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  1. That New York doctor has gone from treating 350 patients to 700 with chloroquine, zinc, and z pak. He says no deaths or hospitalizations. Seems Greece is going to start using it.




    South Korea

    China(fuck China)





    I'm not sure about other countries using it, if anyone knows of any others tell me.

  2. 4 hours ago, AG Barr said:

    There is absolutely no way to figure out the mortality rate. Italy for instance had around 90,000 positive cases. But they estimate 175,000-250,000 actually have it, but symptoms are mild or not noticed, therefore not reported.


    But no one is counting this, because there are not enough tests to confirm it. If you double or triple the confirmed case number, while maintaining the current number of deaths, it will significantly drop the mortality rate.  Not saying it's not dangerous, that's obvious, but the mortality rate is not 4, 5 or 6%. Its significantly lower.

    A leading microbiologist and admiral in the US Navy said the mortality rate is between .1%-- 1% and said the rate is probably in the middle of those two, so .4%-.5%.

  3. I'm not even sure you can legally quarantine NYC or any other area. You are already skirting around the Constitution as is, putting NYC, New Jersey, and parts of Connecticut on some kind of federal quarantine might be a bridge too far and you will cause civil unrest. 

  4. 52 minutes ago, GNS said:

    7,000 new cases in NY in 1 day?????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!


    fuck me dead

    This is what happens when you test everybody. Other countries test only the sick which gives the perception the mortality rate is higher than it actually is. The more you test, the more cases you find, the lower the mortality rate actually is. This is why I think the whole "x will be Italy in Y days" then the date keeps moving further and further back.

  5. 1 hour ago, arnold layne said:



    Basically, patients in China that have recovered have been reinfected.


    There has literally (And yes @AxlisOld I mean that in the Webster's dictionary definition) no good news with the China flu. 


    They either need to find effective treatment or find a vaccine that works without side effects because this is not going away. 

    That's because Chinese test kits are dogshit. People were tested positive that were actually negative and then quarantined with actual sick people and then got sick.

  6. 1 hour ago, RedHook said:



    Are we being played?



    Yeah Dr.Birx kind of ripped the media today for the false reporting. She said there are thousands of ventilators that haven't been used yet and many beds that are open. The news media made it like NYC doctors were going to start smothering granny with a pillow.

  7. Was listening to a microbiologist(forgot university) on the radio who writes for the New England Journal of Medicine. He said what they have found testing cornona virus is that it typically hates humidity. Its rate of spread slows down the higher the humidity goes and warm temperatures in general. He said 41F was the start of where you see this start to occur and at 82F it really struggles to stay on surfaces. He says his team runs 1,000 simulations an hour and in the majority of them the virus, basically burns out around late April or early May. Also if you are worried about a loved one, buy them a humidifier.

  8. 10 minutes ago, maynard said:

    4 people in Brazil were treated with azithromycin and chloroquine and are now considered cured. They were in ICU. I think we are close to beating this thing. I don't think the US will remain in lockdown much longer either.

    Good to see Brazil using chloroquine, also great news those 4 recovered.

  9. 1 hour ago, Facekicker said:

    10 deaths in Ieland today. Up to this point we had nine in total. Now 10 in one day. Fuck. 


    It's as clear as day that way more people died in China than they admitted, the bastards. 

    Spain bought a bunch of test kits from China, they say the tests don't work lol. Apparently they are only detecting positive cases 30% of the time.

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