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  1. favorite lineup: dio,iommi,butler,ward heaven and hell(favorite album of all time) mob rules dehumanizer black sabbath master of reality vol 4 sabatoge(album needs more love ozzys vocals were fucking insane on it) born again headless cross tyr cross purposes i would throw in the devil you know but i guess that wouldnt count lol the only albums i didnt like by sabbath were the last 2 ozzy ones minuse a couple tracks off each i like forbidden better than those 2 albums
  2. bran

    The Metallicas

    man hard to decide their first 4 albums are just great everything else is pretty much garbage. i went with AJFA by an inch over RTL
  3. glad he is a dio fan, other than that cant fucking stand him
  4. oops my bad not used to a search feature that works lol
  5. love everything you ever done hopefully there is more to come
  6. altar of oblivion- the final pledge
  7. I was banned and unbanned once and I didn't run off to the other mods and cry I didn't cry, faggot Yeah you did. You came here to bitch about it. Luckily nobody cared so you left. love your avatar on this site sabbath that pic of ozzy makes me laugh Clearly I didn't since I'm still here Mainly because of the fact the other forum closed down. Right, because I didn't post on both forums
  8. I was thinking about watching that how is it. Season 1 and the last 7 episodes of Season 2 are great. It got a little stale during the first 8, but it's still been a quality series if you like zombies. Stale doesn't even begin to describe the first 8 episodes of Season 2. They spent more than the entire first season looking for that character (don't want to spoil for anyone who's interested in watching it), and I really had no desire to watch it at all for a while. After it picked up in the last half, though, it got really good, and I think now that they have a normal length season under their belts, they should be able to strike a good balance for Season 3. For me, the best shows on TV right now are Dexter, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Harry's Law, and House (though not for much longer). This last season of House hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be, and it's definitely ahead of the previous now that the medical aspect of the show is getting more focus again. But I do agree that it's as good a time as any to end it, the show's been kind of running in place with the same formula for too long now. Outside of that I do enjoy more low brow shows like Two Broke Girls and what have you, I can't help but laugh at crude sex jokes from time to time. Worst shows on TV? Some pretty obvious choices from me, the likes of Jersey Shore (besides the cast being abhorrently stupid, it's just...boring), the endless cop and lawyer dramas that pop up season after season, the [insert Job Here] formula reality shows, three hours of Dancing With the Stars a week, pretty much anything of that caliber. if they follow the comics for season 3, season 3 will easily be the best and most action packed season
  9. i wish they would have made a complete album out of lies, 9-10 songs the magic on that album is just fucking fantastic would have been cool to see what another 4 or 5 songs would have sounded like
  10. my uncle used chantix to quit smoking and he had really psychadelic dreams like he was taking mushrooms
  11. Does it? Who the hell is Richard and what makes him any more reliable than any of the others who don't have a clue? I specifically remember Richard saying that Chinese Democracy was being planned for release in November 2007 while they were on tour. He even gave a month. I also remember him quickly retracting that statement and added that "nothing was set in stone" or something to that effect. we have come a long way since 2007 We have? Yeah, we have. in the past five years we finally got an album, we got Axl touring fairly regularly, joining Twitter and not staying completely invisible, some small rumblings of another album in the future. It's certainly a lot more than I expected to happen after CD's release (which was GN'R completely disappearing into the abyss). i agree since 2006ish the band has been active quite a bit way better than it was from 1997-2005 or so
  12. best walking dead boardwalk empire worst everything on mtv minus beavis and butthead
  13. i liked the first 3 season and then it gets boring quick its the same episode 50x over but red was the master, but he will always be clarence boddicker
  14. i hope for a fall 2012 release or early 2013 but im not dumb enough to hold my breath
  15. came over from mygnr, like the banter here i love the new band love the old band so i should get along with everyone
  16. No. Of course, he's had closure, that's why he still talks dirt about Slash in the media and to anyone within earshot of him by many accounts. he hates the guy, it sort of like if you hate a guy and someone comes to you asking about him what are you going to say? probably yeah i dont fucking like him, doesnt mean you havent moved on just means you hate the guy. same with axl and slash. axl hates slash so if anyone asks about him of course axl is going to say how much he hates him
  17. yeah i would love it to go smooth just once, album comes out, promotion tour with the new songs sort of like any other band would do
  18. even if it does comeback up i dont know if i will go back i like it here and im a fan of the new lineup so could add some interesting new debates
  19. bran


    skryim could take the whole summer to complete, the witcher kicks ass
  20. i guarantee it will happen again. it was cool to see adler on the drums at the HOF but you know 6 months down the road he will start bitching again
  21. true it does suck being a fan of this band but no one call us fucking bandwagoners
  22. Oh Lord. What's her name she uses here? im curious of that as well lol
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