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  1. 15 minutes ago, McDaddy said:

    so um


    did the riots achieve anything of substance ?

    Red pilling a bunch of people. Other than that, no. Nothing will be achieved because we can't have the discussion that needs to occur. It always boils down to evil whitey and all cops are evil. In this case we got opportunistic, larping commies to hijack the discussion less than a week in.

  2. Also Ellison being an absolute moron that he is, went back and "upgraded" the 2nd degree murder charge to basically say Chauvin killed George unintentionally by committing the equivalent of third degree assault. 


    That is going to be nearly impossible to prove because he was having breathing issues well before he went to the ground, which was his request to begin with. On the ground George clearly still had the ability to get air because George is screaming and talking as one officer pointed out. He also rolled into his side a few times.


    Now should he have been kneeling on him? No, but this new video puts doubt in my mind that led to his death in anyway. Seems same thing would have happened when standing or sitting in the car.

  3. 3 hours ago, MaskMaskMaskMaskMaskMask said:


    Didn't the state AG Ellison sort of "overcharge" Chauvin all but guaranteeing that he will be found not gulity?

    Ellison is also connected to Antifa



    That has always been the worry, they always overcharge to appease the mob but the burden proof becomes exponentially harder. After the new footage came out, I can't see them getting murder when he is screaming he can't breathe while standing and in the crusier. 

  4. On 7/28/2020 at 10:48 PM, sixes said:


    3000 k's helps. They love those types of milestones. Aside from Clemens, Schilling is the only eligible guy with 3000 k's not in and he probably gets elected on the next ballot.

    Being left handed helps as well as he is only the third lefty in history with 250 wins and 3k strikeouts, which is quite the accomplishment. He was also an absolute workhorse in this era(5 straight seasons with 230+ innings) which probably led to his velocity drop, but he deserves credit for reinventing himself at the end of his career.

    251 wins

    3k strikeouts

    World Series Championship

    Cy Young winner

    6x allstar



    Aaron Judge GIF by MLB - Find & Share on GIPHY


    dude is on fire.

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