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  1. its fair in the regard that is 3 members of the original guns n roses vs the current lineup of guns n roses. musically they are very different IMO. as for quality i think the current gnr trounces velvet revolver
  2. Thanks for that, I will need to check them out. nomans land is awesome reminds me of forefather with a little more folk in their sound
  3. or play the first show for free and then see how it goes? i mean what the fuck is that?
  4. yeah its fucked up wouldnt be the first time their were rumors going around during the last reunion that sharon was trying to replace bill. its sad to see one of the greatest drummers to ever play get so disrespected like this, i mean "play for free see how it goes" while the others are guaranteed and raking in the cash. or play 3 songs while some hack fills in on drums on fills that he created, that is just a slap in the face
  5. man living in the US it is very true i remember talking to someone and i said yeah i love thrash metal and he replied i do too i love disturbed
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJYCClXUkyE
  7. angel witch is awesome
  8. most of the songs in this thread you can sing a long to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_s5-L3dXD8E
  9. best thread on the forums \m/
  10. I don't think it necessarily needs to have come from multitracks. Assuming the instrumentals of this "leak" aren't real, the vocals could have been part of an unaccompanied intro or outro of an unreleased song. After all, these vocals are only about 5 seconds. Scraped had 30 seconds of acapella. Those vocals could also easily have been ripped from an unheard track. They are so buried in this "leak" instrumentation that it is just not easy to tell how good their quality is. But why would somebody go through the trouble of ripping vocals from one track, then create a new instrumental to put the vocals into? Another possibility is the vocals could be sung by somebody else, and manipulated to sound like Axl using software like Screaming Bee. Still, it is all a shit-ton of effort just to fool GNR fans. I'm beginning to wonder if it is real. This!! someone on mygnr cleaned up the audio so you could hear the vocals much better and i think it makes it more authentic IMO.
  11. couldnt agree more maybe at one time parts of prostitute were part of this song, but got scrapped and then axl took pieces and made prostitute with the pieces he liked ?
  12. Which I also disagree with. If the human went to the animal's territory and angered the animal and it killed the human diddums. However when the animal's enroaching into human territory, bust a cap I say. He be starting it. I just think there's no reason to kill an animal unless it is about to kill you. Then, that's just survival. But if, say, a pitbull attacks someone. I don't think the pitbull should be put down. I think his owner deserves a punishment more than anybody. The pitbull can be taken away and retrained. He doesn't have to be killed. once a pitbull or any dog gets the taste of blood their is no saving that animal.
  13. i dont look at them as people. john evander couey raped and burried a little girl alive, i dont see that as a person i see that as a rabid animal that needs to be destroyed. i really dont care about rewarding them and all that. as for rewarding them with less time to think about their crimes you said yourself most of these people dont give a shit if they live or not why would they think about their crimes? im not saying every person who kills someone should get death, but the real bad types, the child rapists, the kind of person who stabs their mother to death for not loaning him/her money etc deserve to die
  14. i agree with this but i still think that if someone brutally murders someone, or rapes and murders someone they need to be destroyed IMO
  15. someone sitting on death row for 30 years is just inexcusable IMO
  16. i would love an escape from NY/LA system dump some ammo and guns with some food and let them go at it. as for the death penalty im all for it, when an animal goes rabid or it goes blood thirsty you put it down. people like john evander couey deserved to be killed (instead of dying in prison) these murderers and rapists who get life get 3 meals a day, a place to sleep, they get all the health care they want, for murdering and raping people to cutdown on execution prices you switch from lethal injection to a bullet to the head
  17. but once again who is to say this isnt part of the remixes brain was working on? he might have liked some parts of prostitute sampled it and put it with blood in the water Because the production of it is horrible. If we're to believe that Better Gone is a Brain remix, then compare the production of it to this Blood In The Water clip. It also makes no sense to remix Chinese Democracy and add in some random lyric to a random song. It's a better theory than those who deny it's music/effects from Prostitute though, or that it's an entirely new song. thats a good point as well. yeah i dont disagree that it has prositute music almost note for note in it, just why would their be music from prostitute on a song with new vocals, its a real head scratcher
  18. but once again who is to say this isnt part of the remixes brain was working on? he might have liked some parts of prostitute sampled it and put it with blood in the water Are you obssessed with the idea? what do you mean obsessed? i am having a discussion
  19. but once again who is to say this isnt part of the remixes brain was working on? he might have liked some parts of prostitute sampled it and put it with blood in the water
  20. +1 yeah there is no way those are an "immitators" vocals or cut and spliced vocals those are axls IMO +1 The "BetterGone InTheWater" guy (on youtube) is weird or just plain stupid, first he claimed he made it with multitracks and that the 2nd sample would be out soon, then he edited the description to say that who needs BBA or [place for a name of a troll who's name I can't remember now] and that we all got trolled by UcudBmine. Now it states that he hopes that this clip isn't real. BTW, one day left to the first European show. I hope the leaks of Better Gone and BITW (no matter if they are real or not) are gonna have some effect, even if the only thing they would lead to would be a rant. When was the last time there was a good long rant anyway? [other than the one about the manager in 2011] yeah i think the youtube guy is full of shit IMO. videos were being posted before he posted his video. plus the guy that leaked the video on mygnr didnt say a word, he posted the link and was gone.
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