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  1. I was only 6. What I remember reading though one of the big ones is there was a suicide note in Foster's brief case that was ripped up and on it was the palm print of the the Clinton's lawyer. Foster knew a lot of shit that would have sank the Clintons as they had been extremely close going back to Arkansas.
  2. "Heresay is better than direct evidence"
  3. Isn't it fucked up that old white Republicans are better shitposters and are more in touch with younger voters than "liberal" democrats? It honestly blows my mind.
  4. Jim Jordan fucking destroyed the Democrats. Their "star witness" said he warned Obama about Hunter Biden. A Republican congressman tried to press him more and in return he said that the Republicans would have to refer to Joe Biden's team for more information lol.
  5. Reminds me of something that would have been on "The Eye." His voice is worlds better than it was on "Give Me Your Soul Please", it sounded so weak on that album.
  6. Looks like former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick might be jumping in as well. I think the biggest problem Bloomberg will have is the African American vote might not turn out for him(like Warren). He was doing stop and frisk in New York City which targeted a disproportionate number of blacks and hispanics. He will also have the stigma of being a Republican which I think will turn off a lot of the regressive voters.
  7. I still don't get what the media was going on about with this movie.
  8. Longest winning streak in the AFC east. 😎
  9. Epstein didn't kill himself. 33 means you hit 3 twice which gives you the letter E and so on.
  10. Ozzmosis was the last Ozzy album I liked. There is a good song somewhere in "Under the Graveyard" but the chorus bit and the guitars are horrible.
  11. So Bloomberg jumped into the race, this is probably going to be the final kill shot for Biden.
  12. 2019 summed up in one tweet. twitter.com/ewarren/status/1192526820559785986
  13. I tried watching it a couple of times, it wasn't awful but I didn't think it was anything special either. I really don't get the hype of the show to be honest.
  14. @The Linguini Occurrence? How do you see the Mookie Betts situation playing out now Martinez didn't opt out?
  15. You have to laugh at how badly the media and the DNC are misreporting the Sondland testimony.
  16. I have always been more of a Libertarian but even then I don't associate with the party simply because they have some awful views like open borders. I don't even consider myself a "Trump guy" but I'm fucking constantly having to defend him from the stupid shit the media and crazy progressives say about him. This impeachment hoax might be the thing that drives me to vote for him in 2020.
  17. Ok, you were paying healthcare for 500 people right? Here me out, now you will be paying for 300+ million Americans and a few(million) illegal Mexicans....sounds good right?.....Right?
  18. They also think the are going to get businesses to shift the money they pay for their employee's health care and have them pay into medicare for everyone. They are fucking retarded if they think that is going to fly.
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