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  1. I think Axl has had closure for years, it is the rest of the butt hurt fans and the band that can't move on.

    :lolzers: No.

    Of course, he's had closure, that's why he still talks dirt about Slash in the media and to anyone within earshot of him by many accounts.

    he hates the guy, it sort of like if you hate a guy and someone comes to you asking about him what are you going to say? probably yeah i dont fucking like him, doesnt mean you havent moved on just means you hate the guy.

    same with axl and slash. axl hates slash so if anyone asks about him of course axl is going to say how much he hates him

  2. As a fan of axls music , I am hoping that this time , that this one and only time, it just happens. That this fall the new GNR record Will come out on schedule.

    NuGNR fans, GNR, and Axl deserve a smooth ride this time, IMO. I believe it would do Axl some good to execute a proper release without all the BS.....

    That being said, THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN!

    yeah i would love it to go smooth just once, album comes out, promotion tour with the new songs sort of like any other band would do

  3. Just made a quick list of the games I own and haven't completed but want to before I get any new games.

    1. Amnesia

    2. Arkham Asylum GOTY

    3. Braid

    4. Crysis 2

    5. Darksiders

    6. Deus Ex: Human Revolution

    7. Skyrim

    8. Fallout: New Vegas GOTY

    9. Gears of War 3

    10. Just Cause 2

    11. LA Noire

    12. Oddworld Strangers Wrath

    13. Serious Sam HD: First Encounter

    14: Serious Sam HD: Second Encounter

    15. Shank

    16. Torchlight

    17. Dawn of War 2

    18. The Witcher

    19. Battlefield 3

    20. Starcraft 2

    21. Zelda: Skyward Sword

    22. Super Mario Galaxy

    23. Super Mario Galaxy 2

    24. Metroid Prime 3

    25. Super Paper Mario

    Its going to be a long summer :thumbsup:

    skryim could take the whole summer to complete, the witcher kicks ass

  4. Steven was by far my favorite thing about the HoF because I really didn't believe that he had it in him anymore. I was definitely wrong about that. I am happy for him for finally being able to let go too. Even though I don't believe that his potshots at Axl leading up to the Hof helped the situation in any way, I think speaking his mind and the culmination of the event have put a nice closure on it for him.

    Of course, I could be dead wrong and he could grab his needle and spoon and start bitching about a reunion again tomorrow, and that really wouldn't surprise me. I hope for his sake that everything works out now though.

    i guarantee it will happen again. it was cool to see adler on the drums at the HOF but you know 6 months down the road he will start bitching again

  5. The weird thing is, it would take a leak or two to serve as any real proof that there is something being done. That's how songs get out. When they have to be mixed and whatnot. Someone inevitably has sticky fingers.

    So, in a perverse way, the only way we can get some confirmation that there is honest to god new to us material on the way, is to have some of it leak and ruin it for us.

    Its sucks being a fan of this band, I swear to god. :facepalm:

    true it does suck being a fan of this band but no one call us fucking bandwagoners <_<

  6. He should be cranking out some albums and doing some extra promotion, videos, dvds, perhaps a documentary, maybe make the band a little more accessible? Every album won't be an Appetite, but hey, we need some new classics as well. It probably has alot to do with being young and broke and the experiences that go with that. Being rich and reclusive probably makes it tough to come up with material.

    Yeah definitely. I'm hoping that this HoF situation has lit a fire under his ass. I would be more than happy with sequels to Don't Damn Me and Get in the Ring.

    i am hoping the same

  7. The better thing to do would have been to get a message out to all users with it still closed, so people could know what was going on. Not everyone is following GG on twitter (not faulting him at all here, but you know what I mean).

    this and thats what im saying, i didnt know what was going on i thought i was banned until i came here and thats the only way i knew

  8. Richard Fortus does not play on Chinese Democracy :max:

    Ashba and Fortus does not play on Chinese Democracy, hence, they are playing covers, and covers of covers.

    This band is not GNR in any way.

    You're both wrong.

    Richard Fortus plays guitar on FIVE Chinese Democracy tracks.

    Chinese Democracy


    Street of Dreams

    There Was a Time


    Source? Chinese Vinyl.

    yeah that claim had me scratching my head. i like gilby alot think hes a cool guy but no way in hell he should have been inducted

  9. I'm sure that he's happy in life and honestly, what more could you ask for?

    Really? do you really think he is happy in life? I don't doubt he has moments of happiness but I picutre him as a tortured soul who still believes Slash ruined his life and prevented him from accomplishing things he wanted to do.........

    Maybe, I can't say because I've never met him. I know that if I could tour the world and sell out in countries that still have musical taste, I wouldn't spend too much of my time thinking about what might have been, but that's just me.

    I agree with you and I never met the man either but based on what you read he seems to let everything bother him and ruin his day..always seems pissed about something.. :shrugs:

    I definitely see your point there, but I don't know what to make of what we read either. I know that he called Slash a cancer, but was that just because he was addressing Slash in his first real interview in forever? He wasn't really negative about Slash on That Metal Show and he hasn't said anything too insulting since then. That kind of leads me to believe that he just wants to move on. Then again, there is definitely evidence that points the other way too, like forbidding Slash merch at his shows.

    I'm not even going to pretend that I begin to understand what happened between those two though. I do believe that there is a lot more to it than we know about.

    I hope for both of them that they have just decided to forget about each other because even though neither one is doing as well without the other, they are both still doing really well on their own.

    Yeah I guess we will never really know and it can be speculated forever but us fans. One interview he call Slash a cancer, couple years later he says something about " if there was a reunion it would have to be duff and slash".Then later on down the road "not in this lifetime". Inconsistent

    We also read about him keeping a notebook with all the things he's bitter about written down like a journal, who does that?

    One things for sure Axl needs to do something big with the new band if he wants to leave the old band to rest and move on, but just when folks start getting used to new members they get swapped out since they are just hired musicians and don't really have a stake in the band?

    I think that the swapping members thing would take care of itself if they could release an album. I don't know who's fault it is that they can't, but it should be Beta's number one priority to get that taken care of instead of booking all of these mini tours.

    Then again, I wouldn't lose any sleep if DJ quit. The rest of the band I would kind of miss though.

    The notebook thing is a bit strange but if he ever decides to write a book, he should at least have his facts straight.

    i think thats the biggest problem with the new incarnation of guns n roses. if we were 3 or 4 albums along the line i think people would start to see it as a legit formation of the band,

    as for axls happiness he seems pretty happpy to me, yeah he has his anger and bitterness towards slash its no different from everyone else in life who dislike and hate people and have nothing else to do with them, only difference they are well known and were in a band together

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