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  1. 8 hours ago, Dr. Strangelove said:




    The people who act like that are ones that watch the media or visit social media way too much. The media and social media built Trump up to be some kind of monster that was going to do all these horrible things and what has he really done? Unemployment for blacks is at an all time low, for Hispanics it is at its lowest point in decades. The overall unemployment rate is the lowest in half a century. He didn't lock up muslims in concentration camps, he didn't execute any lbtq on live tv. His presidency outside of all the fake scandals and bullshit the media puts out has been relatively normal and uneventful in terms of actual policies.

  2. 5 hours ago, Facekicker said:

    You just know when he got the news that there was a raid going down (if legit) that Trump's very first thought was how he could match Obama's Bin Laden moment. :lol:


    That speech afterwards was hilarious. None of that bullshit about respecting the body in a ceremony like what Obama claimed they did with Bin Laden ( which was bullshit) 


    Also love that he didn't inform the Dems out if "fear that leaks would put our troops in harm's way." 




    And if you needed any further proof that the Dems and Media have lost their fucking minds just look at how they reacted to this. Traitors indeed. 

    Saturday Night Live was doing a sketch about Trump being soft and empowering ISIS(didn't see SNL sketches when Obama was arming them) the same night when Trump was launching the operation to kill their leader and spokesman.

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