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  1. http://www.unionleader.com/news/politics/state/croydon-police-chief-walks-home-in-underwear-after-firing/article_9956b976-e436-5cc0-9f6f-2efa471adcc5.html
  2. Bloomberg caught calling transgender females "it" lol.
  3. He ran as a Republican in 2001 because the Democrat primary was stacked and he was worried no one would get 50% to get the Democrat nomination. So he became a Republican because he had an open Lane to become mayor. Once he ended his third term, he went back to being a Democrat.
  4. My dad got me into Thin Lizzy when I was just a kid, he had all their albums on vinyl and 8 track from when he was a teenager.
  5. Thunder and Lightning has always been a very bittersweet album since it is my favorite Thin Lizzy album and unfortunately their last. I just think they are one of the most underrated bands in the history of rock music.
  6. The only news I watch is my local news. Fire in Alstead, Bear in Laconia breaks into women's house and eats her cereal, 5 day weather, and sports scores.
  7. Even if that is true you are still looking at hundreds of thousands of voters going to Trump or staying home, that is a massive portion of what use to be the Democrats base. The union workers in the past were a shoe in to vote Democrat across the board.
  8. It really isn't news most are consuming, it is mostly just propaganda. "News" outlets will pick and choose soundbites, information, and clips for whatever narrative they are wanting to push and to whoever they want to push it to. I think this is one of the big reasons why things are as fucked up as they are now, people are just watching MSNBC and CNN 24/7 being scared shitless.
  9. The problem is Bernie has nothing to really sell the rust belt. The rust belt is full of moderate, working class union workers. This part of the country has seen an economic turnaround in part due to Trump supporting fracking. Millions of new jobs directly and indirectly tied to fracking , which in part will turn will make the US the #1 exporter of oil within the next 10 years. Bernie wants to make fracking illegal. He is going to have to go to these places and tell these workers they are going to be out of a job, tell them the thing that turned around their economies is going to be made illegal. Also he is going to tell these union workers that he is going to take away their healthcare they collectively bargained for since Bernie will make private insurance illegal. This is the same thing Hillary had to do when she went to West Virginia and told them she was going to kill all their coal jobs back in 2016. These moderate Democrats are the same Democrats that turned out for Reagan in the 1980's and Trump in 2016. Also a bad sign for Bernie is enthusiasm. In Iowa turnout was around 2016 and in New Hampshire the young, college age turnout was down nearly 10% from 2016. He is capping out around 25-26%, which I Know there are several other candidates but that means his "ride or dies" are a small portion of the total Democrat base. Moderates have nowhere to go so they are throwing their support between Buttigieg and Klobuchar.
  10. It is very obvious and the DNC has no one to blame but themselves. They themselves kept pushing the party leftwards, when Obamacare was shoved down our throats, they twisted the arms of conservative Democrats to get it passed and then basically ran them out of the party. I agree you won't find anything scandalous with Bernie but the RNC and Trump are going to run so many ads with Bernie praising the Soviet Union and other dictators. They will especially run the ad with Bernie in the 1980s saying medicaid for all would destroy the economy.
  11. That is a death sentence to Bloomberg and the DNC.
  12. Trump's campaign created Valentine's Day cards for all the Democrat candidates Bernie Sanders: Michael Bloomberg(the best one) Amy Klobuchar Joe Biden Elizabeth Warren(disappointed no Indian joke) Mayor Pete
  13. The results of Gallup's latest survey are divided along party lines: 89% of Republicans and 60% of independents say they are better off; only 29% of Democrats say that's the case. By comparison, 60% of Democrats said they were better off in 2012, and 46% of independents and 27% of Republicans said the same.
  14. Orange pineapple. It is getting harder to find up here though, the Greek convenience store down the street is the only place that has it on a consistent basis.
  15. I don't know manufacturing came back in my region in a pretty big way.
  16. President Trump has more votes in NH than Obama, Bush, and Reagan had during their reelection runs. 62% in and he already has 64,000 votes. He passed Clinton.
  17. Bloomberg is toast, which is really bad for moderate voters.
  18. Yeah going to be interesting to see how the Red Sox piece together that rotation. Price was their most consistent starter, Sale was unSale like and Rodriguez is someone that makes me scratch my head. He seems to have some great stuff but he is so inconsistent with it. Goes on a year for 5 or so starts where he is unhittable but then goes on a stretch where he walks a bunch of batters and gets shelled.
  19. Morbid Vision is pretty good, not as good as the ones you mentioned or Schizophrenia but still a solid album.
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