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  1. She is definitely crazy but no on the same level as AOC and a lot of the freshmen Democrats. She and the Democrats just gave Trump 2020 on a silver platter today all to just to try and appease the craziest of the crazy in the House.
  2. Nancy Pelosi has lost her battle against the crazies.
  3. bran


    For fatcon we need that Bush color warning system used after 9/11.
  4. I've always been of the mind that the vault was real. Axl is the type of guy that will get an idea for a song, and work on it rigorously until it is done. Then days, weeks, or months later he will hear it back and not like it and leave it to collect dust for 20 years. Just look at what we got just in the 2000-2001 time frame.
  5. I just love how straight forward Chinese Democracy was.
  6. Damn Axl, why did you fuck up what you had? Also I like this version of Atlas.
  7. I'm hanging in. Just going through shit and this place really helps keep my mind off of it.
  8. He did. The best guitarist he ever had and he pissed it away.
  9. Steelers pick looking better, now if only the Chargers would get off their asses. Also Jets thinking they can out tank the Dolphins, game on motherfuckers.
  10. Thank god for this place, it has been a rough week but you guys make things a lot better.
  11. This whistle blower situation is funny for a number of reasons but getting the media to talk about the Democrat's leading candidate's corrupt son is the funniest.
  12. bran


    So where are we on the Facton scale?
  13. He needs some serious help.
  14. I vaguely remember him but I can't quite remember who he is. I just put in GNR Perhaps into youtube and this geeky looking dude named Jarrod Walker was reviewing the track. I wasn't sure if it was him or not. I keep hearing the name but I can't quite remember him lol.
  15. Is Walker that geeky looking guy who does the leak reviews on YouTube?
  16. I don't trust Andy Reid as well, which sucks because they definitely have the team to compete with the Patriots.
  17. Three first round picks.....We are going to have more picks than touchdowns this year.
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