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  1. Not....enough.... alcohol.
  2. Lakers I would only because of the retarded stuff Lebron has said about China.
  3. Pretty much. That and he kind of gave false hope to Nationals fans that he would comeback, then he got that big offer from them and turned it down. He is a good player but he acts like he is the second coming.
  4. That was one of the greatest runs I have ever seen. Dude was amazing but man he was gassed at the end. Really going to miss him.
  5. Hillary Clinton says Tulsi Gabbard and Jill Stein are both Russian assets.
  6. Yankees had chances against Cole and just didn't get it done, some at bats were awful as well. Congrats to the Nationals, if the Yankees don't make it I want to see Mad Max get a ring.
  7. Pretty much, especially when Green was dealing and you pull him after a strikeout.
  8. Autism, lots of autism.
  9. Can't wait to see Cole in pinstripes 😋
  10. Can't stop listening to this album, easily album of the year for me.
  11. http://www.nytimes.com/2019/10/09/movies/joker-movie-controversy.html The Real Threat of ‘Joker’ Is Hiding in Plain Sight What the film wants to say — about mental illness or class divisions in society — is not as interesting as what it accidentally says about whiteness.
  12. I just find it funny people like Steve Kerr who are always quick to run their mouth about President Trump to score SJW points are now mute when asked why the the NBA is bending over for China comes up.
  13. Looks like the bullshit polls are making a comeback. Fox Poll shows majority of people back impeachment up 8% from the last poll. Problem is they polled 14% more Democrats than Republicans, they also bumped up the Democrats polled by 6% from the last poll. Interesting enough independents were against impeachment by 8%.
  14. You are right about Joe Kelly. The guy is either lights out good or he can't find the strike zone and completely implodes. He kind of reminds me Kyle Farnsworth in that way, Farnsworth would come in strikeout the side or he would walk the bases loaded.
  15. Activision/Blizzard is even worse.
  16. We are so close to Fatcon 1 I can almost taste it.
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