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  1. Cocaine Mitch :lol:

    “Some House Democrats imply they are withholding the [impeachment] articles for some kind of leverage. I admit, I’m not sure what leverage there is in refraining from sending us something we do not want. Alas, if they can figure that out, they can explain. Meanwhile, some House Democrats seem to be suggesting they’d prefer never to transmit the articles. Fine with me.”

  2. 3 hours ago, AxlisOld said:

    Honestly, most presidents are guilty of impeachable offenses. A lot of bad shit goes on behind the scenes, it's just a matter of Trump not playing the game the way they want. Everyone involved in politics knows it's a game that you have to play. Trump threw a wrench in that.

    This. The "scandal free" Obama was drone striking US citizens without any kind of due process. When Fast and Furious went down and Congress tried to get documents for the investigation, Obama told Congress that they didn't need to see shit and told them to fuck off.  Now with Trump, he takes his disagreement to the courts to get a ruling over if they have the authority to get these documents and the Democrats use that to impeach him. Something that is textbook, when the Executive and Legislative branches have a disagreement, the judiciary solves the dispute. This is shit you learn in grade school, but this is somehow a crime for the Democrats.

  3. On 12/13/2019 at 7:10 AM, Facekicker said:

    Hilarious reading Twitter today after the Lefties got steamrolled by Boris Johnson in the UK election 


    Academics, journalists, pundits, celebs all having meltdowns


    "How could this happen! Nobody saw this coming!" 


    Not when you live in a bubble you twats. 


    And people still treat these fools and their "expert opinions" as though they are fact. 


    I'm loving it. 

    Oh Reddit has been the gift that keeps on giving. 

    "Parties opposed to the Tories (Labour, Lib Dem, Green, SNP, Plaid, Sinn Fein, etc) together got a majority of the votes, yet the Tories have an overwhelming majority of seats in Parliament. This isn't democratic, and this has actual consequences for the majority of the population who stand to lose a lot from what Tory policies have in store for them."

    What an absolute dipshit. Somehow the conservatives shouldn't be in power with a majority of the vote because the other parties all combined have a larger percentage. 


    Its also not a good trend when one party is happy with election interference by foreign nations because it will help them win and blocks attempts to thwart interference. That hurts democracy as well because you never know if the winner actually won fairly. The Tories might not have won without it, who knows. Same with Trump and The GOP in the last election and the next one.

    We have to accept the results if the election was fair, like it or not, but any party or candidate who welcomes foreign influence ought to be highly suspect

  4. It is definitely going to go through and Trump will be impeached but the real question is how cocaine Mitch handles the trial in the Senate. My guess is Mitch is going to take great pleasure in raking the Democrat's balls across an open fire, he has been the biggest supporter of Trump and as the Democrats have been autistically screeching about impeachment, Mitch has rammed through nearly 200 federal judges, which makes up 1/5th of the judges in the US. He has fundamentally changed the appeals courts for nearly 50 years and without a word from the Democrats :lol:



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