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  1. Usually the first 5 seasons of a good show are the best. Peaky Blinders season 3. Supernatural season 1-5 Simpsons season 4 Walking Dead season 1 MASH season 3.
  2. being reported Iranian's shot down the Ukranian flight.
  3. It is clear both the US and Iran both don't want an all out war. With Trump he has always used force as a negotiation tactic and a country like Iran and North Korea are only kept in line with power. Iran is going to fall from the inside out sooner rather than later, we don't need to go to war to help rally the people against us and to solidify their power.
  4. To lighten the mood a bit. My 6 year old niece was watching a video on youtube when an ad popped up for Hillary Clinton, my niece said " Oh my god, no one cares about you Hillary Clinton" lol.
  5. Facekicker I agree with you a lot and I'm not saying your are completely wrong here but I think you are being a bit unfair. The US, yes we have fucked up and we have done some stupid shit but the time period we are living in is by far the safest time in the history of the planet, and our "violent outbursts' pale in comparison to the outbursts of Europe when they were the leaders of the world. It also doesn't help we keep electing anti war presidents who turn around and fuck us over or in the case of Trump, a congress that overrides his decisions.
  6. The local militias funded by Iran are going to continue, nothing really different from what's been going on for over a decade now.
  7. I think both sides came to their senses and pulled back.
  8. This whole "retaliation" feels like bait to me. No US casualties thank God.
  9. And it just keeps going on and on in that shithole. The US is now completely energy self sufficient. In November we became a net exporter of oil. In the next 10 years we will be closing in on Saudi Arabia as the biggest oil exporter in the world. There is nothing for us there, the people of Iran will eventually topple these 5th century fucktards on their own. Just pull the fuck out and use the money on our own people.
  10. US F35s take off from the UAE Iranian Jets scramble No US casualties yet, Iraqi civilians killed Iran threatens Israel and the UAE Another wave of missiles hits 3rd US base.
  11. Just sick of this middle east shit, they can have the fucking shit hole. Trump will probably dust off some MOABs at this point.
  12. 70+ killed in stampede at Solemani's funeral lol.
  13. Would love to see Big Show win the belt, might get me watching WWE again lol.
  14. Nothing like says Death to America like loading up Solemani's corpse into a Chevy with guards surrounding the Chevy armed with m16s.
  15. The best was the Epstein part, the amount of fake smiles and outright nasty looks when he said he was your friend and you had to find your own way in your own plane was hilarious.
  16. I just want us to get out of that shit hole so very badly. You can make your point with Iran without bombing the cultural stuff. I don't know if he would actually do it or if he is trying to intimidate Iran. His whole schtick as president has been to talk tough as a negotiation tactic, hope that is the case here.
  17. Iran put an 80 million dollar bounty on President Trump's head.
  18. Watching the Patriots get double dicked by the Dolphins and former Dolphins in back to back weeks has been the best time I've had watching the NFL in over a decade.
  19. Israel's military is pretty damn strong. True we give them a bunch of military gear but they also have received our training and are much better fighters than anything coming out of Iran and the middle east. Even if we pulled out of the middle east we would still have a fighting force in Israel.
  20. The middle East has been a shit hole and a bloody mess long before the US set foot there. ISIS was chopping off heads in retaliation for an agreement that went down between France, The UK, and Russia during WW1. I want us out of the middle east, but we didn't start the issue in the middle east but I agree we haven't made it better.
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