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  1. I could use help with that leak as well if there's a PluMber around.
  2. If everyone's giving their opinion then might as well add one more for whatever it's worth. In the same way that I don't feel the album could have gotten too many fair reviews because it was almost impossible for most critics to overlook the hype, time, money, and back story that went into the album. Not to mention the hostilities towards Axl that most of them harbored, some of them well earned I'm sure. For me it's almost the other way. Where I love this band so much, and waited SO long for the album, that I have the same type of bias that a slighted reporter might have, just in the other direction. I'm a GNR diehard and anything with that name on it is going to get extra slack, and I'm going to go out of my way to find parts to appreciate if need be. So I followed all the leaks, kept track of all the delays, and made sure to snag a few copies the second it was available. Overall I absolutely loved the album, in my mind it was as good as I could have hoped for. When I say that, keep in mind I would have rather had the original GNR lineup put out a record. I would have rather had the 2001 Bucket/Finck lineup put out a record. But for the circumstances that existed, and the lineup changes that kept coming, I found the album to sound cohesive, and complete. To me, there wasn't any "extra slack" needed, and I didn't have to look extra hard to find something to appreciate in every song. I'm not a musician, I've never played an instrument, my only qualification for reviewing is that I've spent many, many hours and years listening to and absorbing GNR music. And to me I don't have any issue stamping the GNR name on Chinese Democracy. I've played the album for many people who don't know the lineup, the only thing they know is that the album took a long time to come out. They never have any idea about how many guitarists played on it, or how many "layers" are stacked on each track. And the response I've gotten 95% of the time is how surprised they are by how good the band sounds. No one has ever told me "Axl sounds good but man that doesn't sound like Slash", almost every single time the biggest response is "how come this didn't get a better reception?". As far as the song by song breakdown, I'll leave that for some of the others. But I can tell you that my favorites, and the order that I would list them in, change quite a bit month to month and year to year. I believe that's a testament to the strength of the tracks across the board. One of the best points I've read in this thread was how if you ask 10 different Chinese Democracy fans what their favorite songs are, you'll get different answers from all of them. That's saying something for sure about the range, and for me everyone of the songs is 100% hard rock at it's core which is what GNR has always been about. I'm in the minority I'm sure, but I would have loved to get the Chinese follow up. I'll listen to it with the same "bias" that I do when I hear any GNR song, but if the tracks are as strong as on the last album I'll be more then satisfied. And at the end of the day that's all I fucking care about.
  3. What about Axl's letter to Robin, did it exist? Was it him begging Robin to stay?
  4. Are there certain parts that stick out to you as more far fetched then others?
  5. Narrowing down my top 10 will be tough but I'll give it a whirl. I'm not trying to track down every litho, I only go after the ones I really like and would want to display on my wall. So it's no coincidence that most of my top 10 are ones I already have. 10. Pittsburgh Molten Steel GNR Logo (This one looks SOOOOO much cooler in person and on the wall then it does in pictures. The hot steel looks amazing up close, especially when it's cooling and flaking off the logo) 9. Bangkok Demon Buddha (I don't own this one, so I'm only commenting from pictures I've seen. I've heard it's smaller and on poor quality paper. So I'm aright admiring it from afar. But if it was the same size and on the same card stock as the others I would put this right next to Kobe.) 8. Tokyo 'Zilla (I'm a sucker for Godzilla and monster related stuff, the yellow really pops and I like the jet fighter flying by. King Of All Rock Bands indeed!) 7. Osaka (Same as Tokyo where I love the monster theme. I don't own this one but I wouldn't mind getting my hands on one. I don't need it signed by the band though so the ebay ones aren't for me.) 6. New York Electric GNR Logo (I was at this show so part of me wonders if I rate it so high because of that. But I gotta tell you with 7 of these lithos framed on my wall, this is the one I find myself stopping to look at more then the others. The gold foil lettering, the raised sparks flying off, and the cool green and blue lightning striking the logo really do it for me.) 5. Las Vegas Night 2 Grim Reaper (This was the first of the lithos where I saw it and had to have it. The other ones before this were cool, but this one really grabbed me. I know it's a high print run (1,000) but the grim reaper opening up his robe to reveal Sin City is a striking design. I really like the dark red coming off of the skull as well, it's a great contrast with the black.) 4. New Orleans Glow In The Dark Skull (In the light of day it's a perfectly fine litho, lot's of interesting touches that you don't notice the first time around. But when the night comes around this litho comes alive and gets pretty wild. Very similar to the city of New Orleans actually. If you hold up a flashlight right to the glass and then turn off all the lights that gives you the maximum glow in the dark effect) 3.San Fran Dirty Harry (The skull superimposed over Clint's face is pretty sweet. The gun coming forward and actually jutting out of the border of the litho gives it a cool element of depth. It's the great orange and blue swirls in the background that really put this into my top 3. 2. Kobe (I've stared at this one a lot through my computer screen, so much so that I'm actually worried that if I did end up tracking one down one day it might not be able to live up to the hype I've built into my own mind. My favorite part is the bullets along the bottom of the headpiece.) 1. Cincinnati (Took me around 9 months to finally track one down but once I finally got it here I couldn't believe how beautiful it is. There are really awesome blues and red on either side of the astronaut that aren't totally visible from just looking at pictures. The GNR logo patch with the floating gun and roses are the perfect touches to take this litho to the top of my list. Doesn't hurt that I have Axl's signature on the bottom left corner of it either!)
  6. Do Canadians do things differently? Oh... timezones... I've heard of someone wearing a denim vest with jeans and calling it a Canadian tuxedo, so yes they do things differently lol. On a side note I just re-watched Sandman vs. Mikey Whipwreck at the ECW arena for the title in whats billed as a ladder match, but they just use the ladder to beat the piss out of each other. It still holds up today, brutal as hell. Glad you made the jump Sandman.
  7. Been a Guns fan longer then I can remember, read the MYGNR board since 2001 but only decided to sign up a few months ago. Must of been me that caused the board to die, sorry guys I'm such a dick!
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