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  1. Well, he's kinda-sorta right. Dio was a fucking god as far as talent and voice are concerned, but his lyrics have always been a bit too LOTRish for me.

    he wrote the lyrics as metaphors like he said he wanted people to interpret the lyrics in their way and wanted people to put their experiences into the songs and make them their own. in later years he did write more openly about songs with clear themes that talked about some dark themes. 


    if someone doesn't like dio or power metal their is an endless amount of different sounds and styles you can go to and listen to that are vastly different that have lyrical themes that range all over the place. hair metal is just all around bad(save for very few exceptions)

  2. Ronnie James Dio ruined metal more than hair metal could ever possibly do with his ridiculousness and is one of the major reasons why metal isn't taken seriously by the masses.


    Dragons, witches and tigers, oh my!


    i like you sixes but im going to kick you in the balls for that one  :awesome:


    rainbow and dio pioneered a form of metal that was among the most popular in the 90's when metal went extremely underground with the rise of grunge. its why a band like blind guardian or nightwish can pack in 100,000 plus all over europe at festivals and a band like faster pussycat is lucky to play in front of 10 people at a bbq somewhere. power metal is but one form of metal in an endless sea of sounds, hair metal was piss and shit being put into that beautiful endless sea.

  3. yeah the whole "rockstars retiring"   gimmick is sad and pathetic. at least ozzy afterwards made many albums and did many tours. motley crue is just going the gnr/any washed up 80s band does, which is just let themselves go, play and sound like shit and just go out to please the small and ever dying 50- 60 year old "hair band fans" who once again want to see the last remnants "of the good ole days" in the 80's. 

  4. For real? :lol: No, you know me, I engage in plenty of hyperbole for effect. By "push back" I meant I hope he gives me some bitch ass attitude when I give him a stern talking to in the morning, because I will put him on a plane home. That's the real part. You didn't really think I'd get violent with a kid, did you?

    i saw a bus driver beat the shit out of a kid once, but you dont seem that type.


    new album, nothing else will do.

    a reunion is out off the question, but what IF...

    Axl can pull out his 2010 voice again?


    if their would be a new album at the end of any tour or group of shows i would be cool with it. axl in his 2010 voice would be awesome in terms of a reunion but to me i think it would wear thin after a week or two.


    I get the HOF is wank. But most artists, even knowing this, use it as an opportunity to please the fans for all their years of support, giving them what they want to see/hear for one night. It's similar to a divorced couple spending a couple of minutes taking pictures with their son on his graduation day. Nothing between Axl and Slash was that bad where they couldn't spend five minutes on stage saying "thank you" together. Nobody raped the other's mom. So the whole "Oh I just can't bear to spend even one second on stage next to...him" was due to nothing more than prissy, prima donna immaturity. And that was entirely on Axl.


    I could've maybe bought into the whole punk rock, anti-corporate, "stick it to the man" bullshit people were spewing about the HOF, had Axl not JUMPED on the opportunity to be treated like royalty at the biggest tribute to cock rock possibly imaginable. Getting inducted by the balding douche from Con Air :lol:

    GREAT post.

    The divorced parents at the graduation example is a good one.

    I also share you view that Axl ceded a lot of credibility on the issue by attending the Golden Gods thing.


    i defended axl with the HOF but it quickly made me look like an asshole when he gets up and accepts the golden gods award(which is an awful show)


    when i feel depressed i always go on late night walks over the hill in the backyard of my house through the woods to this hill that is in this clearing the moon and the stars for some reason always clears my head.

    Nothing like a midnight sacrifice or two eh? :lol:


    you cant make an omelette without a breaking a few eggs, and by omelette i mean summoning lucifer and by eggs i mean virgins   -_-



    if matt sorum gets in pretty much anyone can get in. to me its more about who doesnt get in that pisses me off(im looking at you sabbath)

    Black Sabbath isn't in the Rock Hall?


    They are, but only the Ozzy lineup. A lot of Sabbath fans think at the bare minimum, Dio deserves to be in with them.


    yeah dio deserved to be in and its a fucking disgrace he wasnt inducted with sabbath.

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