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  1. 3 hours ago, Hulkamania said:

    How  is my statement dumb. Please  educate  me.

    It is pretty simple. New Zealand is a small nation out in the middle of nowhere. The entire country has a population density of 45 people per square mile(166th ranked country). Even if you took their biggest city which accounts for nearly 33% of their entire population, the population density is about 6,300 people per sq/mi. The US even with all of its empty space in the mid west, still has a population density double that of New Zealand(94 per sq mi, ranked 3rd) and if you look at the cities of the US in terms of population density.


    New York City: 27,740 per sq/mi

    Chicago: 10,874 per sq/mi

    LA: 8,485 per sq/mi


    Now add to the fact the WHO said the first case of this virus goes all the way back to September of 2019 in China, the US being a hotbed for international trade(which New Zealand is not), and all these flights coming in and out of China for about 6 months. This isn't even mentioning all the flights coming in and out of Wuhan from this time, even though China banned all the flights from within Wuhan and going to Wuhan. The US is also much different in terms of government. The US are 50 states stitched together into one larger nation, each state has their own control when it comes to safety and how to handle a virus and within that each town can change things themselves as well. 


    Tl/dr comparing the US to New Zealand is asinine.


  2. On 7/8/2020 at 10:15 AM, bacardimayne said:



    based yeezy getting china virus in february and not making a big publicity stunt out of it or acting like he was going to die


    lol he's running under the "Birthday Party"

    People are really ignoring what he actually said about Trump, he was critical in some parts but basically gave props to Trump and even said people inside the music industry said his career would be over if he voted Trump. He then went on to tear Biden a new asshole.  He also said he would run as a Republican if Trump wasn't running lol.

  3. The election is going to be a shitshow. If BLM and ANTIFA are showing up to block Trump fans from entering an event, I can only imagine what they are going to do at the polls to stop Trump supporters.

  4. One of the first reports I ever did in school was on Frederick Douglass. He made waves during the Civil War by saying he would meet and talk with slave owners, to which he responded " I will talk to those that want to do right but not those that do wrong."  Douglass was a big believer in reaching out to people that disagreed with him and opening up dialogue(one of the reasons the left probably hates him). He was such a great person to read and learn about and he should be someone a lot of people no matter their race should aspire to be, instead he is getting destroyed and ultimately forgotten because of a bunch of commie cunts. 

  5. An eight year old child was killed by protesters last night in Atlanta. Car came off the interstate and was surrounded by "protesters" and there was some kind of argument. Then the "protester" fired into the car, hitting and killing the eight year old.


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