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  1. Yeah I have seen this happen a couple of times when I was living in Florida.
  2. I've seen that with military vehicles down in Florida. Even the Huffington Post is shitting on Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Joe Biden.
  3. Nancy Pelosi refuses to take up McConnell's Stimulus Package. McConnell's package doesn't means test because it gets the money out the fastest to people who will actually need it, Pelosi wants to take the time to means test everyone because she doesn't want checks going out to millionaires.
  4. Apparently Taiwan warned the WHO in early December that the Wu Flu was contagious, but they said they were ignored. For reference this is what the WHO were saying in mid January
  5. Been reading and playing a lot of video games. It seems the panic has subsided a bit here.
  6. ABC Poll, 55% of American's support Trump's handling of the Virus. Watching CNN read that was quite funny.
  7. Yeah you have to have filled a tax return to get the money.
  8. Yeah I got really sick in late November and stayed sick until Christmas time. Couldn't shake it at all. Sore throat, cough, chest pain, and fever. I chalked it up to the flu but it really has me thinking. Edit: Never went to the doctor, my whole family came down with it but with varying degrees of it.
  9. A movie starring Ben Affleck as Brady.
  10. I just don't get the line of thinking. The first case of the virus goes back to mid November. Flights were coming into the US from China and Europe for most of November, all of December, and most of January. In this time airports are packed, people are going to concerts and sporting events, people are out Christmas shopping in packed stores. The virus has been spreading freely for the better part of 4 months. The only difference is now we are looking for it instead of chalking it up to the seasonal flu.
  11. This is why I don't follow the "The US is Italy in 10 days" line of thinking.
  12. "Reporter"- We have heard someone in your administration refer to this virus as the "kung flu." Trump- Who was it? What was their name? "Reporter"- I don't know.
  13. Pretty much. I think Sander's comments about Cuba and Fidel Castro, as well as his videotape of him shirtless and drunk in the Soviet Union kind of galvanized a lot of undecided voters. It became more about stopping Sanders than voting for Biden, which is why Biden drifting further left would be a massive mistake on his part.
  14. I saw a number of grocery stores are doing that here as well. Sounds like a recipe for disaster.
  15. Some Democrats are trying to pull Biden further left to pick up Bernie supporters but I think that would be a massive mistake.
  16. OANN reporter asked the President if he considers "Chinese Food" racist because it originates in China lol.
  17. MSNBC "reporter"- Some people say you and your administration were unprepared at the beginning of this Pandemic. Trump: At the beginning when I halted flights from China, it was your network that called me racist for doing so.
  18. This is what South Korea has been using and they have said it is very effective.
  19. FDA looking into using chloroquine to help fight off the Wu Flu. This is what South Korea has used to drastically cut down on deaths. Trump said if things go well, they will mass produce the drug and get it to people as quickly as possible in the coming weeks.
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