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  1. Watching the Nats pound the Astros feels good.
  2. I honestly don't get the actual plot to this trilogy.
  3. The leaks sound like shit.
  4. I think Stephen Pearcy of Ratt is the worst of all 80's singers still trying to go today.
  5. That's cold as ice.... lol
  6. Tulsi Gabbard seems to be the only sane Democrat running.
  7. Not....enough.... alcohol.
  8. Lakers I would only because of the retarded stuff Lebron has said about China.
  9. Pretty much. That and he kind of gave false hope to Nationals fans that he would comeback, then he got that big offer from them and turned it down. He is a good player but he acts like he is the second coming.
  10. That was one of the greatest runs I have ever seen. Dude was amazing but man he was gassed at the end. Really going to miss him.
  11. Hillary Clinton says Tulsi Gabbard and Jill Stein are both Russian assets.
  12. Yankees had chances against Cole and just didn't get it done, some at bats were awful as well. Congrats to the Nationals, if the Yankees don't make it I want to see Mad Max get a ring.
  13. Pretty much, especially when Green was dealing and you pull him after a strikeout.
  14. Autism, lots of autism.
  15. Can't wait to see Cole in pinstripes 😋
  16. Can't stop listening to this album, easily album of the year for me.
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