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  1. 42 minutes ago, Bill Brasky said:

    Do you understand yet Assad that I know.


    i know about Axl and the concerns lately 


    i have multi sourced that Slash has taken the Stinson route and Papi Axl doesn’t know 

    Yes Duff is trying to fix this


    i know your fears of this being it and getting all the completed

    work ready for release 


    i know how you forced Axl to stay busy and go into the studio when Slash was touring with Myles.


    i know more.

    the only question is


    This doesn't sound good.

  2. Nancy Pelosi this morning said she hadn't read the transcript but was bringing up impeachment due to the call in the transcript lol. The whistle blower is testifying tomorrow but you HAVE THE ACTUAL FUCKING CALL! This whistle blower doesn't even have first hand news on the report they submitted, it is all based on heresay and everything they claimed that was in the call was false. It feels like I have taken a weird drug and woke up in retard land.

  3. 27 minutes ago, Bobbo said:


    I'm not sure how he's dead to rights when the whistle blower doesn't have first hand knowledge, they are just reporting what others have said. Two White House officials also said there isn't any bombshell in the transcripts being released tomorrow, in fact the two sources said they were underwhelming. 

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