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  1. When I was around 10 years old I went to a live Raw In Fayetteville, N.C. I thought it was a great show. Only until I got home to see the Nitro I had missed. On that episode of Nitro Scott Hall walked over the guardrail and declared war in one of the coolest moments in pro wrestling history. On the episode of Raw I attended Ahmed Johnson was knocked unconscious and had to be "resuscitated" by Goldust.
  2. Interesting that the instrumental is already titled as "I'm Sorry" and Axl made a point to say he doesnt like to write lyrics until after the music is created to challenge himself. Would be cool to know if at least in this instance, if the working title for the track informed the lyrical subject matter.
  3. @Bill Brasky and @MIA If we're talking about fun rumors that could have been true but just didn't have enough confirmation to report on, are there any specifically juicy ones over the years that stick out to you guys that may have flown under the radar?
  4. Sorry if it came off like that. I wasn't questioning the validity of Braskys post. I love what he posts and wish I was quick enough to make sense of more of his meme-clues. I would love if he went back after the news broke and connected it to his original meme so I could see the connection lol I was just being nosey and wanted to see if this was a contact that had been around for a while or was a newer source.
  5. @Bill Brasky if you're able to comment, can you tell us the last tidbit this source has given you that proved to be right on the money?
  6. @Bill Brasky Well that's amazing news. Have you ever had anyone give you insight into how Axl can have such spotty vocals live so often but still able to turn it on from time to time, like you reference in your news story? I shake my head reading quotes from Duff talking about how he thinks Axl sounds better then ever.
  7. To the best of your knowledge were any of the album release delays due to ongoing litigation and/or management changes, or were they pretty much solely due to Axl's need to keep tinkering?
  8. @Bill Brasky has the Chairman went by another name on the boards that we would all recognize?
  9. @Bill Brasky The ax to grind you mentioned in regards to Bumble and Tommy is in reference to back pay? Or something else you can elaborate on? I thought both left on their own terms?
  10. I would have thought that at first as well but it's taken so many twists and turns now that I think it's more interesting then just a GNR story. And I don't know half the turns that Brasky, or MSL, or Rick know. If you got down to that level a good writer could flesh this out to a compelling narrative for any music fan to enjoy. There was also a rumor that one of the music websites had an article about this that was taken down quickly. Not sure if it was ever confirmed. But if your a music website that reports on tour kickoffs [with no new info], comments from band members [that don't actually give you any new info], then you would have to assume in that world GNR related stories equate to hits. So how could this story not rate to those type of outlets?
  11. @Bill Brasky Bill, do you think eventually we will get an article written about these leaks and all the players involved? Seems like it could be even more interesting then the MSL article written years ago about the CD leaks. Or do you think Team Brazil has enough juice to keep this buttoned up?
  12. Atlas is better in the current form that we have then Shacklers Revenge, ITW, and TIL. Replace either of those 3 with that and the album is better. I even like it a bit more then Scraped and Rhiad but the album needed those rockers rather then another ballad. I think it's probably left off because of the fact it's a little similar to CITR. It's got a bit of a Blind Melon vibe to it and I think it's awesome.
  13. Thats right sorry Freese not Brain. But Freese said Axl brought Bucket up to him I believe right? And asked if he knew him I think? if that's the case I wonder the first time Axl heard Bucket's playing and thought it would work. And the concert with Sorum again is after he's already considered Finck so i would kill to know when it first clicked that he could be the guy? I don't think Axl's ever spoke about that
  14. Brain told that story about coming to rehearsal and having Axl ask him if he knew Bucket. But I'd love to know what originally put bucket on Axl's radar. In the same vein as when Axl was watching Robin Finck play with NIN and commenting to Duff how he wanted Robin in GNR, I'd love to know what the moment was or if there was a specific piece of music from each guy that inspired Axl to remake GNR in that image.
  15. How about Iron Maiden meets late era Faith No More? The rolling stone interviewer [was it David Wild?] described it as Psychical Graffiti mixed by Reznor, and I think that's pretty close. With classic rock structures mixed with industrial flares meant to update the sound. Even if the Snakepit album had been well received I don't think it would have changed Axl's mind that it was time to spruce up the sound. Nothing drastic, but to the same level that UYI is a logical build on top of AFD and Lies. And the fact that the Snakepit album wasn't viewed as positive probably emboldened Axl to stick to his guns.
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