash deserves Axl and Slash are like that Tai Chi logo, Opposites that work best with each other and are less on their own.
  8. You signed up to being a bullet catcher, the voting taxpayer is now your boss Enjoy the ride! At least you will get advanced homeless perks and a flag draped over your coffin no matter when you die - it might be a flag made in China with a barcode & dry clean only tag but thats not the point. You done your duty and never grumbled, for that the free world salutes you
  9. I won't say Chinese Democracy is not a great album. However I'll say mine still isn't out of the factory shrink wrap yet.
  10. I'll take what I can get and listen to them. There probably won't be any until before the album is due but the album will be speeded along by leaks. Its a vicious circle especially since if theres 20 songs ready for release and only 9 get leaked they will be the first 9 on the album. Has an album of music been handed in yet? Theres so many people involved at Axl Corp that somebody will sneak a USB stick out over a period of months of dull remixing.
  11. Difficult to answer being outside the family circle but i'll say this... If Beta and Fernando died in a horrible car crash where they were trapped in a burning wreck I would try to pass on my condolences to Axl as I know how much they mean to him. Do they mean anything to me - no. I see them as "Toxoplasma gondii"....the wierd life sucking mind bending parasites that set up home in your head and cause you to make bad decisions for their own benefit. People so self fulfilling as them like the dead "Yoda" really have no part in this band or what it stands for on any level unless you are screwed in the head. Corporate employees & managers? They all want to make money by releasing music and will flatter and cajole the artist if its in the mutual best interest but there is a definate legal limit that they have to put up with and they all get forced into it in the end because of 1 man. I guess that goes for everybody connected to Axl and why he hates so many past friends, band members, employees, wifes & girlfriends....because they weren't yes men.
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