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  1. His solo stuff is quite good but I'm not sure I would pick it over his work in Maiden.
  2. It seems to be trendy in Miami lol.
  3. Dolohins traded everyone. We have a shit ton of picks in the next two drafts plus a shit ton of cap space but we will manage to fuck it up.
  4. Fatcon has to be the front-runner.
  5. I have been out of the loop can someone give me the cliff notes of this leak stuff? Last I knew some dude bought a locker from some Geffen exec(Zutaut?) and then that Rick guy bought it.
  6. I'll take a link please. I got irs and catcher, missing everything else lol.
  7. Are these any good? I really liked the IRS demo but the release version sucked.
  8. It has potential. I don't mind the intro but it doesn't fit with a fast rocker like this. I like Axl's vocals in the chorus but the verses need that rasp.
  9. Saw Alice Cooper live last night, such a great show. It just sucks I had to sit through Halestorm.....

    1. bran
    2. Skeeter


      How was Nita?

      You didn't like Halestorm? They seem like a pretty solid rock band.

    3. bran


      Nita was great, I never could get into them at all, but they are a good live band.

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  10. I dodge bullets every time I go get a gallon of milk from the corner store.
  11. The Long Island Serial Killer. The Mesa serial killer is up there as well.
  12. Not a great series but even with the Red Sox taking it to the Yankees, the Yankees still leave with a 9 game lead/10 ahead in the loss column.
  13. This story has so many swerves Vince Russo is getting a boner.
  14. Not how I was hoping for this series to go lol.
  15. Checkmate sounds great. I really want that one to leak. I also want Soul Monster just because I would love to hear Axl sing Sabbath.
  16. Both are really good, not sure why they were left off CD while Scraped and If the World made it on.
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