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  1. Iran put an 80 million dollar bounty on President Trump's head.
  2. Watching the Patriots get double dicked by the Dolphins and former Dolphins in back to back weeks has been the best time I've had watching the NFL in over a decade.
  3. Israel's military is pretty damn strong. True we give them a bunch of military gear but they also have received our training and are much better fighters than anything coming out of Iran and the middle east. Even if we pulled out of the middle east we would still have a fighting force in Israel.
  4. The middle East has been a shit hole and a bloody mess long before the US set foot there. ISIS was chopping off heads in retaliation for an agreement that went down between France, The UK, and Russia during WW1. I want us out of the middle east, but we didn't start the issue in the middle east but I agree we haven't made it better.
  5. Iran said it was an act of war because we sent ships to rescue some of those people.
  6. I love all these idiots bitching about this but were completely silent when Obama bombed the fuck out of a hospital. Didn't give a fuck about Congressional approval then.
  7. He already showed with Benghazi, he went golfing and ignored calls from our embassy for 16 hours. Helicopters were ready to go to bring Marines but they were told to stand down. Four of our people and our ambassador were killed. He then had Susan Rice go on all the Sunday news shows to say the incident was a reaction to a YouTube video and not a coordinated attack on the anniversary of 9/11.
  8. Not really. If you have the balls to lead an attack on a US embassy(thankfully we don't have Obama in office to allow it to happen) you have to be prepared for the consequences that follows.
  9. She was getting dragged and then walked it back only to get dragged again lol.
  10. The US and Russia should be natural allies when it comes to terrorism, fucking stupid that any cooperation with Russia is deemed "working with the enemy."
  11. Just happy for Tannehill
  12. Missiles were shot inside the green zone in Baghdad, apparently aimed at barracks where US troops are stationed. According to the Iraqi military, one missile landed inside the green zone while the other one missed. Apparently some mortars were fired as well. http://mobile.twitter.com/BaxtiyarGoran/status/1213539008451633152
  13. Seems we killed 6 more Iranian militia leaders today.
  14. The WW3 takes are quite funny.
  15. I can see both @Bill Brasky and the @Facekicker side of this situation, just a shitty situation all the way around.
  16. So apparently Twitter is deleting or shadow banning any videos or posts showing Iranians celebrating this general's death.
  17. It was a convoy leaving the airport.
  18. He probably has a record breaking boner right now.
  19. Apparently his second in command was killed as well.
  20. Department of Defense released this.
  21. I'm not saying it isn't but when you screech about it all the time it is kind of hard to take your next threat all that seriously. It is a big deal when you kill a major military leader of another country, we will just have to see what happens next.
  22. I mean Iran has viewed several incidents in the last few weeks as "acts of war." Guess we will see where it goes.
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