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  1. This Yankees bullpen.......and we don't even have Betances in there yet.
  2. That is a good point. I still think we are a better team with Stanton and Didi though.
  3. Torres and Sanchez vs the Orioles.....
  4. I honestly don't see a war with Iran happening, especially heading into an election year. The only thing that worries me is Bolton, fuck that guy.
  5. Another hilarious moment was Davos telling Greyworm and the unsullied to go into the Reach and start up their own house. Yes a group of guys with no dicks and balls are going to establish a new house.....
  6. Jon: She's not her father... Dany did exactly what her father wanted to do... Fucking retard.
  7. They supposedly died fighting the white walkers but there were a shitload of them in the last episode. When Jon went to see Dany(giving her Stalin speech) you see a bunch of them. You also see a bunch of them loading their horses onto boats when Jon sees Greyworm.
  8. bran


    I can't handle another Boston championship.
  9. So Jon kills Dany, her entire army made of dothraki(who seemingly got resurrected after episode 3) savages and the unsullied who had an undying, fanatical loyalty to her decided to let the murderer's family decide the fate of her killer. And instead of going batshit insane and murdering all of them and fighting to the death in the city, decide just to get on a boat(which they only got on because of their loyalty to Dany) and fuck off to wherever. The entire dothraki army were Dany's bloodriders, bloodriders avenge the death of their Khal and then kill themselves to be buried with them, but no they just fuck off on a boat. Also funny Jaime and Cersei could have just moved 20 feet in any direction and lived....
  10. Kneel before me ya shits!

  11. Stanton is taking live batting, Didi is taking groundballs, Paxton is throwing and might come off the DL without a rehab start. So hopefully things are turning around. I couldn't be happier with how the fill ins have done, big props to German as well.
  12. Spoke to soon, Andujar back on the DL
  13. It feels like there is 3 seasons missing before this season. Nothing makes any sense.
  14. Dany basically went Tommy Wiseau at the end of the room but killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people instead of herself.
  15. Tanaka was excellent and then the power went out in the shithole that is Tropicana field. Yankees are starting to get healthy which is good to see. Looks like the Red Sox are figuring it out again, looks to be a fun summer.
  16. http://twitter.com/PitchingNinja/status/1127024692143980545?s=09
  17. Dead serious http://www.google.com/amp/s/www.theverge.com/platform/amp/2018/2/6/16980500/star-wars-game-of-thrones-david-benioff-db-weiss?espv=1 These two also wrote Troy and Wolverine origins.
  18. Also don't worry, these two dipshits will be writing the new Star Wars movies when they are done with Game of Thrones lol.
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