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  1. Not a great series but even with the Red Sox taking it to the Yankees, the Yankees still leave with a 9 game lead/10 ahead in the loss column.
  2. This story has so many swerves Vince Russo is getting a boner.
  3. Not how I was hoping for this series to go lol.
  4. Checkmate sounds great. I really want that one to leak. I also want Soul Monster just because I would love to hear Axl sing Sabbath.
  5. Both are really good, not sure why they were left off CD while Scraped and If the World made it on.
  6. Also completely hilarious the media is ignoring the dead antifa fag that tried to light an ICE center on fire with molotov cocktails.
  7. Watching the Democrat circular firing squad is something else. Also CNN talked with some house Democrats and they are completely fed up with these 4. Basically it went as far as to say Trump has done an amazing job at making these 4 the face of the Democrat party, and that they need to run moderates against AOC and the others the next term cycle.
  8. Going to be interesting. Boston has already said if an illegal is on the state house steps ICE won't be able to seize them. Boston bends over and takes it in the ass for the federal government all the time and the one time Boston will actually tell the federal government to get fucked is when it comes to non citizens
  9. I watched some of this parade, what was so dystopian about it? I saw people waving, some floats, a gay float, and marching bands playing Stars and Stripes Forever.
  10. That series was certainly....something.
  11. Also nice to see Judge starting to heat up.
  12. Boone has been doing a pretty solid job at moving pieces around to fit. Voit being the DH and EE at 1st or vice versa. Stanton going back on the DL will allow Voit and EE to play together more. Plus EE is basically a rental we got for nothing at this point because it is looking more and more Frazier will be the Yankees Left Fielder in 2020, unless a trade for a big time starter comes up.
  13. So Yankees got Edwin Encanarcion for a bag of peanuts. Stanton is back Tuesday, Judge by the end of the week. 3B LeMaiheu SS Gregorious RF Judge DH Encanarcion LF Stanton C Sanchez 1B Voit CF Hicks 2B Torres I think Frazier will be flipped for a SP soon. Severino is back at the all Star break and Jordan Montgomery in August. Betances is an unknown at this point.
  14. bran


    A New Hampshire native sticking it to the Bruins made this so much better.
  15. People are dropping dead in my state from it that is for sure. Last year we had over 500 OD deaths in my state and of those nearly 400 were just from Fentanyl and a large portion was a mix of Fentanyl and Heroin.
  16. He is a very underrated player, a truly great career.
  17. This Yankees bullpen.......and we don't even have Betances in there yet.
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